Who Is Quanxi in Chainsaw Man? Is She a Human, Demon, Fiend, or a Hybrid?

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Chainsaw Man is one of the most recent and popular manga from Shounen Jump and it has just got a new anime adaptation, which is as popular as the original material. The series has already provided many iconic and interesting characters who are adored by fans, one of them is an extremely interesting and powerful character named Quanxi. A lot of people already know what her role is in the series and what exactly she does, but there are also lots of newcomers trying to understand who is Quanxi and what are her abilities and which devil she has in Chainsaw Man.

Quanxi is a private devil hunter who is actually known as the first-ever devil hunter. She is introduced in the International Assassins arc and is a human-devil hybrid. She is originally from China and is one of the most powerful characters in the series. When transformed, she turns into the Crossbow Devil.

Quanxi is a very interesting character, mainly due to her mysterious figure and her enormous source of power. As to explain some of these amazing powers and solve some of these mysteries, let’s dive a little deeper into her character and find out who exactly is Quanxi.

Who Is Quanxi in Chainsaw Man?

Quanxi marks her first appearance in the manga in chapter 54, during the Internacional Assassins arc, and has yet to appear in the anime. She is known as the first devil hunter to have ever existed and is a human-devil hybrid.

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Quanxi is a tall woman with cream-colored hair that is pulled back into a ponytail. She has brown eyes and, but covers her right eye with an eye patch. When transformed,  Quanxi’s teeth become sharper along her head, hardening into arrows with broad, curving horns that resemble a bow just on the sides of the head. Her forearms develop into gauntlets with sharpened bow-shaped attachments, and arrowheads protrude from her neck.

When she’s in bed alongside her harem of fiends, Quanxi is cool and austere, discussing business with no embarrassment and displaying no emotion despite their adoration. She does, however, genuinely care about her friends, asking as a reward for her work only that they be granted human rights and fundamental education and to not assault them even if they have been transformed into dolls at the expense of her own safety.


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Is Quanxi a Hybrid in Chainsaw Man?

Quanxi is a hybrid in Chainsaw Man. Hybrids are humans who have somehow the ability to turn into a devil, such as Denji. They can acquire this power in many different ways, Denji for example made a contract with his pet devil Pochita, so that Pochita could become his heart after both of them died.

At some point in the story, Quanxi turned into a hybrid and acquired the ability to become the Crossbow Devil. We do not know how exactly she got these powers, but it does make her extremely powerful.

What Devil Does Quanxi Have in Chainsaw Man?

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Sometime during the Chainsaw Man series, Quanxi acquired the ability to turn into the Crossbow Devil. Nothing has been confirmed on how exactly she got this ability.

What Are Quanxi’s Abilities in Chainsaw Man?

Hirofumi Yoshida has said that Quanxi possesses a degree of strength that transcends what is humanly possible. She can slash through dozens of people and toys with her swords without slowing down, and she only stopped when the force of her own strikes overwhelmed her weapons.

In hand-to-hand fighting, Quanxi is a skilled fighter; Kishibe rates her as one of the greatest in the entire globe. She is an extremely skilled kicker and could quickly render Denji, Tamaoki, and Kusakabe helpless by utilizing only kicks.

Besides being one of the strongest people in the world, she also has many supernatural powers given to her by the Crossbow Devil, here are some of them:

Quanxi’s Powers

After becoming a human-devil hybrid, Quanxi may morph into a hybrid with several arrows and spikes erupting from her arms and head, after drawing an arrow out of her right eye socket.

As a hybrid, Quanxi can regenerate her full body just from a head by drinking blood to treat wounds.  This also makes her immortal and almost unkillable. Because she is a hybrid, Quanxi looks the same as she did 30 years ago, although most likely over 50. Quanxi is capable of coming back to life in pristine condition even if she passes away as long as someone comes in and pulls her arrow.


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Arrow Shooting

Quanxi is armed with crossbows that can fire multiple arrows at her enemies while in her hybrid form. The fact that these arrows can rip perfectly spherical holes in whatever Quanxi shoots demonstrate their considerable potency. She can also use this skill to quickly dispatch a squad of adversaries at short range by firing a round of buckshot.

Is Quanxi Alive in Chainsaw Man?

Just like Reze, during the final arc of the first part of the Chainsaw Man series, Makima gets ahold of Quanxi and uses her powers as the Control Devil to take control of Quanxi’s mind. She does this in the hopes she would be of great help in defeating the fully powered Chainsaw Devil.

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After the fight is over, we do not hear of Quanxi again, but it does seem she is still alive and well somewhere in the world. She could have returned to her country of origin, China, or even stayed in Japan.

Even though she does not appear much during the manga, Akane Sawatari is an interesting character and one to look forward to seeing animated.

Will Quanxi Appear Again in Chainsaw Man?

At this point, there are no public plans for Quanxi to make her return during part two of the Chainsaw Man manga and it is not likely that we see her again soon, since she does not fit well with the current arc ongoing in the manga.

As we patiently wait for her return to manga, we might as well be very hyped to see her debut in the anime adaptation, which will probably not happen this season. Let’s see how well she will do in her first animated appearance and if first-time watchers will enjoy her character as much as long-lasting fans.

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