How Did Zenitsu Pass the Final Selection & Who Did He Fight?

How Did Zenitsu Pass Final Selection & Who Did He Fight?

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Zen’itsu Agatsuma is one of the most intriguing characters in the whole Demon Slayer series. Seemingly a coward, Zen’itsu has actually proven himself to be a very capable and powerful Demon Slayer, but also a troubled one, as he feels constant guilt for not being able to stop his master from committing suicide. Still, he became one of the best Demon Slayers in the story, but do we really know how his story started? We know that every Demon Slayer has to pass and survive the Final Selection in order to join the Corps, and we also know that Zenitsu passed the Final Selection as one of only four in his group. But how did he do it? We are going to reveal that in this article.

The details of how Zenitsu passed his Final Selection have never been revealed. We know that he did pass the Final Selection along with Tanjiro, Genya, and Kanao, but since the story was focused on Tanjiro, we never really got to see Zenitsu’s experience, and the author has never revealed any details. This is why the story of his Final Selection will remain an enigma.

The rest of this article will focus on Zen’itsu’s story and how he passed his Final Selection in the world of Demon Slayer. We have now provided you with the answer to the question you were looking for, but we will expand on it by talking a bit about the Final Selection and how Zenitsu passed it at one point, despite a general lack of information on the subject. This article has spoilers, but only for those who haven’t seen or read any Demon Slayer episode or chapter.

Sadly, we never saw how Zenitsu passed his Final Selection, and we don’t really know whom he fought

The Final Selection is an exam taken by candidates who want to join the Demon Slayer Corps as a Demon Slayer. On Fujikasane Mountain, a special place where special wisteria flowers, which are poisonous to Demons, bloom year-round from the base of the mountain to almost its peak, the examination is conducted. The area surrounding the mountain’s summit lacks wisteria flowers and is overrun with demons, which existing Demon Slayers captured alive and dumped there.

This flower poisons demons, so they remain imprisoned on top and cannot move. The test challenges the candidate to endure seven nights alone on the summit of a mountain. Candidates who successfully make it through the seven nights can join the Demon Slayer Corps as recognized members. They can select the ore for their Nichirin Blade after the exam and get their own costume and Kasugai crow.


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It is unknown how long the Final Selection has been a part of the selection process, but it has been active for a while. When Zenitsu entered it, many potential Demon Slayers entered it as well, but only four of them survived, i.e., passed it – Zenitsu, Tanjiro, Genya, and Kanao.

And while we know everything about Tanjiro’s journey and experience, we know nothing about the remaining three. We know they passed, and they actually appeared as major characters later in the story, but the author never provided us with any details, which is a direct consequence, probably, of the story being very much focused on Tanjiro and not the other characters. But we do know that Zenitsu passed, and we do have some details about his experience.

When the Final Selection ended, we saw a beat-up, scared Zenitsu saying that he was lucky to have passed the selection. We also know that he probably never killed a Demon on the mountain. So, how did he pass? Well, as we’ve said, we don’t really know. It is a mystery, but we can actually believe Zenitsu when he said that he had more luck than anything else and that he believed that he would, most likely, die during his next mission because he had absolutely no experience whatsoever in that aspect.

And that could very well be true if you know how big of a coward Zenitsu was in the beginning and how useless he would have been by himself on that mountain. Why?

Well, Zenitsu was never a fighter. Even as he became better, it wasn’t until the end that Zenitsu accepted his strength and became useful in a battle. Until then, he was the one to nag, cry, and cower, so the others had to constantly motivate and help him. The irony is that he was far from a weakling – far from it.

He was simply – a coward. And that was obvious to everyone. So, how did such a coward pass the Final Selection all by himself? In order to determine that properly, we have to review the conditions for passing it.

Namely, the Final Selection demands that the candidates simply survive a week on the mountain. Nothing else. It doesn’t say that they have to fight demons, nor that they have to kill a certain amount of demons. They must go to the mountain, survive for seven days, and return alive. Sure, it is dangerous, but if you’re witty enough, you can actually pass the Final Selection with minimum effort, and it is highly possible that Zenitsu passed it with minimum effort.


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He himself said he was lucky, and knowing Zenitsu, he might have simply cowered somewhere for seven days and stayed there until the end. It is a survival skill, and although it is not the fairest way, it is not considered cheating in this aspect. Zenitsu probably did not kill a Demon on the mountain, and he probably survived and passed the exam by hiding and avoiding any danger he came across. And that would be classic Zenitsu, really. We don’t know if this is true, but with a general lack of information, it could very well be true.

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