How Does Attack on Titan End? (EXPLAINED)

How Does Attack On Titan End? (EXPLAINED)

The series Attack on Titan is an anime-based series on the Manga of Hajime Isayama. Ever since it first aired in 2013, its popularity has only grown. I have been watching the anime “Attack on Titan” for a while now. There are so many interesting characters and suspenseful moments, and it has an ending that leaves you guessing.

Eren Yeager dies at the end of Attack on Titan. His end comes after leading a team of rogue Titans against humanity under the reasoning that there are too many people who discriminate and persecute the Titans.

After four successful seasons and 139 chapters, the legendary story of Hajime Isayama finally got its closure. Have you ever wondered how the Attack on Titan series ends? Well, I did, and so I did some research and found out! The ending may not be what you expect. This article tells you all about the ending storyline of Attack on Titan.

How Does “Attack on Titan” End?

The ending isn’t exactly a thrilling one. Attack on Titan ends with Eren Yeager’s death. His end comes after he leads an army of rogue Titans against humanity, reasoning that too many people discriminate and persecute the Titans.

After making it inside Eren’s Titan mouth with Levi’s help, Mikasa decapitated Eren’s human body and kissed him goodbye for the first and last time. This killed him–for good this time, as we see in their final chapter where Armin mourns with her tearfully over Eren’s death.

Attack on Titan Ending Explained (Anime S1-S4, P1)

How Does Attack On Titan End? (EXPLAINED)

Let’s go through the anime of this series first.

Season 1 – Season 3

Believing that these man-eating titans are ruling the outside world for the longest of times, the survey corps find out in Grisha Yeager’s basement about the truth of the outside world and how they are just some birds in a cage. They also get to know how they are the most hated people in the world for sins that their ancestors committed. Eren Yeager and the Scout Regiment start devising plans to counter them and take revenge on them.

Ending Season 3 on a depressing note, Eren Yeager seems wholly detached from his friends and vows to kill every last person who took him and the people inside the walls’ freedom. Meanwhile, the others enjoy a slight period of joy setting foot in the sea for the first time.

Season 4 (EP 1-8)

Season 4 starts with a war in the world outside the walls. After Marley’s defeat against the Scout Regiment, the rest of the world takes advantage of Marley is now two titans short and decides to ally to take down the superpower Marley. Resulting in a victory for Marley, their top brass realizes that the era of titans is ending.

This season’s first four episodes focus on showing the ugly side of war and how it is affecting the subjects of Ymir. It mainly focuses on the Armored Titan, Reiner, and how he has struggled with killing all innocent people because he didn’t have any choice, to begin with, the only option left. Being forced to serve the nation of Marley, Eldians living in Marley are trapped in an internment zone and can not leave unless granted special permission.

The author perfectly depicts how the evil people we thought were Reiner, Zeke, and the rest of the titans are no more than puppets controlled by Marley’s fear and supreme dictatorship and how every side has suffered and could not be called “BAD.”

We find out that Eren has infiltrated the internment zone, disguising himself as a PTSD patient, and is using Armored Titan candidate Falco as a messenger who would take all his letters to the Survey Corps and provide them with vital intel.

We also see a baseball glove and ball in Eren’s hand, symbolizing that Eren has indeed met with his half-brother and the beast titan ‘Zeke.’

War on Marley

How Does Attack On Titan End? (EXPLAINED)

A festival comes into a picture with a play going to be staged by the leader of the Tybur Family, the notorious family, and the holders of the last unknown Titan, ‘The Warhammer titan.’ Willy Tybur schemes a plan with warriors’ commander Magath to unveil the truth to the world’s people and announce a war against the people inside the walls to flush out the enemies that have infiltrated.

For the first time to outsiders, Willy Tybur performs an emotional play revealing the truth about titans and the people inside the walls. Meanwhile, Eren calls Reiner in a basement and talks about his past in front of Falco.

As the play ends, Eren emerges from the basement and eats Willy Tybur, leaving the audience in a state of shock, and begins the attack on Marley. A cold-hearted Eren kills all the brass of Marley, then all the people he could lay hands-on, then emerges the Warhammer titan (sister of Willy). 

A fierce fight begins in which the survey corps finally makes an appearance and starts destroying the whole internment zone. The cart and Jaw titan join the battle and start attacking. Meanwhile, Reiner is in no shape to fight after barely saving Falco from Eren’s rampage. 

The new colossal Titan, Armin, appears and destroys the whole port, handicapping Marley from bringing any reinforcements or a chance of counterattack.

A tough battle ends as Eren eats the Warhammer and takes its power when the Armored Titan comes to save the day and keeps the Jaw titan from getting eaten. On the other hand, the beast titan gets successfully taken out by Captain Levi with ease and takes him to their Zeppelin.

An enraged Gabi follows the Zeppelin, manages to get on the ship with Falco hanging on her, and kills Sasha by shooting her in the chest. After taking her to our main characters, Gabi and Falco discover that this was all an inside job planned by Eren and Marley’s war chief, the beast titan Zeke.

Season 4 (EP 9-16)

How Does Attack On Titan End? (EXPLAINED)

Gabi and Falco escape prison; meanwhile, the survey corps have found an ally who provides them with all the new technology and intel. Eren got captivated in jail for his behavior change, but he shows no remorse and tells them no strings hold him.

Eren escapes from the prison and forms an alliance with his brother Zeke called “Yeagarists,” who have only one mission, ‘Rumbling.’

We then found out that this was all a preplanned move by Zeke and Eren, who planned to take control of the island by mixing Zeke’s spinal fluid in the wine and serving it to the military police and the Garrison regiment. Zeke tries to escape from Levi by turning his comrades into titans but fails as Levi manages to defeat Zeke for the third time in a row.

On the other hand, Marley’s warriors infiltrate the island and prepare to launch a battle; meanwhile, Eren continues with his plan and distances his two best friends by saying he hates them and tortures them physically and mentally.

While being taken by Levi, Zeke blows himself up and Levi, leaving their story a mystery for part 2 of season 4 to solve.

Euthanasia plan

Eren and Zeke’s real plan unveils the Euthanization of the subjects of Ymir, meaning, making Eldians incapable of having children, resulting in the Eldian bloodline dying gradually.

The final episode shows Eren making moves to flush out the intruders, but before that, the Cart Titan appears and threatens him to death. When it doesn’t work, she pretends to join his side and asks Eren to take her upstairs so she can flush the intruders out. On her way up, she signals the Jaw titan, disguised as a soldier, to attack.

The final episode ends as the Jaw titan tries to eat Eren, forcing him to turn into a titan, which gave Eren’s location to the Marley Zeppelin, hovering high in the air. The final shot provides us with a stare-down between arch-nemesis Reiner and Eren as Eren shouts to the Marleyans to bring all the fight to him.

Attack on Titan Ending Explained (Manga Spoilers)

Want more of the spoilers of this fantastic series? Hold tight, then.

Story After Season 4 Part 1

Battle of Paradis

How Does Attack On Titan End? (EXPLAINED)

The final season of Attack on Titan teased the battle between both Marleyans and Eldians for one last time. Eren’s Attack titan fights Marley’s Armored and Jaw in a desperate struggle as Eren uses his new Warhammer titan powers. With commander Magath’s help, the cart titan fires anti-titan artillery when suddenly the Beast titan appears and showers the Zeppelins with rocks. 

The tide of the battle shifts when Yelena releases Mikasa and co and lets them help Eren. Now the purpose of the battle is to make Eren and Zeke come in contact; meanwhile, Marley is desperate not to allow that to happen. The cart titan shoots the beast and seemingly kills it.

After a short while, Zeke, with the bit of energy left in him, screams and turns the whole city into mindless titans, including Falco Grice. Now Reiner starts panicking and decides to give his armor to Falco and let him eat himself. 

Still, out of nowhere, an injured Porco Galliard (Jaw Titan) emerges from his Titan as he finally connects with Reiner’s memories and sees how his brother was the reason Reiner selects as the armored Titan. Porco tells Reiner how he has always been a better man and the deserving one and offers himself to a mindless Falco.

Falco turns back into a human and escorts from the battle. Meanwhile, Reiner, now angrier than ever, stands alone against Eren and holds him tight, not allowing him to come in contact with Zeke, while the Cart finishes Zeke off. 

Eren smartly uses hardening with the last of his energy left and emerges from his Titan, running on foot towards Zeke, when Gabi takes hold of an Anti-titan rifle and decapitates Eren Yeager.

The Paths Revealed

As Eren’s head blew off, it flew towards Zeke, who catches it when suddenly we find ourselves in paths. Eren wakes up and sees Zeke held tight in a chain and asks him what place this is, to which Zeke replies, ‘the coordinate where all paths converge for Eldians’. For the first time, we see Eren in shock, as though he doesn’t know what’s happening. Since the time skip, we have only seen a resolved Eren with no doubts in his mind, but it seems like Eren doesn’t know what’s going on upon arriving here. 

Zeke tells Eren how he has been sitting in this chain for years, but the time here doesn’t work like in the real world. Eren sees a young girl walking towards her, realizing it’s the founder herself, gives her the order of starting the rumbling, to which Zeke gets extremely sad and says how brainwashed Eren is. 

This betrayal shocks the readers as we thought all along that Eren supported the elimination of Eldians. Zeke takes his chains off and says that Ymir is a slave to the Royal bloodline and will only listen to me.

The next thing Eren knows is that now he is chained up as Zeke walks towards him and promises never to leave him alone, proving how he brainwashes by their Cruel father, Grisha Yeager. 

They traveled when Eren was born, but to Zeke’s surprise, he sees that Grisha raised Eren with love and affection, unlike him. Zeke shows how Grisha has lookout for the Royal family since the beginning without worrying about his family.

Zeke’s shocked when he finds out that his father found the Royal family’s location years before the first attack on the walls, yet he still didn’t act on it. 

They go back to the basement where Grisha is writing his journal, and then they watch all of Grisha’s life of finding traces to the royal family.

Royal Family Massacred

Upon arriving on the day Grisha eats the founding Titan, Zeke asks Eren why he lied to him and if feeling bad for the Royal family massacre was also a lie, but he sees Eren in rage and focusing on his father.

As Grisha is about to turn into a titan, he hesitates and starts crying, to which, to everyone’s surprise, Eren interfered, Grisha with a scared look, sees Eren as he says to his dad to kill the royal family and leave the father. 

Grisha tells the royal family that this is for the greater good as even you, whose powers got suppressed, don’t know the ability to look into the future that the Attack Titan holds.

The Attack Titan

How Does Attack On Titan End? (EXPLAINED)

In a state of horror, Zeke is unable to process this as Grisha annihilates the royal family. Grisha gets out of the craven and finally looks at Zeke and asks him to stop Eren at all costs as the future he saw was an ugly situation that Eren must stop at any cost.

Eren, now in complete control, explains to Zeke that the day he kissed Historia’s hand, he saw everything that would take place in the future.


Zeke orders the founder, Ymir, to take the ability to reproduce from all subjects of Ymir when Eren breaks his chains and tells Ymir how she has suffered and that she is no slave and has the freedom to do anything.

Eren says that you can save this accursed world or destroy it. The next moment we see Paradis and a sizeable skeletal titan reappear from where Eren’s head got decapitated. Eren announces that everyone except the people of paradise shall perish.

The Alliance 

The survey corps and the warriors of Marley alliance together to stop Eren from committing genocide. Eren’s founder commands all the titans sleeping in the wall to crush every last human being on Earth as he begins his rampage against the world.

The alliance fights Eren with all they’ve got, and after much chaos, Eren kills by none other than Mikasa. 

“Angels playing disguise with devil’s faces.”

After decapitating Eren, Mikasa sees a memory of the two living in a small hut without any worries, leaving the war and fighting and living Eren’s last remaining four years in peace.

Armin sees Eren as he explains that the reason he went with the rumbling was to make himself the enemy of the world who will be killed by the supposed devils of paradise, ultimately making the people of paradise heroes of the world.

Everyone close to Eren recalls forgotten memories of Eren talking to them and telling them about his sacrifice. Mikasa takes Eren’s head and leaves the battlefield as the others settle the dispute among the Marleyans and Eldians.

The time skip shows Paradis island becoming a superpower being the most technologically advanced nation. Meanwhile, Armin and company arrive on the island to talk to Historia and end the bloodshed between both sides.

The story ends with the Yeagarists making an army, who’ll follow Eren’s footsteps and protect Eldia against every enemy. Meanwhile, Eldians’ reputation is improved as titan powers perish with Eren’s tragic death.

The additional pages of the manga show panels in which a kid and his dog come close to a tree, similar to the one from where Titan’s power originated.

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