Why Did Eren Start the Rumbling in Attack on Titan? Can He Stop It?

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Eren is undoubtedly the most iconic anime character in the Attack on Titan series. He is the series’ main protagonist and has somehow become the main antagonist. He started as a hot-headed boy with anger issues who now hold power to eradicate the entire world if he wants to, but why did Eren Yeager start the Rumbling, and can he stop it?

Eren started the Rumbling to take revenge against the Marleyan empire that plotted against the Eldians of Paradise. He plans to eradicate the entire world. He has complete control over the Titans and can stop the Rumbling anytime.

The rest of the article will go over the events leading up to the Rumbling, why Eren doesn’t plan on stopping the Rumbling, and why Zeke partnered up with Eren to initiate the Euthanization plan. Eren and Zeke played a role in starting the Rumbling, and this article will cover all the details.

Did Eren start the Rumbling?

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Eren Started the Rumbling; he concocted a plan with Zeke to activate the power of the Founding Titan and execute the Eldian Euthanization plan; however, he betrayed him in the end and used the power of the Founding Titan to start the Rumbling.

Zeke was under the impression that Eren was following his lead and that even if he decided to betray him, Zeke’s royal blood would grant him control over the Paths; however, even though Zeke had authority in the World of Paths, Eren was able to break free of his shackles and command Ymir to activate the Rumbling.

He successfully took down the three walls and was able to awaken thousands of Colossal Titans to start the Rumbling; however, he did not gain control over the Titan created by Zeke.


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Does Eren stop the Rumbling?

No, Eren doesn’t stop the Rumbling; he tramples the nation of Marley and kills millions of people, including the Eldians currently residing in the Marley camps; he will not stop until every enemy of Eldia is crushed.

He is fighting to protect his people; he understands how people are and how they have been for hundreds of years, the world will always look down on the Eldians and will treat them unfairly, and if he doesn’t do what is necessary, then the people he cares for will eventually die.

His actions may seem excessive, but Eren has seen the past and the future. The world across the ocean is evil; they will never accept the Eldians and always treat them with injustice, so the only way to achieve true peace is by crushing those who oppose them.

What is Eren’s plan with the Rumbling?

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Eren plans to destroy those who live outside the island of Paradise; he wishes to eradicate everyone who plots against them. He will bring thousands of Colossal Titans and flatten the world under his feet. He understands that the war between the Eldia and other nations will never end unless each side is destroyed.

All of this began when Marley sent the warrior candidates to retrieve the Founding Titan, that day, when the Colossal Titan smashed Wall Maria into pieces and the Eren lost his mother, he is only returning the pain that was inflicted on him.

Eren spent his entire life hating the Titans; all he ever wanted to do was wipe out every Titan from the face of the earth until he realized the truth behind the whole thing. He was willing to destroy the entire world. He knows the war will never end, and he doesn’t want to lose anyone close to him.

Why does Eren need Zeke for the Rumbling?

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Two things are required to activate the rumbling and take control of the mindless Titans. Eren has the power of the Founding Titan given to him by his father; however, only the person with Royal blood has authority over the Titans.

So, both of them concocted a plan to combine their powers to take control of the Eldian Empire and the Titans; Zeke was born and raised in Marley, and he was always taught that the Eldians were the spawns of the Devil and the world would be better off if they would disappear.


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His entire goal was to use the power of the Founding Titan to Euthanize the entire Eldian Population so they could be free of the burden and eventually die in peace; however, Eren ultimately betrayed Zeke. He lied to him about accepting the Euthanization plan for the Eldians and instead activated the Rumbling to eradicate those who wished to harm his people.

Zeke thought he was one step ahead of Eren, But Eren had predicted everything from the start, his desire to live and protect was far greater than Zeke’s self-hatred, and that’s why he was able to overthrow Zeke in the world of paths.

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