How Does Vermithor Die & Who Kills Him in Fire & Blood?

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House of the Dragon allowed us to see many historically important dragons. The upcoming Targaryen civil war, which is currently on the brink of breaking out, is sadly going to be the end for many of them. The show allowed us to see not only the history of the Targaryen dynasty but also allowed us to see the history of the dragons that made them a force to be reckoned with as well. One such dragon was Vermithor, also known as the Bronze Fury. We know that Vermithor seems to be an important dragon since Daemon risked his life by waking him up. We also know that Vermithor probably won’t live to see the days after the Dance of Dragon. Due to that, let’s see how does Vermithor die and who kills him in Fire & Blood.

Vermithor died during the second battle of Tumbleton in Fire & Blood. He took up air after the death of his rider Hugh Hammer when Seasmoke crashed into him and the two dragons locked into a deadly duel. Even though riderless Vermithor managed to hold his ground against Seasmoke and would ultimately be victorious over the smaller dragon, tides turned when Tessarion joined the battle. Vermithor ultimately did kill Seasmoke, only to perish moments after as his wings were too ruined to hold him afloat in the air.

Now that we know how exactly Vermithor died, it’s time to study why. Vermithor managed to spend a good portion of his life riderless. As fate would have it, his last unconventional rider was directly responsible for his death. If you’re interested in more details, keep reading!

Who was Vermithor the Bronze Fury?

Vermithor was an extraordinarily large dragon serving as a personal mount of the old king Jaehaerys I Targaryen. Vermithor hatched during the reign of Aegon the Conqueror. His egg was the cradle companion of the old king that was his rider for most of his life.
During the events of the Targaryen Civil war, Vermithor was already near 100 years old which allowed him to take place as the third largest tamed dragon that the Targaryens had.

Alysanne and Jaehaerys on Silverwing and Vermithor 1
Jaehaerys I Targaryen on Vermithor & Alysanne Targaryen on Silverwing art by Sanrixian

After the death of Vhagar, Vermithor took on the mantle of the largest tamed dragon in the world and was considered quite the asset for the Black faction in the civil war.

Who were Vermithor’s riders?

As we’ve already mentioned Jaehaerys I Targaryen was the first and served the longest as the rider of Vermithor. After the death of the old king, Vermithor made his way to Dragonstone. There this massive dragon decided to make his lair in the caverns of Dragonmont. There he wasn’t disturbed and mostly spent his days slumbering. There were attempts to claim him but they mostly went unsuccessful due to the dragon’s aggressive and willful nature.

At the start of the Dance of Dragons, the Blacks, the faction of the Rhaenrya Targaryen during the civil war, realized they have untapped potential in the massive dragon.

Prince Jacaerys Velaryon recommended that the free riderless dragons be granted to the Targaryen and Velaryon bastards who had the potential to ride them. Rhaenrya offered lands, titles, and legitimacy to dragonseeds who will rile up to help her cause. One such bastard was Hugh Hammer.

He managed to tame Vermithor and even rode him to take part in the first battle at Tumbleton.

How did Vermithor die and who killed him?

Hugh Hammer eventually decided to betray Rhaenyra and join the faction of King Aegon II. Silverwing ridden by another dragonseed Ulf White, Tessarion, and Vermithor ridden by Hugh Hammer near burned Tumbleton to the ground.
This is only the start of foolish things that Hugh Hammer did. With the death of Aemond Targaryen at the hands of Daemon Targaryen and Aegon II missing, Hugh saw this as an opportunity to declare himself king due to currently having the largest dragon in the world.
This wouldn’t fly that well with just about anybody.

The second battle at Tumbleton was brewing, and the night was used as a cover for an ambush.
Addam Velaryon arrived riding Seasmoke, a young dragon of House Velaryon. Hugh Hammer didn’t even have time to mount Vermithor, he was struck by Jon Roxton and his Valyrian steel sword, Orphan-Maker.

In a panic, Vermithor decided to take up air and in its confusion and anger burned many men fighting below. Mid-air Seasmoke crashed into him. The two dragons fought furiously as dragon flames streaked the night sky.
Vermithor had the upper hand due to his size and ferociousness and would be victorious if Tessarion hadn’t joined the fight.


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The two dragons ganged up against Vermithor, and even though the large dragon resisted, it stood no chance against the two dragons. Vermithor ultimately did kill Seasmoke, ripping its throat out, but suffered grave injuries himself.
Vermithor’s wings were too tattered to hold him afloat in the air, the dragon crashed, dead, moments after being victorious in a three-way battle.

That one single skirmish took the lives of three dragons. Weakening both factions in the war. Seasmoke was killed by Vermithor, Vermithor died after sustaining grave injuries, and Tessarion managed to escape but perished soon after the battle as well.

Tessarion known as the Blue Queen was mercy-killed the day after the battle after she failed to take up in the air and seemed to be in terrible pain. Tessarion was killed with three arrows shot in her eye.

As you can see, Vermithor was quite the asset for the black faction during the Targaryen civil war. It was the second largest tamed dragon, and one fierce dragon as well. An asset that was ultimately squandered by Hugh Hammer who decided to betray Rhanerya. The second battle at Tumbleton resulted in the loss of three dragons, which weakened both factions. Seasmoke, Vermithor, and Tessarion were lost. Vermithor would probably prevail over Seasmoke alone if Tessarion hadn’t joined the fight.

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