How Many People Play Among Us?

How Many People Play Among Us?

No one could have guessed this game’s massive success over the years. Surprisingly, the game has been around since 2018 but didn’t get much attention until 2020. Soon almost everything was about Among Us. Does this game still hold the same influence as it did 2 years ago?

As of 2022, Among Us has recorded 530 million downloads, most of it thanks to the streamers who decided to frequently play this game on Twitch. Since it grew in popularity, the game has added new features and maps.

Among Us even did well in Stream, becoming one of the popular games to watch on both YouTube and Twitch due to high levels of social interactions needed in the game. With the pandemic at large, and social interaction limited, players went to Among Us to socialize with friends and other people.

How Many People Play Among Us?

According to Statista, the game recorded over 530 million downloads, so at least we know that number of people who actually have the game on their devices. The number of actual active players tends to tip. However, during 2020, Among us had about 60 million active players, online daily.

What’s the Maximum Number of Players per Day?

On Steam alone, the game had an all-time peak of 438.5 thousand active users in a day. However, the game has proven that it can surpass the number. According to BusinessofApps, the game hit over 60 million daily active players throughout the month of September.

While the interest in the game has died down a bit, there’s still a significant number of active players playing Among Us. Below is a table derived from Active Player that details the number of Active Players the game has had for the past 12 months.

MonthMonthly Active PlayersPeak Daily Active Players
Last 30 Days432,501,14679,291,877
February 2022455,544,54783,516,500
January 2022467,566,14485,720,460
December 2021456,533,21083,697,755
November 2021510,155,01188,426,869
October 2021507,733,54488,007,148
September 2021509,104,494101,820,899
August 2021511,705,40988,695,604
July 2021516,522,14694,695,727
June 2021514,721,40789,218,377
May 2021514,130,01789,115,870
April 2021508,622,37088,161,211
Source: Active Player

Among Us Count By Country?

Among Us hit other countries differently. While it was a well-loved game worldwide, it seems the players by country are not well distributed. According to Player Counter, most of the players come from the United States. America takes up 36,56% of the total Among us players. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom takes up 5.11% of players, India 4.67%, Canada 4.12%, and Australia 3.99%. The rest of the countries take the minority of the Among Us community.

Among Us Player by Device?

It doesn’t seem anyone has been counting the game’s statistics per device. Still, we can have a rough estimate of the number of players. The majority of the players belong to the mobile device category because the game was first released for mobile and iOS. The game is available on the Switch; according to Wikipedia, the Switch version of the game managed to sell 3.2 million digital copies as of December 2020.

Meanwhile, says about 3% of the entire Among Us community play the game on PC. Among Us also became available digitally for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S consoles last December 14, 2021. However, no numbers regarding the number of people buying the games for these consoles were not reported.

The good news is that the cross-platform feature is still available regardless of the device a player chooses to play on. Which is one of the game’s main features in making it such a big hit.

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How Many People Have Left Among Us?

After its enormous popularity as soon as the game had fewer streams featuring it, the game also had several players abandoning the game. However, it seems players log in from time to time to keep the game alive. It’s still popular enough that the company still pushed through with releasing the game for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. So perhaps they’re hoping people will once again revisit the game.

On the table below is some date from Active Player. The table shows users’ activity for the last 12 months. It reveals if the game had more activity in certain months over others.

MonthMonthly Active PlayersMonthly Gain/LossMonthly Gain/Loss %
Last 30 Days432,501,146-23,043,401-5.06%
February 2022455,544,547-12,021,597-2.57%
January 2022467,566,14411,032,9342.42%
December 2021456,533,210-53,621,801-10.51%
November 2021510,155,0112,421,4670.48%
October 2021507,733,544-1,370,950-0.27%
Septeber 2021509,104,494,-2,600,915-0.51%
August 2021511,705,409-4,816,737-0.93%
July 2021516,522,1461,800,7390.35%
June 2021514,721,407591,3900.12%
May 2021514,130,0175,507,6471.08%
April 2021508,622,3703,890,6300.77%
Source: Active Player

How Much Money Has Among Us Made?

BusinessofApps reported that as of July 2021, the video game has amassed about $86 million. The game is free-to-play on mobile, but in-game purchases are available to stop ads or buy accessories. Meanwhile, the game is paid for on every other device.

August 2020$3.2 Million
November 2020$50 Million
July 2021$86 Million
Source: BusinessofApps

How is the Game Doing on Twitch?

Since the game is losing popularity, it is currently ranked as the #46 ranked game on the streaming platform. The game had its peak viewers on November 5, 2020, with 774,280 Twitch users watching Among Us-related content over the platform. In addition, the most channels that streamed the game’s content was 12,362 Twitch Channels on September 26, 2020. This is the data revealed by Twitch Tracker. The game has over 12.3 million followers.

Did Among Us Win Any Awards?

Among Us started winning awards once its popularity began to rise in 2020. So far, for the Golden Joystick 2020, the game won the Breakthrough Award. In addition, it won two awards during The Game Awards 2020 as the Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer Game. It also won the Favorite Video Game in the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2021.

Finally, it won the Breakout of the Year Category in the Webby Awards 2021. The game was also nominated for the Labor of Love Award for Steam Awards 2020.

Among Us Reception

The game has received positive feedback once it started to gain popularity. On their Wikipedia page, the collective reviews of the game show that most of the publications who have reviewed the game enjoyed the game’s mechanics, maps, and player interaction.

Most of the publications said that they enjoyed playing as the imposter more and found the game enjoyable to watch. Below is a table of the compiled number ratings each publication gave for the game Among Us.

MetacriticPC: 85/100
Switch: 79/100
Game Informer8/10
Nintedo Life8/10
PCMag4/5 (iOS)
Push Square7/10
Source: Wikipedia

Is the Game an Esport?

Despite the simplicity of the game, it’s easy enough to turn this game into an Esport and host tournaments. One of the biggest prize pools for an Among Us tournament reached $30 thousand. Accordingly, the tournament with this prize pool was Twitch Rivals Friday Night Bites ft KAT & Among Us tournament. For a company as small as Innersloth, reaching that amount of prize money is an achievement.

As of November, of last year, there have been at least 22 Among Us tournaments that have been organized. So far, all of these tournaments have been held online due to LAN eSports events being restricted. However, if the game continues to do well, we might see face-to-face Among Us tournaments once restrictions are eased.

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Some Facts About Among Us

The game takes inspiration from a real-life party game called Mafia and a horror film called The Thing. The game began its development phase as early as November 2017 and the released by June 2018 for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the game didn’t do too well since they only had 30 to 50 concurrent players. The game even made it to steam and was on Twitch in the same year but still had a small following.

It wasn’t until 2020 that crowds of people started to gravitate towards the game once streamers from South Korea and Europe decided to play the game. It was Twitch Streamer Sodapoppin who first popularized the game. Soon after, popular Twitch streamers and YouTube Content Creators started to play the game, such as Pokimane, xQc, Shroud, Ninja, Disguised Toast, and PewDiePie. This caused their followers to also begin downloading the game.

H2 Interactive, responsible for publishing the game in Japan, announced that they will be creating a one-shot manga based on the game and will be issued on February 28,2022.

The hype of the game did not go unnoticed to public office. Some officials have also taken a liking to the game. For example, a gamer congresswoman named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had fun streaming Among Us on her Twitch channel. The stream managed to reach over 430 thousand viewers during the live. However, the number is closer to at least a million if you add up the views coming from her YouTube and Facebook channels.

The congresswoman would usually use her stream to urge the younger generation to be responsible citizens by voting. The stream proved to be an excellent example for modern politicians to connect with their potential voters.