How to Change Your Name in Among Us?

How to Change Your Name in Among Us?

Online gaming has always added value to their games by giving players the right to manually name their profile or character, and Among Us is no different. Considering the genre of Among Us, the ability to change your name can come in handy especially if you want to, confuse other players, be invisible or just simply throw others off. There are almost endless potentials of what a name change can do, so how exactly do I change my name in Among Us?

The first thing to do is launch the Among Us app and click the ‘Account’ section located at the top left corner on the home screen. Don’t forget to log in if you haven’t already. Look for the “Change Name” button and click it then write your desired username and save it, you can also opt for a Random username generator if that is your preference.

Ever since its creation, Among Us has always had a straightforward Name change process, even after its recent patch. But despite the simplicity that comes with the games’ name change process, sometimes certain issues do arise. At times the “Change Name” button doesn’t appear in the account section, and in other cases, the players can’t even create an account.

Fortunately, these are just some of the issues in Among Us that I will be talking about shortly. I will be providing solutions to these problems, and I will also give you more insight into other meta-questions associated with Among Us. So stick around if you want to know more about this amazing game.

How to Change Your Name in Among Us?

How to Change Your Name in Among Us?

Over the past year, Among Us has experienced quite a decent amount of changes since it first gained major worldwide recognition. One of these important changes was in the name change system, which before the update wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now. Odds are the developers probably did it as a means to track their player base or reduce potential hacks.

Unlike the steps I wrote for this topic earlier on, the steps here are a lot more detailed just in case my previous steps were too straightforward.

The players first need to open the Among Us application and while on the main menu, click on the ‘Account’ button located at the top left corner of your screen. Afterward, you will be asked to create an online account for the game if you haven’t already, once you have created and logged into your Among Us account, you will be able to see a “change name” button on the account screen. 

The “change name” button gives you the option to type in your username whenever you want, it also has a button that looks similar to a refresh icon, this button helps you generate a random username if you don’t want to manually write yours.

How Do You Change Your Among Us airship names?

For those who can’t create or don’t fancy creating an Among Us account just to change their name, well there is another way. Although this process is for Mobile players, the steps can still be repeated for PC users if you can locate the appropriate file. The process is also very easy to understand and carry out, so just follow the steps given.

First Open the Among Us application, click on the account section and randomly select a name. Now download an FX file explorer, open the app and locate the Among Us folder in the Data section, select the “Files” folder and click on “PlayerPrefs”. Erase the random name the game generated and write whichever name you want and save it, now load your game and enjoy your new name.

Why Can’t You Change Your Name Among Us?

How to Change Your Name in Among Us?

There are a couple of reasons why you can’t change your name in Among Us. I’ll identify these reasons, and provide you with the appropriate steps on how to fix them. So let’s get started.

Create An Account

The option to change your in-game name in the account section only appears if you have successfully created an account and signed in. So if you don’t have an account or didn’t sign in to your Among Us account, then you can’t change your name, at least not directly from the game.

Unable to create An Account

If you can’t create an account, or probably have technical issues with your Among Us Application, just follow these easy quick-fix options to resolve your issues.

Check Your Server

Make sure your game is connected to a server close to your location.

Change Your Server

If you still experience the same problem after trying the first option, then try changing your server.

Restart Your Game 

After changing your server, try restarting your game to see if anything changes. You can also try clearing the game’s cache data before restarting it.

Restart Your Device

How to Change Your Name in Among Us?

This process has worked for multiple versions of the game, so perhaps restarting your device would solve the issue.

Check Your Internet

A bad Internet is usually the cause of most online technical issues, so make sure you have a good Internet and try again.

How Do I Get a Blank Name Among Us?

Names are pretty overrated, so here are the steps needed to have a Blank Name in Among Us. First copy the blank space between these quotation marks: “ㅤ”, then head to the name field in your Among Us application. Paste the blank space in there by long-pressing the field and selecting paste, make sure you do not paste the quotation marks, now you can enjoy your game name-free.

How Do You Do the No-name Glitch in Among Us?

Although this glitch probably doesn’t work for most devices, it is still very easy to pull off. All you have to do is open the website and copy the Unicode character U+136 which is also called ‘Hangul Filler’. Afterward, paste the code in the name section of your Among Us application, and enjoy your game name-free.

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