How Much Power Did Beerus Use Against Goku to Defeat Him?

beerus vs goku

We all know that Beerus is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Dragon Ball anime and is probably just behind Zeno and the Angels in terms of the strongest characters in the series. But another thing that we do know is the fact that Goku and Vegeta have been training hard to finally become strong enough to defeat Beerus. Of course, Beerus showed his might during the first saga of Dragon Ball Super when he and Super Saiyan God Goku fought. But how much power did Beerus use against Goku to beat him?

In the anime, it was never explained how much power Beerus used to defeat Super Saiyan God Goku, but he did say in the movie, which is not canon, that he used 70% of his strength in that fight. However, in the anime, we know that he is much stronger than Goku and will always be the measuring stick to his progress.

The fact that Beerus is always stronger than Goku has become one of the recurring themes of the entire Dragon Bal Super anime because, no matter how strong Goku gets, Beerus will always be several levels higher, even though we don’t see him training. In that regard, let’s look at how much effort Beerus actually exerted in his fight with Goku.

How Much Power Did Beerus Use Against Goku To Defeat Him?

The entire Dragon Ball Super anime began with the introduction of Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, and is undoubtedly the strongest individual in the entire universe (Whis, his Angel attendant, doesn’t count). In that regard, the start of the anime allowed us to see just how strong Beerus is because he went around the galaxy to fight the strongest fighters that the planet could offer in the hopes of running into the Super Saiyan God that he dreamt of.

Beerus’s first stop was King Kai’s planet, where he faced Goku, who is regarded as the strongest Saiyan. While King Kai didn’t want Goku to fight him because he was afraid of what could happen to his planet, the two still dueled. However, Goku, in his strongest form, which was Super Saiyan 3, could not even do anything against Beerus, who effortlessly evaded all of his attacks and managed to knock him unconscious with a very simple blow. This prompted him to go to Earth as Goku was still trying to make sense of what he could do to defeat Beerus.

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While on Earth, Beerus was so menacing that Vegeta was more than willing to forego his pride for the sake of making sure that no one on the planet angered him. That’s because Beerus is strong enough to destroy entire planets with little to no effort, and that was what Vegeta was trying to avoid as he knew for a fact that the God of Destruction could kill everyone on the planet with a single pinky finger.

Nevertheless, a fight between Beerus and the Z Fighters on Earth commenced because of the fact that Majin Buu was too stupid to keep himself composed. Of course, Beerus defeated everyone with relative ease. 

The only fighter that actually did something against him was Vegeta, who was in an empowered Super Saiyan 2 state due to the fact that he was angry. But, of course, Vegeta still could not even put a dent on Beerus, who was too strong for everyone on the planet.

However, when Goku arrived, he was able to give Beerus the fight that he wanted after he became a Super Saiyan God through the knowledge that they obtained from Shenron and the Dragon Balls. In this state, Goku was able to do something that no other fighter was able to do—make Beerus work and put effort into the fight.


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Goku was clearly leagues stronger than his Super Saiyan 3 state, while in Super Saiyan God as his divine power allowed him to actually perform exponentially better against Beerus. Still, in the end, the God of Destruction defeated Goku, who was already out of his Super Saiyan God state but was still able to put up a fight. But how much power did Beerus use to defeat Goku?

Well, in Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods, Beerus said that he exerted around 70% of his full power in that fight so that he could defeat Goku. But the problem here is that the Battle of Gods movie is no longer canon to the entire Dragon Ball Super storyline because it had been retconned by the God of Destruction Beerus Saga in the anime.

In the anime, it was never mentioned how much power Beerus used. He did lie that he used 100% of his power to try to defeat Goku. Then again, he said later that he was lying about going all out in that fight to defeat him. 


It was only implied that he felt that he needed to put a little effort in that battle because of the fact that he was finally able to find a fighter that had the potential to become strong enough to beat him in the future.

As such, Beerus was still exponentially stronger than Super Saiyan God Goku, and it was revealed that Whis was even stronger than him. This only made fans understand that Goku and the others still had a long way to go before they could even come close to matching or defeating Beerus.

Has Goku Surpassed Beerus?

While he was in his Super Saiyan God form, Goku was strong enough to at least make Beerus put a bit of effort into his fight. Since then, Goku has exponentially increased his power not only with his master over Super Saiyan Blue but also due to the fact that his base form had become a lot stronger since the start of the Dragon Ball Super anime. On top of that, Goku has also mastered Ultra Instinct in the manga, and we do know that Ultra Instinct is the technique of the Angels. So, does that mean that Goku has surpassed Beerus?

At this point, there haven’t been any indications that show that Goku has surpassed Beerus. There were a few implications that suggested that Goku and Vegeta were becoming strong enough to at least match Beerus. 

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One such instance was when it was suggested that a fusion between them could defeat Beerus. At one point, Beerus even dreaded the idea of facing Vegeta in an angered Super Saiyan Blue form. Then there’s also the fact that Goku said that he was saving his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken x20 in a rematch with Beerus because he believed that it was strong enough to defeat him.


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Of course, there was also an instance when it was mentioned that Jiren had become strong enough to surpass Belmod, the God of Destruction of his own universe. This suggested that Belmod was stronger than Beerus because he lost to him. But Beerus said that it was only in an arm-wrestling fight. Beerus went on to prove that he was stronger than Belmod by easily blowing away his sphere of destruction.

All that said, Beerus is still stronger than Goku until otherwise stated. It seems that Dragon Ball Super is trying to make it a point for Beerus to always be several levels above Goku’s power level despite how Goku has been steadily improving since the beginning of Dragon Ball Super and even though Beerus himself hasn’t been shown training. After all, Beerus remains the benchmark of Goku’s progression as the only time that Goku will eventually become truly powerful is when he is able to finally match Beerus’s full power.

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