How Old Are Gentle Criminal and La Brava in My Hero Academia?


The world of My Hero Academia is one that’s full of different heroes and villains that are at odds with one another but there are underrated villains that are only villains because they failed to make it in the world and were unsuccessful at achieving their dreams of becoming heroes. One such villain is Gentle Criminal, who is flanked by her sidekick named La Brava. But while this duo is quite comical, the thing that fans noticed is the apparent age gap between them. So, how old are Gentle Criminal and La Brava?

Gentle Criminal is 32 years old, whereas La Brava is currently 22 years old. That means that, despite the fact that Gentle looks quite old and La Brava looks like a teenager, there are only ten years between them. In that regard, it isn’t odd for La Brava to be in love with Gentle Criminal, who is an older man but not much older.

While the entire UA Festival Arc isn’t the most popular in the storyline, it did have a profound effect on Deku and his classmates. Of course, this was the storyline that also introduced and helped change Gentle Criminal and La Brava, who are both criminals but aren’t really as bad as they may seem to be. So, with that said, let’s talk about the ages of Gentle Criminal and La Brava.

Who Are Gentle Criminal And La Brava?

While there are a lot of different villains that tend to be threats to the entire world in the storyline of My Hero Academia, there are smaller villains that are still villains but aren’t really grave threats to the world due to how small time they are. Two of these villains were featured during the UA School Festival arc, which is one of the smaller arcs in the storyline of My Hero Academia.

During that arc, there were two villains that were introduced as new enemies to the hero world, although they weren’t entirely grave threats. These were Gentle Criminal and La Brava. So, who are Gentle Criminal and La Brava?

gentle la brava

Gentle Criminal is a small-time villain that fancies himself as an internet celebrity. While he isn’t entirely a threat, he has shown the ability to defeat small-time heroes and cause mischief to the world all while filming his actions. Meanwhile, he has a sidekick named La Brava, who acts as the techie of the operation.

Before he became a villain, Gentle used to be a young man that wanted to be a hero. However, because he went to an unknown high school and failed the provisional license exam several times, he failed to reach his dream of becoming a hero. At 22 years old, he worked part-time but ended up getting into trouble when he tried to help out a civilian with his Quirk but eventually obstructed a pro hero from doing his job. And things became worse for him when a classmate of his became a successful hero but couldn’t even remember Gentle.


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Deciding that he didn’t want to be a loser his entire life, Gentle Criminal decided to become a villain and ended up performing petty crimes while recording his actions. He didn’t get the same kind of attention that most other villains got but his flamboyant nature inspired a young girl that tracked her down to become her sidekick. This was La Brava, who ended up working alongside Gentle as a criminal as well.

Gentle and La Brava became the main villains of the UA School Festival arc as they wanted to gain the attention of the world by infiltrating the security system of UA High School during the Cultural Festival. However, Deku ended up running into them, as they fought each other just within the school grounds, all while the Cultural Festival was ongoing.

In the end, Gentle was defeated but ended up discovering that he didn’t need to be a villain that had fans all over the world because he had the love and adoration of one fan. We are talking about La Brava, whose undying support was present throughout the entire arc as Gentle realized that she was all that he needed. After surrendering to the authorities, he even said that he merely tricked La Brava by brainwashing her because he didn’t want the authorities to brand her as a villain.

How Old Are Gentle Criminal And La Brava?

Of course, while Gentle Criminal and La Brava were first introduced as a villain and sidekick duo, it was clear that this was more than just a professional partnership. That’s because La Brava clearly admired and loved Gentle Criminal. But the thing is that Gentle actually looks too old for La Brava, who looks like a child. So, how old are Gentle Criminal and La Brava?

Gentle, throughout the entire UA School Festival arc, was actually 32 years old. Despite the fact that he has grey hair and a mustache, he isn’t an old man. He is still a man in his prime. It’s just that he looks a lot older than his age would suggest.


On the other hand, La Brava was already 21 years old when she first appeared. In the current My Hero Academia arc, she is 22 years old. That means that she is actually older than her appearance would suggest. 


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True to the cartoonish style of My Hero Academia, there are other characters with appearances that aren’t consistent with the standard appearances of the other characters. For example, Class 1A’s Mineta looks so small compared to the other characters. The same could be said about La Brava, who is so small that she looks like a mere child when compared to the older-looking Gentle Criminal.

In that regard, there is only around a decade between Gentle Criminal and La Brava. This relationship might look like a loli type of relationship that’s usually big yet questionable among different anime fans. But the thing is that La Brava is at the right age to be in love with a man of Gentle Criminal’s age. 

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