How Did Boruto Get the Jōgan? (& Why Only One)

How Did Boruto Get the Jōgan? (& Why Only One)

The more we got to the end of the series of Naruto manga and anime, the viewers got a lot of new abilities and jutsus that were revealed to be really powerful and some even decided on huge showdowns like Fourth Shinobi World War. Boruto series continued this trend and introduced new jutsus that we haven’t seen before. One of them is Jougan, which appeared along the Otsutsuki clan and was revealed as Boruto’s dōjutsu. In this article, we will discuss how did Boruto get the Jōgan and why is it visible only in one eye?

Jōgan is still a fairly mysterious dōjutsu in the anime and manga series of Boruto, and we do not know for sure what power it has and how did Boruto get it. However, if we are going to speculate, there is a probability that Boruto acquired his dōjutsu from his parents, more precisely, their mixtures of chakras. In Naruto: The Last, Hinata Hyuga received chakra from Hamura Otsutsuki, a twin of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, whose chakra is partially in Naruto since the Fourth Shinobi World War. Boruto received his parent’s chakra by birth and got access to Jōgan.

We will analyze further how did Boruto acquire this dōjutsu in the Boruto series. This dōjutsu is still a mystery in Boruto anime and manga so we will mostly speculate on this matter but try to use the facts we acquired from Naruto and Boruto series and conclude the topic in the best way possible. If you are interested, stick with us until the end of the article.

What Is the Jōgan?

There is a lot of iconic dōjutsus in the Naruto universe like Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnengan, and more. However, new dōjutsu came into play in Boruto: Naruto New Generations. The Jōgan is still a mystery in the Boruto series, but that still did not stop fans from speculating what is really going to be of this new ability.

How Did Boruto Get the Jōgan? (& Why Only One)

Jōgan is a mysterious dōjutsu that is implied to belong to Ōtsutsuki Clan.

For now, we know that Jōgan dōjutsu has similarities with Byakugan – it can perceive the flow of chakra enabling Boruto to see the visible changes in one’s chakra and track them as well. Like Byakugan, it can see the chakra pathway system, however, with Jōgan, a user can also determine chakra key points. This is a huge advantage over Byakugan since Boruto can disable his enemies easily by blocking chakras’ main points.


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We first met the Ōtsutsuki clan during Fourth Shinobi World War, when Kaguya Ōtsutsuki revealed herself after Madara was killed. It was revealed that Ōtsutsuki Clan is an ancient clan of celestial beings, from which the Byakugan descends. This clan, more specifically, Kaguya, was responsible for creating the eventual lineage of Uchiha, Senju, Uzumaki, and Hyuga clans.

Their purpose as parasitic celestial species was to carry out the Ōtsutsuki Will, a doctrine that dictates that clan members consume life energy and genetic material of other worlds in order to keep themselves alive. Basically, while they were pulling Galactus all over the universe Kaguya defected the clan and created the first-ever shinobi in history.

How Did Boruto Get the Jōgan? (& Why Only One)

Ōtsutsuki clan members referred to Jōgan as being “trouble”, and its literal translation is “Pure Eye” which is not a surprise since its users can literally see through other beings. Jōgan also has a unique look – in anime, when activated, Boruto’s eye, rather sclera, turns into a dark color, and his iris becomes light blue. The pupil turns light blue, and the eye shimmers when used. We saw something similar in Naruto: The Last Movie when Toneri Ōtsutsuki reveals his Tenseigan which light blue pupil can be compared to Jōgan.

Tenseigan is created with Hanabi Hyuga’s Byakugan, mixed with Ōtsutsuki chakra, and that event looked like it set up the foundation for the Boruto series and his dōjutsu.

How Did Boruto Get the Jōgan?

So how Boruto get Jōgan? Even though the Boruto series has not revealed anything new about the ability and it looks like series creators are not rushing anything, fans started to speculate. Since we know that Ōtsutsuki clan members know about the ability because in the Boruto series they mentioned that Jōgan’s ability is annoying, there is a probability they knew beings who had that power.

How Did Boruto Get the Jōgan? (& Why Only One)

Wielders of that dōjutsu probably mixed their chakras as Toneri did with his Tenseigan. During the Academy arc, Boruto started subconsciously activating Jōgan, which he believed was Byakugan. However, Hiashi Hyuga confirmed that Boruto did not awaken Byakugan like his sister Himawari. After an incident where he saved the day, Boruto reconciled with the fact that he does now have Byakugan and that he will figure out the mystery about his eye.

We can speculate that Boruto acquired his dōjutsu from his parents via mixed chakra. We found out at the end of the Naruto series and Naruto: The Last Movie that Hyuga clan is a direct descendant of Himura Ōtsutsuki. In the movie, Toneri Ōtsutsuki injected Hinata with his chakra, which gave her the power of Tenseigan, that can literally destroy and rebuild the moon. On the other hand, we know that Naruto received Chakra from the Sage of Six Paths himself, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki.


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Since Boruto is Hinata’s and Naruto’s son, that means their mixed chakra created and bestowed Jōgan dōjutsu on Boruto. Just like Sasuke and Naruto received chakra from Higamoro and awaken their Rinnengan and Sage of Six Paths, there is a high probability that this happened with Boruto and his parent’s chakra. We also know that Toneri Ōtsutsuki helped awaken Boruto’s ability as seen in Boruto Movie.

How Did Boruto Get the Jōgan? (& Why Only One)

There is also one more reason why Boruto has Jōgan dōjutsu – Masashi Kishimoto himself admitted when creating the last chapter of Naruto’s manga, the 700th chapter, that he forgot to draw Boruto’s Byakugan, so he and his team decided to create another dōjutsu for him.

That is why Himawari did not awaken Jōgan, only Byakugan, but we will hold our breath for the future.

Why Boruto Does have Jōgan in Only One Eye?

Only one question is left unanswered – why does Boruto have Jōgan in only one eye? Well, fans did not disappoint once again. They speculate that Boruto is capable of having one-eyed dōjutsu because that was all his body is capable of. They also compared situations to that faithful final showdown at the end of the Naruto series and noticed that Sasuke received only one Rinnengan.

How Did Boruto Get the Jōgan? (& Why Only One)

Most speculate that was the case because he only could receive that much chakra – his body was not capable of more. Isshiki Ōtsutsuki is another example – his Sukunahikona in the right eye and Byakugan in the left make him devastatingly powerful, but this also means, his full power was not achieved yet.


When Will Boruto End?

Hopefully, we will find out soon what Jōgan dōjutsu really is, and how Boruto acquired it because we are getting to the point of the first episode of the Boruto series – Kawaki against Boruto and his Jōgan dōjutsu in full display. New Boruto episodes are airing in August when Chunin exams will happen and the consequences of the fight against Isshiki Ōtsutsuki will be fully shown.

Remember, this is all speculation, but, in our opinion, these hold pretty strongly when you think about it. Foreshadowing from previous series and movies proved to be correct, so we don’t doubt fans are right on this particular topic once again.

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