How Strong Is Invincible (Mark Grayson)? Compared to Other Comic & Anime Heroes


The star of the Invincible animated television series is Mark Grayson, who carries the Invincible superhero name after his powers manifested. He is an incredibly strong superhero who is still trying to learn how to use his powers to become the best superhero he can be, which means that he is still getting stronger as the series progresses. So, just how strong is Invincible?

Mark Grayson possesses the same Viltrumite physiology that his father has, which means that he has superhuman capabilities beyond the limits of what normal humans can do. He is exponentially stronger, faster, and more durable than normal people and is still growing stronger.

The fact that Mark Grayson is still growing stronger is one of the things that people can be optimistic about when it comes to his outlook as a character. He is still far from his father’s capabilities, but he is only growing stronger, which means that he will become a better hero sometime in the near future of the series. Now, let’s look at how strong Invincible is.

How Strong Is Invincible?

The entire Invincible storyline focuses on Mark Grayson, who carries the superhero name of Invincible after he started pursuing a career as a hero when his powers manifested. Of course, the thing about Mark is that he is a hybrid of a human (mother’s side) and Viltrumite (father’s side), and that is why he has the same kind of powers and abilities that his father has. But Viltrumite genetics tend to overlap the genetics of those they breed with, and this explains why Mark is so strong.

Thanks to his Viltrumite physiology, Mark Grayson has physical abilities that far surpass what normal humans are capable of. His body is still getting used to his superhuman physiology, as he developed his Viltrumite physiology late in life. However, he still is a lot stronger than any human being.


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With that, he has superhuman strength that allows him to lift incredibly heavy objects and perform almost impossible feats of strength. When he first learned that he had superhuman strength, he threw a thrash bag from the US to England without any effort. This means he is almost as strong as his father but has yet to become truly as strong as Omni-Man.

Mark can also fly at superhuman speeds that not even the fastest airplanes can achieve. At one point, he flew from the US to Antarctica in just mere seconds. He could even fly from the ground to orbit in a few seconds as well. And he can move so fast that he almost immediately dodges bullets without any effort at all.

Like any Viltrumite, Invincible’s body is also incredibly durable. Mark got the idea of his superhero nickname from his durability and his ability to survive and recover from wounds that would have been fatal. He has been beaten and bloodied to a pulp many times by the Battle Beast and even his father. However, Mark survived all those attacks and quickly recovered from his wounds and injuries due to his superhuman durability and accelerated healing.

think mark

But Mark has yet to become as strong as his father, but he is still quite young and will only get stronger. He is still getting used to his Viltrumite physiology, which means he still has a long way to go before becoming strong enough to match his father’s overall abilities. Nevertheless, besides his father, he is still much stronger than any other superhero on Earth and probably stronger than any member of the old and new Guardians of the Globe.

How Does Invincible Compare to Other Comic and Anime Characters?

To truly see just how strong Invincible is, let’s compare him to some comic book and anime characters with similar strengths and capabilities.


superman 1 1

Arguably the first superhero to have insane superhuman strength, speed, and durability, Superman is the standard in the superhero world. He is often the poster boy of superheroes because he has everything you need from a superhero. On top of his superhuman physiology, he has flight and heat vision.

In that regard, we don’t see Mark Grayson having a chance against Superman, and that’s because Superman is stronger than Omni-Man, who we know is stronger than Invincible. On top of that, Superman is far more experienced and has powers and abilities that neither Invincible nor his father has. As such, we can’t compare Mark to the Man of Steel due to how wide the gap is between them.


deku quirks

Suppose there’s one fictional superhuman character that we can compare Invincible to. In that case, it has to be Izuku “Deku” Midoriya from My Hero Academia, as they are both teenage characters still trying to learn how to use their powers to become the best superheroes that they can be in their respective fictional universes. Deku, of course, has the powers of One For All and can use many different Quirks.


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While Deku has the advantage over Mark in terms of the number of powers he can use, what makes a huge difference here is that Invincible can use his full power at any given moment without any drawbacks to his body. On the other hand, Deku struggles to use his Quirk’s full power due to its side effects on his body. As such, while Deku should have the advantage regarding how many powers he can use, Mark should win this fight because he can always go all out.


thor thunder

Marvel’s poster boy when it comes to strength and power is Thor, who we know is one of the mightiest Avengers and is the god of thunder in Norse mythology. Of course, Thor has more than 100 tons of superhuman strength and is capable of blasting his opponents with powerful thunderbolts that can damage and even kill some of the strongest beings in the Marvel universe.

Mark Grayson has the strength advantage over Thor because his strength feats are beyond what Thor has ever achieved. However, Thor is far more experienced and is the better fighter. On top of that, Thor’s thunder powers can come in handy in a fight against Invincible, which doesn’t have long-range capabilities or any energy-based attack. In that regard, there’s a good chance that this fight could go either way.

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