How To Breed Pigs In Minecraft?

How To Breed Pigs In Minecraft?

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Pigs are one of the common mobs in Minecraft found mainly on grassy biomes. They spawn in the group of 4 and 1 of the spawned pigs can be a baby piglet. Pigs are friendly creatures and prove to be very useful during the Minecraft adventure.

Pigs in Minecraft are bred by feeding them with Carrots, potatoes, and beetroots. They need to be tamed first before the process of breeding can be started and every breeding process needs to be 5 minutes apart.

Pigs are important as they provide food for players and also act as means of transport for a player. They can carry the player on their back if fitted with a saddle. All these abilities make Pig a valuable friend and therefore knowing How to breed a Pig In Minecraft can be very beneficial.

How To Breed Pigs In Minecraft?

How To Breed Pigs In Minecraft?

Pigs are bred easily by taming them and then feeding them their food items.

But there need to be two pigs for the breeding process to take place. The pigs are easily swayed and are obedient in nature.

If kept and fed well, they can be a great source of food, livestock, and a great deal of help in a player’s Minecraft journey.

Breeding pigs can be useful as a player can increase his/her livestock, and can also use the pigs to carry items across the journey. Once you have big livestock, it can be used to sell and trade with villagers for extra tools, and weapons.

But before you can start breeding them, you need to gather the food item to send them in love mode.

These food items include:

  • 2 carrot
  • 2 pigs

Now moving forward to the breeding process, for the player to breed two pigs the following steps are needed to be completed:

Step 1:

Look for Pigs in the grassy biomes.

For breeding at least two pigs are necessary. So you need to make sure that to get two of them.

However, don’t approach both at the same time.

Step 2:

Tame them.

After you have got the group of pigs, tame one pig at a time.

Feed them carrots for taming.

Step 3:

Put them in a fence.

Build a fence for the pigs and put both of the pigs inside the fence.

The animal need to be only 6 blocks apart to enter into love mode.

Anything more than that would not result in breeding.

Step 4:

Feed them food.

The 2 carrots and 2 beetroots collected will be fed to Pigs one by one.

Food induces love mode in the animal.

Step 5:

Wait for the little piglet to show after the Love mode is initiated.

After the pigs have entered into love mode, the red heart will appear over them. Wait for a minute and the baby pig will show up.

This was the process to make the Pigs breed in Minecraft. Breeding is easy to process for the pigs as they are friendly in nature and easily coaxed.

What Do You Feed Pigs To Breed?

How To Breed Pigs In Minecraft?

Pigs are fed with Carrots to breed. 2 carrots are enough to enter the pigs in love mode.

Apart from carrots, pigs also eat beetroot and potatoes.

For breeding both the pigs need to be fed with carrots until the red heart appears on the top of them. After the red heart is visible the Pigs will copulate for 2 minutes resulting in a baby piglet.

The resulting baby piglet is similar to the parent pigs in characteristics. The pace, color, and strength are all depended on the parent pigs. Once the breeding is done it can again be initiated by feeding both the pigs with more carrots.

But there is a time limit for breeding the pigs again.

How Long Until You Can Breed Pigs Again in Minecraft?

Once the breeding is completed there has to be 5 minutes of waiting time before the next breeding.

Pigs are creatures of value and are great friends.

So if you can have more of them then why not?

They are bred by feeding them food items and can be made to breed again after 5 minutes of last breeding.

However, incessant breeding is not recommended firstly because it will cause a reduction in the energy of the pigs and health points.

Additionally, you need a lot of carrots to feed them, and also newborn pigs also need food to grow faster.

That is why constant breeding is not recommended by the PRO players.

However, the best thing to do is to wait for an hour and let the baby piglet grow and get stronger. 

This way you can grow a group of pigs without damaging their health and removing your worry for food stock.

Why Won’t My Pigs Breed?

There are several reasons for the Pigs to not breed in Minecraft.

Number 1 reason can be that your pigs have just been bred. After the breeding is done, you need to wait for a period of 5 minutes before they can be bred again.

The reason number 2 can be that the age of the pigs. Pigs that are too old or too young won’t breed. You just need to make sure that right-aged pigs are being bred.

Mobs need some space for breeding. If you don’t let them have some alone time, there might be chances that they won’t produce. Pigs being shy animals will not enter into love mode without being left alone for a while. So you need to ensure to let them have alone time before you can expect them to reproduce.

Also, there should be enough space in the fence for pigs to roam around. It doesn’t need to be a huge one but the pig should be able to have moved around.

Although while a big space is required, but when the time to enter the love mode arrives, the distance between the two pigs should not exceed 6 blocks.

These are the few reasons that your pigs do not breed in the game.

There are several other minor technical issues such as, mods installed in the game or shader packages that may cause any modify the settings of the game.

How To Tame Pigs In Minecraft?

How To Breed Pigs In Minecraft?

Pigs are the most friendly hence easily tamed creatures in Minecraft. Domestication of pigs is an easy task and doesn’t require a lot of effort from the player.

There is a whole process that you need to follow to tame a Pig in Minecraft.

Once the pig is tamed successfully it results in many advantages for the player.

The first advantage is that it can be bred, increasing the livestock for the player.

Additionally, pigs prove to be of great help in carrying a load for the player himself/herself. If fitted with a saddle, the pig can take the player on its back for a ride around the Minecraft world. 

However, that means extra food requirements for the player as its carrying load means more fatigue and loss of energy for the player.

But it also means more strength and less energy loss for the player and extra fast transport.

A pig starts slow but catches the speed fast and can move up to the speed of 6 blocks per second which is faster than the speed of a player that is 4 blocks per second.

This is very beneficial as it is easy for the player to save energy and time moving around the 

Minecraft world while also moving things from one place to another.

Let’s see the procedure for taming the pigs in Minecraft.

Step 1:

Find the pig.

Pigs are found commonly in grassy biomes as I mentioned earlier at the start of this blog post.

They will be roaming around in the group of 4 in Java and in groups of 1-3 in Bedrock edition.

When you go near a pig initially, it may get frightened and try to run away. But after some attempts, it’ll loosen its stance and will let you come near it.

Step 2:

Feed carrot to the pig.

Carrot is one of the most like food items in Minecraft by the pigs.

It’s also the food item that is used to tame them.

However, beetroot and potatoes are also useful but carrots can fulfill the task quickly.

Step 3:

After the pig is convinced by you take it to your place and keep it fence for a while.

Initially, for some time, it’s better to keep the pig in the fence as it may get lost due to its nature of roaming around.

They start following the master once tames but it is recommended to keep them in the fence for a little time after they have been tamed.

These were the steps that you should follow to tame pigs in Minecraft.

How To Ride A Pig In Minecraft?

How To Breed Pigs In Minecraft?

Riding a pig in Minecraft is fun. But how to ride them?

To ride a pig in Minecraft is simple. Just put a saddle on their back and then you can ride on them. To put the saddle on them, go near a pig. hold the saddle in your hand. Right-click and the saddle will go on their back.

Once the saddle is fit on their back, you can click right and jump on their back.

Initially, the pig will resist for a moment but then it will start moving.

Riding the pig is a fun exercise and also beneficial to save energy and carry items on a longer distance.

This is the way you can ride the pig in Minecraft. 

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