50 Best Minecraft Modpacks You Need to Try

minecraft 50 best mod packs

Minecraft is an incredible, incredible game. But, much like all games, it still has room for improvement or adaptations in certain areas. Mods have become almost essential for countless avid gamers worldwide, as they can enhance any game’s most loveable characteristics while improving on potential shortcomings. Stick around to find out about some of the best Minecraft Mods of all time and why they’re worth using.

Best Minecraft Modpacks

You may be perfectly satisfied with Minecraft vanilla, but mods can still be an incredible way to spice up your gameplay experience – regardless of your tastes and preferences in-game. However, finding a great set of mods involves a fair amount of consideration.

The term “mod pack” refers to an assortment of Minecraft mods that include loads of added features, themes, overrides, new objects and abilities, and even new biomes. Players should ideally look for something that improves their experience without making the game too easy or linear with ‘game-breaking’ or ‘manipulative’ mechanics.

Minecraft has thousands of mods available, allowing players to install every mod all in one simple setup rather than individually. Each of these mod packs will come with a set of instructions, so installing it and setting it up will be hassle-free for users.

Considering the huge number of mod packs out there, choosing a mod pack with the best features for your case can be quite tricky. Below is an overview of the best Minecraft mod packs of all time as well as their added features, ranked in no particular order.

Minecraft Mod PackAdded Features
X-Life 2Replicates the X-Life series
OptifineAdds support for high-definition graphics and a variety of controls over graphic properties
SevTech AgesYou can add any modded technology to the game
Valhelsia 3Improves the gameplay in Minecraft exponentially
Nature’s BeautyGenerates new structures, views, landscapes, mobs, and biomes
Carpenter’s BlocksPlayers can add smaller versions of blocks for finer structures and items
Just Enough ItemsLets you view all the items and ingredients
Fast Leaf DecayIncreases the speed of leaves breaking off and falling from the trees
Space Astronomy 2Focuses on technology, science, and space
RLCraftFeatures realistic graphics, creatures, and items
RegrowthPlayers start in a barren wasteland and then try to progress and revive the world
Farming ValleyLets you build a town and become a farmer
PixelmonAllows you to add tons of Pokémon in the game
BackpackedFeatures craftable backpacks with an additional nine slots
Wooden GolemsHelps you create golems to attack and defend against monsters
RealismMake the game mechanics more realistic
Rails of WarGives you everything you would need to build a proper railway system
LotsOMobsAdd over forty new mobs
ChiselAdds twenty-four different block types and textures
BotaniaLets you grow flowers with unique and magical properties
Chat BubblesAdds a chat bubble feature
The Solar
System Mod
Adds eight planets, asteroids, and constellations
Vertical RedstonePlayers can add an upward as well as a downward transmitter on any surface
Enchanted WolvesPlayers can enhance wolf traits for better protection and security
Iron Chests 2Players can expand and upgrade existing chests
The Lost CitiesTakes players to an old abandoned Minecraft world
Bacteria ModIntroduces bacteria to Minecraft, which can help destroy targets or blocks
Ice Mountains
World Type
A completely different world with advanced game features
Rideable BeesEnables rideable bees
CrazyCraft 4Adds extra layers of fun and comedy
JourneyMapEnables journey maps
Dimensional DoorsDimensional doors for teleportation and several other kinds of openings
Ice and Fire: DragonsAdds tons of fantasy creatures to the game
Create+Players can experiment with many new cogwheels and a range of gears
Engineer’s ToolCombines tools and weapons into one superior multi-tool
Rope Bridge ModEnables rope bridges
BlockFront- WW2A world set in WW2 with soldier RPG
Instant Massive
Buildings and structures will magically spawn
Biomes O’ PlentyAdds more than 50 biomes to the world
MekanismA tech mod focusing on technology and innovation with existing materials
Fast CraftImproves the client and server without any gameplay changes
Miner’s HelmetAdds a helmet with dynamic lighting
Decorative Blocks Helps with decoration processes
Gravestone ModLets players dig a grave before death for retrievable items
Iron Chests ModPlayers can expand and upgrade existing chests
Serene SeasonsFeatures different season’s crops, temperature, climate, weather, and more
Project RedIncludes several new options for circuitry, signal devices, wiring, and more
WayStonesEnables easy transportation and teleportation
SkyFactory 4Features prestige system and new enchantments for tools and weapons 
Forever StrandedWill help players get water and food

The ranking for these mods is debatable, as players will need to gauge which mod packs would prove most beneficial to them based on numerous factors. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about these awesome Minecraft Mod Packs, focusing on their unique features or primary advantages to players.

1. X-Life 2

This mod pack is amazing to play. X-Life 2 replicates the X-Life series, and many YouTube influencers like FWhip and DangThatsALongName have played with this mod pack. X-Life 2 includes a set of mods that generally improve the overall gameplay while also adding a variety of mods like technology mods, new creatures, adventure mods, and much more. 

minecraft X Life 2

To use this mod pack, you will need a good gaming PC with high-end specs, since it is bigger than most of the other available Minecraft mods and may cause problems on low-end devices. Still, the experience offered by this mod makes it worthwhile. It is highly recommended to play with friends as it has everything you’d wish for – technology, stuff to explore, new mobs, creatures, you name it.


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When you are playing with this mod, you will start your game with one heart. The number of hearts will increase each time you’d die, so the competition between you and your friends will be to keep the number of hearts as low as possible. You may also have to download a few additional files to gain the full experience of this mod pack. 

2. Optifine

If you are playing Minecraft on a low or high-end device, this mod would be the first one on the list for you to install. Minecraft isn’t known for its HD graphics or fine details. Optifine adds the support for high-definition graphics and a variety of controls over the graphic properties

Additionally, Optifine, being a utility mode, also makes Minecraft run faster and smoother. Minecraft’s gameplay is very poor on low-end computers, so Optifine can take care of it by supporting high-definition textures, smooth lighting, and frame rate optimization.

3. SevTech Ages

This mod is just the right thing for tech-savvy players. SevTech Ages is a mod for players like you who love to check out the different types of technology in Minecraft, as you can add any modded technology to the game with this mod. Another standout feature of this mod is that it has a progression to it – you can spawn in the Stone Age and work your way up to the age of space exploration with a spaceship or a space rocket.


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Sounds fun, right? Such features make this mod a perfect one to try out with your friends as there is a lot to do individually and collectively. Make your way through the ages of technological advancement alone, or try making a space station with your friends.

4. Valhelsia 3

Valhelsia 3 is one of the Valhelsia mod pack series that focuses on improving the gameplay in Minecraft exponentially. This mod pack works best for each area or park separately, and there are different versions that all players can try out and enjoy. 

5. Nature’s Beauty

Just like its name implies, this mod is all about the aesthetics of the game. Want to have a more wholesome graphic experience in the game? Does the outlook of your in-game world look bland to you? Want to focus more on natural beauty rather than technology? If yes, this mod pack is exactly what you need. 

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Nature’s Beauty mod pack makes the game more pleasant by generating new structures, amazing views, attractive landscapes, different mobs, and beautiful biomes without making the game slower or choppy. It’s perfect for players who want to focus more on the aesthetic of the game rather than going for technological advancements. 

6. Carpenter’s Blocks

Minecraft blocks typically occupy a space of one cubic meter. However, sometimes you may end up creating structures or placing down items that require much more precision and accuracy to look attractive.


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The Carpenter’s Blocks mod lets you add a lot of smaller versions of blocks so that you can use them to create even finer structures and items. This mod pack lets you break free from construction limits and customize your creativity as you please. It’s an incredible mod pack to use if you love building in Minecraft.

7. Just Enough Items

Want to know about the ingredients and recipes of every item in the game? Then this mod pack is for you. The Just Enough Items mod lets you view all the things in the game along with their ingredients. Now that you know how to craft everything, this mod pack will let you make every item with just a couple of clicks if you have the required ingredients.

8. Fast Leaf Decay

Waiting for something to happen is never a fun experience, and many players have felt the pain of waiting for leaves to drop after cutting down all the wood from trees in Minecraft. The Fast Leaf Decay mod increases the speed of leaves breaking off and falling from the trees once you have chopped the trees while collecting wood – great for saving time and effort in-game.

9. Space Astronomy 2

This mod focuses on technology, science, and space. There are many machines, spaceships, rockets, planets, and much more for you to explore. Are you up for discovering more about the galaxy? Hop into your rocket, fly off to a nearby planet, and complete a long list of scientific advancements while having the sci-fi Minecraft experience of your life.

10. RLCraft

RLCraft is a real-life-based Minecraft mod pack that features realistic graphics, creatures, and items. It is also considered very challenging concerning gameplay, so if you are a veteran Minecraft player and bored of the same old graphics and objects, this is the mod for you to play. 

Minecraft RCraft

Want to imagine how fun it is? Well, its creator has a fair warning for the players who play it, stating that they will perish a lot. There would be real dragons flying around in your world, and they could kill you with a single blow of fiery breath. Hence, its challenges and excitement have made it so popular among seasoned players.

11. Regrowth

The Regrowth mod pack has questlines to guide you through the objectives. You start in a barren wasteland and then try to progress and revive the world back to a lush and lively state enriched with vegetation and plant life. It is like rebuilding everything from scratch and is perfect for players who like to construct things according to set plans.

50 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

This mod is slower than the rest of the gameplay, hence providing you with more entertainment time. It’s also amazing for experienced players since the mobs in the game are stronger than in vanilla, and it is far more difficult to defend against the monsters due to the lack of equipment.

12. Farming Valley

If you love being closer to nature than technology, this mod pack will be incredibly entertaining for you. The Farming Valley mod lets you build a town first and then become a farmer to progress through the game. 

Players will have to plant, harvest, and sell the crops to make money, and that’s how they will progress. Farming Valley gameplay is not like ordinary farming in Minecraft. It presents more challenges, and you will have to summon the Harvest Goddess in the very beginning to help you progress in the game.

13. Pixelmon

Want your game to be more fun and whimsical? If so, you could start adding different creatures with this mod – specifically, variants of the iconic and globally renowned Pokémon creatures.

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Pixelmon is a pretty aged mod pack that allows you to add tons of Pokémon in the game. This mod pack gets updated regularly so that you may not miss out on adding your favorite Pokémon to your Minecraft world.

14. Backpacked

Only being able to hold a limited number of items in Minecraft is pretty frustrating. But the Backpacked mod has a smart solution that gives you different styled backpacks, each of which offers an additional nine slots. The backpack requires leather for crafting, and you can carry it on your back. 


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The standout feature of this mod is that it will keep your inventory safe even after your death, so make sure that you are only storing those items that are precious. You can craft the backpack in your crafting grid, so it will be easy to make one whenever you’d need it.

15. Wooden Golems

The Wooden Golems mod pack helps you create your golems to attack the monsters. You can equip the golems you make with either a bow or a sword, and you can choose the weapon to equip in the inventory.

50 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

To make the golems even stronger, you can also add armor. If they are giving off any smoke, it would indicate that they need repairs. You can use the golems to either attack the monsters you come across or as your guards against any predators, making them great for all-around use in Minecraft.

16. Realism

We all know how popular Minecraft is, both among children and adults. The Realism mod pack is the best fit to make the game more realistic for adults. This mod changes the way you would craft items. For example, you would convert the logs into planks without this mod by just filling up your crafting grid.

However, you will have to make planks from wooden blocks using a handsaw by using this mod. You can also use real-life crafting tools, like the handsaw, as weapons. A variety of other tasks may include smelting copper to make your tools, spinning cloth with threaders, and much more.

17. Rails of War

One of the most enjoyable mods is Rails of War in Minecraft. Do you love trains and locomotives? If so, here is the mod you would need to play. This mod gives you everything you would ever need to build a proper railway system – vintage trains, locomotives, tracks, and even switches, this mod pack provides you with everything. 

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Start building your tracks, add the required trains, and just have fun with it! Just look out for different terrains and how to construct the railway lines through them. The railway system is pretty realistic as you would need to fuel the train engines with coal, control their speed, and fill them with supplies. 

18. LotsOMobs

Want to change your world for a moment? Are you tired of seeing all the common animals and creatures around all the time? Well, the LotsOMobs mod pack lets you add over forty new mobs.

minecraft LotsOMobs

The mobs include animals and creatures like bees, giraffes, woolly mammoths, and even older cave dwellers. This mod is always getting a few updates regularly, so a selection of new items and creatures may already be available by the time you install it!

19. Chisel

Let me give you an example here to tell you how cool this mod is. Cobblestones have just one texture in the main Minecraft game without mods. Do you know how many types you will get with this mod?

Minecraft Chisel

Well, there are twenty-four different textures in total. Chisel provides a variety of texture and color options for many common types of blocks in the game. The more textures you have, the more options you will have for decorations.

20. Botania

This mod is all about flowers – but, these flowers will not be ordinary. Botania will let you grow flowers with unique and magical properties. You will be able to use flowers as medicine, feed the animals, or even create portals to teleport you to a different world. 

50 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

How does that sound? Sounds fun, right? If you are in for trying something different, this mod is for you. It’s a perfect option for any Minecraft player who loves nature and magical abilities.

21. Chat Bubbles

No one can deny the popularity of Minecraft among Minecraft players. Being a popular online game, different mod packs serve you well in the long run. Chat Bubble is a simple mod pack in Minecraft that will allow you to increase the performance of your game and the enjoyability of your gameplay adventures.


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You can add weapons to your world, build different structures, and make your gameplay experience both efficient and exciting. You won’t find chatting difficult anymore and will enjoy chatting to all your friends in Minecraft by enabling the Chat Bubbles mod in your game.

22. The Solar System Mod

Want to learn about the solar system? If you are looking for a Minecraft mod pack that lets you explore and enjoy galaxies, interstellar bodies, and planets, then this mod pack is for you. The Solar system mod is all you will need to enjoy life on all planets in your Minecraft world.

Players can add eight planets, asteroids, and constellations to the game, and enjoy the unique features of different planets. You will feel like you have jumped into the astronomical world. Everything will add to your interest and thrills, and the more knowledge you have, the more likely your gameplay will become more attractive than before.

23. Vertical Redstone

Vertical Redstone can add two significant blocks to your gameplay. You can add an upward as well as a downward transmitter, and you can enhance the functionality of your Minecraft world with these additions. 

minecraft vertical redstone

As the name indicates, Vertical Redstone will let you add Redstone signals to the vertical walls and surfaces. You won’t have to submit to a headache anymore if you have Vertical Redstone in your stock, as you’ll be able to add Redstone signals to any vertical place that you’d like.

24. Enchanted Wolves

Wolves are beautiful creations of Minecraft, not only classified as Minecraft mobs but also a potential way of protection against your nasty enemies. Being weak in strength, Wolves won’t protect you a lot, and you may still feel insecure around your Minecraft world. But, you can enhance their traits for better protection and security with this mod pack.

minecraft Enchanted Wolves

Enchanted Wolves is the best Minecraft mod pack to help you increase the power and efficiency of your wolves. You will need to craft a crucial necklace for your wolves, demanding a piece of string and seven pieces of leather. The necklace will give potent effects to your wolves, enabling them to protect you from aggressive Minecraft mobs.

25. Iron Chests 2

Upgradation is an important aspect to keep a game running. Do you want to increase the storage of your Minecraft chests? Well, this Minecraft mod pack provides you with the opportunity. You will be able to expand the existing Minecraft chests and upgrade the already existing chests in Minecraft.

50 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

You can make new chests with enhanced storage capacity, and will also get a chance to upgrade wooden chests. Your newly created chests will hold tons of new items in your gameplay. If you have decided to upgrade your chests, grab the Iron Chests 2 mod pack in Minecraft.

26. The Lost Cities

The Lost Cities is an amazing mod pack in Minecraft, especially if you want to experience an old-world. The Lost Cities mod pack will take you to an old abandoned Minecraft world from where you will see the remnants of ancient and historical buildings.

But, it would also prove risky for you to live in an abandoned world rather than live in a normal Minecraft world. Haunted buildings with tons of loot, destroyed ruins, historical remains, and many other neat additions define the features of this Minecraft mod pack.

27. Bacteria Mod

This Minecraft mod pack has proved to be a blessing in disguise, but the Bacterium mod can be equally useful and destructive for your gameplay. As per the name, this mod pack introduces bacteria to Minecraft, which can help you destroy targets around your Minecraft world. 

minecraft Bacteria Mod

If you want to destroy certain blocks in Minecraft, you can place colonies of bacteria below those blocks. Bacterial colonies will ultimately destroy that blocks without destroying the untargeted blocks. To activate this mod pack in your game, you will need to use Redstone signals. Redstone signals will turn Bacterium mod on in your game.

28. Ice Mountains World Type

Are you looking for something different for your Minecraft world? Well, here is a mod pack in Minecraft that will cater to your wishes. Ice Mountains World Type is one of those Minecraft mods that will let you play an advanced game.


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This mod is only for those Minecraft players that have advanced game features. Having this mod pack will lead you to a completely different world, where you will be able to experience competitive live events. 

29. Rideable Bees

Minecraft has so many mods that allow you to add useful things to your gameplay. Such is the case with the Rideable Bees mod pack in Minecraft, which gives players a chance to add a little buzz to their Minecraft world – literally! 

minecraft Rideable Bees

As the name suggests, this mod will provide you with a bonus feature, and these rideable bees can really help you a lot along your journey. All you need to do is to tame your bees with honey and then attach a lead with them – only then will you take them with you along the entire journey. Facilitating transportation in the Minecraft journey is the most important task for these bees. 

30. CrazyCraft 4

Minecraft came out with another amazing mod pack. As the name may suggest, this Minecraft mod pack focuses on absolute craziness and sillies, making it awesome for players wanting an extra layer of fun and comedy in their gameplay.

50 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

CrazyCraft 4 serves you well in creating crazy stuff during your gameplay. It’s like taking your entire Minecraft knowledge and then dumping it out of the window. CrazyCraft is truly crazy as it allows you to discover and do many new and unimaginable things in-game. 

31. JourneyMap

Do you want to explore your Minecraft world and seek out the most suitable Minecraft look? If so, this mod may be the best choice for you, as it provides players with journey maps. Maps are amazing things that lead you toward your destination, and this mod features real-time mapping in-game or in a web browser as players explore.

Before setting on a journey, you will get an idea about the place where you want to go. You will learn about the directions and shortcuts as well. A journey map is best for Minecraft players who wish to travel to distant places in Minecraft. 

32. Dimensional Doors

Want to imagine how efficient and effective your gameplay can be? Dimensional Doors are all that you will need to translate your imaginations into reality. This mod pack is a perfect combination of fun-related and exploration-based Minecraft mods, allowing players to explore the hidden places and resources of their Minecraft world with ease.

minecraft Dimensional Doors

Dimensional doors add plenty of teleportation doors and several other kinds of openings to your game, and you can also add extra-dimensional doors to your world as you’d like. The purpose of such a large number of doors is to provide you with handy items. You will get extra space for building new structures as well. 

33. Ice and Fire: Dragons

Want to give a fancy look to your Minecraft world? Want to add different and mythical creatures to your gameplay? If so, this mod pack will be absolutely perfect for you. Ice and Fire: Dragons is a Minecraft mod pack that adds loads of fantasy creatures to your game.


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You will not only get these creatures but also be able to use them for your needs. You will also be able to tame, breed, train, and ride those creatures for several purposes. That’s what makes Ice and Fire: Dragons one of the desirable mods in Minecraft. 

34. Create+

The Create+ mod pack is among the most popular Minecraft mods. Plenty of players will find it useful for their Minecraft journey, regardless of preferred playstyles and tastes in-game.

Create+ does wonders in Minecraft, enabling players to experiment with many new cogwheels and a range of gears. You will be able to take care of your creatures and use new techniques to survive by introducing clutches, pulleys, levers, chain drivers, and many other related features. 

35. Engineer’s Tool

Plenty of players feel that the mining process could be way more convenient throughout Minecraft gameplay. If this is the case for you, then Engineer’s Tool would be the perfect choice for you. The Engineer’s Tool will help you mine both above and below the surfaces of your world.

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Engineer’s Tool is a kind of multitool that consists of many of your Minecraft tools. Here, you’ll have access to your pickaxe, shovels, axe, and many other weapons combined to make a more powerful tool – the Engineer’s Tool. You can use this mod to ensure your security and protection against nasty Minecraft creatures while being equipped with fast and efficient gathering tools as well.

36. Rope Bridge Mod

Rope Bridge Mod is an extraordinary Minecraft mod. Being a popular mod, the Rope Bridge Mod never compromises on its useful features and endless services to the Minecraft players. Plus, it’s a great way to add some awesome survivalist designs to your Minecraft world!


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What this mod pack offers you is a shortcut between two mountain hills. If you are standing on a mountain top and find the adjacent mountain hill more captivating, this mod pack will serve you well. You will reach your desired hill without stepping down the mountain and moving all the way around. 

37. BlockFront- WW2

This mod pack has its roots in World War II. The BlockFront- WW2 mod pack will let you play your game as a soldier, allowing you to live and experience the life of a soldier. This mod pack will take you to a world where you will live in the time of World War II.

minecraft BlockFront WW2

Here you will experience all the life events that took place during great World War II, based on historical events and documentation. You will learn about the missions and the tricks that helped bring the war to an end. 

38. Instant Massive Structures

This mod pack needs no introduction at all. You can infer from the name that Instant Massive Structures is all about creating huge buildings and structures with ease – you will be able to create a massive city within seconds.


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The efficiency and working speed of Instant Massive Structures are more than a blessing for Minecraft players. Your desired buildings and structures will magically spawn in your gameplay – amazing if you’re looking for a world that’s as lively and bustling as you could ever imagine!

39. Biomes O’ Plenty

Finding a Minecraft mod that will let you live in tons of different biomes might not be possible as per your imagination. Still, this Minecraft mod has a ton of awesome areas and landscapes for players to explore – perfect for anyone who’s grown tired of the same old scenery.

minecraft Biomes O Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty adds more than 50 biomes to your world. Adventure lies at the core of this Minecraft mod. You will be able to enjoy the endless resources of many biomes such as tundra, savanna, forest, plains, grasslands, marine, jungle, temple, and many more. 

40. Mekanism

Want something different from the normal Minecraft mods? Want to grab some technology-related mods in your gameplay? Here you go. Mekanism is a Minecraft mod pack that lets you do incredible things with the already present things in your gameplay.

50 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

For example, you can use Redstone to create a working Redstone computer. Mekanism offers features including awesome furnaces, electric and nuclear items, Redstone machines, and many other things. It’s a tech mod in which technology and innovation are of prime importance. 

41. Fast Craft

Are you worried about the lack of efficiency of your gameplay? Are you are looking for a way to make your game more efficient? If this is the case, then Fast Craft will be the ideal Minecraft mod pack for you, as it will drastically improve the client and server without any gameplay changes.

Fast Craft is a wonderful creation of Minecraft, enabling players to enhance the working performance of their game. Fast Craft is aimed at eliminating lag spikes and all those things by which you will have to compromise on your game’s performance. It would also allow you to play with heavy machinery. 

42. Miner’s Helmet

Miner’s Helmet is another adorable Minecraft mod pack, offering quite a few handy perks for its users. Miner’s Helmet will let you navigate and wander around the complex cave systems with ease thanks to this neat and simple helmet featuring dynamic lighting.

minecraft Miners Helmet

You won’t have to leave your torches before moving to these darkest caves. You don’t need to place down your torches during mining excursions, this mod will make you free up some space in your Minecraft inventory, and you will also be able to add new items to your inventory.

43. Decorative Blocks 

There are many ways to build different structures by using a vanilla set of blocks in Minecraft. It would be time taking for you to go through all the steps during construction and up-gradation. At that time, you will need some efficient and time-saving mod for your game. 

minecraft Decorative Blocks

Decorative Blocks is providing you with these services. So, why would you go through all such things that will put you in difficult situations? Decorative blocks will help you add new blocks to your Minecraft structures to make them unique.

44. Gravestone Mod

This mod pack makes it a whole lot easier to claim your dropped items after death. The Gravestone mod is all that you will need to dig a grave before your death.

minecraft Gravestone Mod

By doing so, you will be able to save your dropped items from being lost forever if you die. It would allow you to reclaim your items when you die, rather than running back to your place of death in the hope your items haven’t despawned.


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The Gravestone mod pack creates a graveyard or chests for all of your items that will drop on your death. That’s what makes this mod different and strange from other Minecraft mods, yet highly advantageous to just about any player.

45. Iron Chests Mod

Want to increase the storage capacity of your chests in Minecraft? Then there are a few ways for you. You can either increase the storage capacity of your existing chests or will create new chests with large space for you. 

50 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

Seems strange? Well, Minecraft has made it possible. Iron Chests Mod is playing a vital role in this regard. These mods help you add extra space to your chests. You will be able to add many new items to the newly created chests by utilizing extra space. Adding new chests entirely depends upon the availability of metals in Minecraft. 

46. Serene Seasons

If you are looking for a Minecraft mod that will add different seasons to your gameplay, then Serene Season is a perfect choice for you. Doing so can make your gameplay experience feel far more natural, realistic, and in touch with the environment.

minecraft Serene Seasons

If you love seasons and the endless scenery offered by different seasons, you will need to download and install this Minecraft mod pack. Here, you will enjoy each different season’s crops, temperature, climate, weather, and other perks


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You will also see different seasons in different biomes. To summarize, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of all seasons in numerous biomes and settings, all at the same time.

47. Project Red

Minecraft vanilla definitely serves players well from different perspectives. Still, there are a few downsides – you may not be able to free up some space for Redstone devices. Thankfully, Project Red has solved your problems.

You will get several new options for circuitry, signal devices, wiring, and many related things. You will get a chance to make large Redstone devices in a relatively small area. The more structures you build, the more efficient your gameplay experience will be over time.

48. WayStones

Wanna make your transportation and teleportation easy in the Minecraft game? Looking for Minecraft mod packs that will let you teleport quite easily in your Minecraft world? Well, WayStone is far better to serve your purposes. 


WayStone is definitely your mod if you want to teleport to different areas in your world, enabling teleportation using Warp Scrolls and Warp Stones. What you will do is craft Waystones and make proper tags for them. Only then will you be able to use Waystones for teleportation. 

49. SkyFactory 4

The SkyFactory mod helps you gain a brand new experience for your gaming world. It would help you in revamping and optimization of your game. You will be able to experience and explore many new enchantments for your tools and weapons. 

50 Best Minecraft Mod Packs In 2021

What makes this mod pack different from others? Well, the prestige system (an optional game mode) is all that makes this mod different from others. With this feature, you will get your hands on different mods, game menus, items, and game mechanics. 

50. Forever Stranded

Do you love playing Minecraft with challenging mods? If yes, then download and install this mod pack for your game. Forever Stranded is all that you will require to survive in your gaming world.

Playing Minecraft on this mod will help you get water and food (necessities for one’s life), as well as extra help and benefits. Forever Stranded will also let you fight with the wild creatures on other planets. If you are lost on some other planet and are looking for a way out to reach your planet, you will need the Forever Stranded mod pack.

What Is the Biggest Minecraft Modpack?

All the Mods 6 – ATM6 – 1.16.5 is currently the biggest Minecraft mod pack. It includes more than 300 mods.

What Is the Best Minecraft Modpack for Beginners?

Farming Valley is the best Minecraft mod pack for beginners. For players to progress throughout Farming Valley, they must create an operational farm.

What Is the Hardest Modpack in Minecraft?

Valhelsia 3 is the hardest mod pack in Minecraft. With this mod pack, you can add magic to Minecraft and other exciting features. Several new terrain generations and biomes await players in this mod pack.

Minecraft is quite a few years old by this point, but the constant release and update of mods continue to revive the game and enhance its playability. There are countless Minecraft mod packs to choose from. But, these mods definitely stand out from the rest, enabling players to achieve the Minecraft experience they’ve always wanted or allowing OG players to reinvent the game with a fresh and unique twist. If you’re still interested in more, make sure to check out our best Minecraft Data Packs!

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