Minecraft: Here’s How To Teleport a Horse

minecraft teleport horse

Horses have been a fan favorite among Minecraft players for ages, offering swift travel on land with some additional benefits. But, there are a range of situations where players may need to move their steed across a large area – leaving many fans wondering if you can teleport a horse in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Minecraft players can use “/tp @e[type=horse] @p” to teleport random horses, use “/tp @e [name=(horse’s name)] @p” to teleport a tamed and named horse to their location, or manually execute command variants with “/execute at @e[type=horse] run” to teleport horses to specific coordinates.
  • However, all commands may require variations and will require Cheats Enabled to work.

Can You Teleport a Horse in Minecraft?

Minecraft holds a ton of incredible creatures, from fluffy friends to hostile mobs – and even some animals that are actually neutral (capable of loving or hating players). But horses are seen as one of the most beneficial and versatile animals to have on your team in Minecraft, and for many good reasons.

minecraft horses

Horses come in a variety of colors and patterns, and some offer specific benefits to players. Certain horses flaunt immense speed in Minecraft, while others have other benefits – either way, it can be incredibly concerning when you’ve tamed an amazing horse only to find that it’s impossible to get it home!

Whether you have found a magnificent horse across a vast ocean in Minecraft, or have gotten your horse stuck in a dark and creepy Minecraft cave, you’ll be happy to know that it is possible to teleport your horse in Minecraft! All it takes is knowing the right commands to use in Minecraft and ensuring that your world is compatible with using Minecraft commands.

How to Teleport a Horse in Minecraft

Commands can completely revolutionize your Minecraft gameplay experience, as players can accomplish just about anything using the right inputs. Minecraft is super flexible when it comes to commands, and there are almost no limitations when it comes to what’s possible.

Allow Minecraft Commands (Enable Cheats)

Players can do just about anything they can imagine in Minecraft using specific command executions – from teleporting Minecraft players at random to creating Minecraft death counters, and even spawning multiple Minecraft mobs at the same time – the possibilities are endless! However, players will need to have cheats enabled in their Minecraft world before they can input any type of command in-game.

Without allowing cheats in your Minecraft world, no command will work at all. Generally speaking, Minecraft players would get the option to allow cheats or not when they first create their Minecraft world – specifically through the ON or OFF option, which can be found under the New World Generation tab.


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But, there is still an alternative for players who skipped this step at the very beginning. If you haven’t enabled cheats in your Minecraft world, follow the steps below:

  1. Open up the Game Menu.
  2. Navigate to “Open to LAN”.
  3. You should find a tab that reads “Allow Cheats.”
  4. You will need to change this setting to “ON.”
  5. Then, click on “Start LAN World”.

From this point, you will be able to go ahead and start inputting the commands that you need to teleport the horse in question. Below is everything you need to know in order to teleport the right horse exactly how you’d like.

Teleporting Random Horses in Minecraft

The simplest command for teleporting horses in Minecraft involves targeting horses at random, which can be amazing if you simply want to get a hold of a horse on the spot. But, it can also be incredibly problematic depending on the situation, as this can actually end up teleporting all of the horses in your Minecraft world to your location.

Still, if this is what you are looking for, simply type in the following command and execute the command by either using the chat bar or inputting the command into a command block. To note, “@p” represents the nearest player, but can be altered to the player’s name if needed.

/tp @e[type=horse] @p

Teleporting a Tamed and Named Horse in Minecraft

The next command we have on the list will only apply to a horse that has been tamed and named by the player using a Nametag – one of the reasons why naming your tamed animals is always advised in Minecraft! This is possibly one of the most useful commands to know if you often use your trusted steed for traveling around Minecraft’s overworld, as it can be a lifesaver if your horse somehow gets lost.

named horse

If you’re looking to teleport your named horse to your location in-game, type in the following command and execute the command by either using the chat bar or inputting the command into a command block. Case sensitivity will not matter when it comes to names, as the command input will acknowledge the entity solely based on the name’s spelling.

/tp @e [name=(horse’s name)] @p

It is important to note that this command will not work if there are two entities under the same name in your Minecraft world, so make sure each of your tamed animals has a unique name! Still, if this is the case for you, it can be resolved by making the following adjustments to the above command:

If there is another horse that has the same name as your horse:
/tp @e [name=(horse’s name, c=1)] @p

If there is another entity that has the same name as your horse:
/tp @e [name=(horse’s name), type=EntityHorse] @p

Teleporting a Horse to a Specific Location in Minecraft

A special note to be aware of is that the classic command for teleporting a horse to specific coordinates, “/tp @e[type=horse (x) (y) (z)”, no longer works in the same way. Instead, players are now forced to execute the command differently, as the entity seems to teleport to the player first before prompting the axis coordinates.


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There are a few ways to work around this change, but players will need to experiment with some commands and see what works in their case. Below are some examples of commands that can work for teleporting horses to specific coordinates in Minecraft:

/execute at @e[type=horse] run tp @e[type=horse,limit=1,sort=nearest] (~x) (~y) (~z)

/execute at @e[type=horse] run tp @e[type=horse,distance=0] (~x) (~y) (~z)

Teleporting a Player and a Horse in Minecraft

If you find that the above commands work in your case, you should be able to use the same commands to teleport your horse while you’re on it as well. To have a look at how this can work in-game, check out the video below by Recabilly.

If you cannot use any of these commands in your Minecraft world, the last resort would be to head out and search for your lost horse manually. Mob AIs in Minecraft have a natural inclination to go Northwest or negative X and Z, which may help in tracking it down.

While horses are super helpful in Minecraft, they can often come with a variety of odd circumstances – even getting off of a horse in Minecraft can be challenging for some players. Thankfully, getting around your seemingly infinite Minecraft overworld can be far simpler with the help of these horse-teleporting Minecraft commands.

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