How to Transfer Fortnite Skins to Another Account in 2023?

How To Transfer Fortnite Skins to Another Account in 2022?

Fortnite is still the most popular battle royale game on the planet, and gamers all around the world are grinding and leveling up their characters to gain better progress and climb to be the best players in the world. We all know the pain of making new accounts that “force” us to reset all our progress made and start all over again. The skins, accessories, and more are what make Fortnite really cool, and that is why players are trying to find ways how to transfer their acquired skins and other items to new accounts. In this article, we will discuss how to transfer Fortnite skins to another account.

Thankfully, Epic Games allowed the transfer of cosmetics in the Fortnite game by merging accounts, and to do that, one needs to go to the Epic Games website and sign in to their account. After signing in, one needs to press on the account name that will provide them with a drop-down menu and click the “Account” option, and press the “Connected Accounts” tab displayed on the left side of the screen. Choose the available option you need, click connect, and sign in with the secondary account (new one), which will redirect you to the new page where you need to sign in once again for the appropriate gaming console. Now, you can play on a new account with the skins you owned on the old one.

We will discuss further the technicalities of Fortnite skins, the possibilities of maybe gifting them to someone despite already owning them, and discuss the main topic of the article more. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

Editor’s Note: This guide has been updated to reflect the current state of the game. The mentioned strategy for transferring Fortnite skins is still legitimate and works.

Can You Gift a Skin You Already Own in Fortnite?

Fortnite skins are probably one of the most interesting parts of the game, and over the years, the game provided its player’s cool skins that could make their opponents very jealous. The skins stem from all over popular fictional media that include Naruto, Marvel Universe, DC Universe, and even Coachella music festival that had a whole event in the Fortnite game!

Fortnite is the picture-perfect example of the line “I understood that reference” and the variety of the skins Fortnite provides, only makes players play more. Like most online games that have skins, Fortnite enabled its players the gifting system where one player can gift the other a skin or mystery gift. The gifts are acquired by in-game currency called V-Bucks and players have the option to spend them and acquire them via real money.

How To Transfer Fortnite Skins to Another Account in 2022?
Gifting other players is enabled in Fortnite.

With all that said, you cannot gift the skin you already own to another player. Fortnite is not the only one in this, and the games like League of Legends and others, have the same system in place. The same goes for video game digital distributors like Steam, where you need to spend money once again to send someone a gift, regardless of whether you own it or not.


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Can You Transfer Skins From One Fortnite Account to Another in 2022?

As we explained the system of gifting skins in Fortnite, we now can start discussing the Fortnite policy of transferring those same skins to another account.

To be frank, yes, you can transfer skins from one account to another by merging your accounts. Follow these steps to merge your accounts and ultimately transfer your skins:

  1. One needs to go to the official Epic Games website and sign in to their Epic Games account.
  2. After you sign in, go to the “Connected Accounts” tab on the left-hand side of the page and click on it.
  3. Then select the “Account” tab and find the secondary account you want to connect with your Epic Games account.
  4. After inputting your information and signing in, click the “Connect” option that will redirect you to another page for your selected gaming platform.
  5. Now, you have all skins available on your new account.
How To Transfer Fortnite Skins to Another Account in 2022?
Connected account tab that you need to access to merge your in-game account to Epic Games one.

This is a great feature because it does decrease the spending of Fortnite players, whose playbase is mostly assembled of teenagers who are not working full jobs. Fortnite, like most online games that allow microtransactions and paying for accessories, was criticized for “scamming” young players who want to have the newest and “hottest” skins available. Epic Games did a good job letting players actually transfer their “cosmetic” accessories that they either paid for or got for playing a game.


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For example, Riot Games never enabled that option for League of Legends, and even one player got up to 2000 upvotes on Reddit for Riot Games finally letting them transfer their precious skin. Even after that, transferring skins to another account was not enabled.

So, if you have an old Marvel or DC skin that you really liked but don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on it once again, merging your accounts is a great option for this situation.

However, if your account is banned for some reason, you cannot merge your accounts to acquire accessories from it – if it is a temporary issue, just wait for the ban period to end and follow the steps we provided above. If it’s permanent, well, you can’t transfer anything.

All in all, you can transfer your skins from one account to another after merging your Epic Games account with your in-game account. Hopefully, we helped you with this issue, and if you are interested in more Fortnite topics, check out our article about Dragon Ball Z coming to Fortnite soon.

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