When Is Dragon Ball Z Coming to Fortnite? Release Date & Skin Leaks

When Is Dragon Ball Z Coming to Fortnite?

Fortnite has seen tons of iconic collabs over the course of its running so far, with many fans wondering which of their favorite characters and themes will be featured next. Players have been waiting for Dragon Ball Z to come to Fortnite for ages, and we finally have a more accurate release date to look forward to. So, when is Dragon Ball Z coming to Fortnite?

Dragon Ball Z is expected to crossover into Fortnite sometime towards the middle or end of August 2022, in line with the new Dragon Ball Super movie’s premiere. There is still a ton of mystery surrounding the collab, but fans expect to see at least 4 skins topped with new Dragon Ball Z-inspired items.

Although there have been shifts concerning the expected release date for Dragon Ball Z in Fortnite, it seems that the wait may finally be over pretty soon. Stick around to find out about when Dragon Ball Z is coming to Fortnite, including the updated release date as well as skin leaks and sneak peeks.

Dragon Ball Z Is Coming To Fortnite

Collaborations have been some of the more well-received content inclusions over the years when it comes to Fortnite, in addition to hours upon hours of classic battle royale fun. These collaborations have brought tons of infamous characters and themes to Fortnite fans, including popular icons from the professional sport and entertainment industry.

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It seems that Fortnite is gearing up for yet another legendary collaboration, soon to be welcoming a legendary crossover with Dragon Ball Z as Chapter 3 Season 3 progresses. Both anime and Fortnite fans have been itching to see Dragon Ball Z in the game for ages, and while there are still some questions about what we can expect, there have been some major updates.


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Rumor has it that the Dragon Ball crossover will actually be in the form of a 7-week event, topped with a series of themed challenges for Fortnite players to get through. If this is the case, it would make it far grander and larger than the Naruto collaboration seen at the end of 2021.

When Is Dragon Ball Z Coming To Fortnite? (Release Date)

According to a Twitter post made by HYPEX, one of the most popular Fortnite content leakers, the Dragon Ball Z crossover with Fortnite has been confirmed – set to take place sometime towards the end of August 2022. There are a few key motives for the timing as well, as Epic Games is pretty well-known for making strategic collaborations and crossovers in line with promotions, events, or media releases.

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The new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie is scheduled for release on August 19th, 2022. As a result, it would make quite a lot of sense if the Dragon Ball Z crossover to Fortnite happens around the same time. While the official release date is hard to pin down, it’s expected to debut as the new Dragon Ball Super movie’s premiere approaches and after Epic’s summer break.

Dragon Ball Z Fortnite Skins & Items

Along with the inclusion of a stellar theme overall, fans have quite a lot of awesome content to look forward to. According to a Twitter post made by ShiinaBR, the Dragon Ball collaboration should include a variety of skins – quite similar to Fortnite’s Naruto collaboration. Below are the most exciting inclusions that Fortnite players are expecting with the crossover:

Stamina Capsule Item

The collaboration is expected to include some of the most iconic Dragon Ball characters from the anime saga to have ever graced our screens over the years. But, in addition, HYPEX has confirmed that the Stamina Capsule item will also be included as part of the drop as well.

The Stamina Capsule is rumored to be accompanied by a Stamina system, which may have a positive effect on movement. Apart from the fact that it looks pretty cool, the item looks really similar to the Capsule Corp logo from the anime series as well.

Kamehameha Mythic Weapon

Fans have also been given insight into the existence of a special Kamehameha Mythic weapon via leaks, also discussed by HYPEX on Twitter as seen below.

If this is the case, then fans would presumably gain the ability to shoot this iconic blue beam of force at enemy players as opposed to wielding a classic Fortnite weapon.

Vigor Glider

While it may not be a clearcut skin, a really cool cosmetic that Fortnite fans may have to look forward to is a Glider, which has been codenamed “Vigor”.

What makes it link to Dragon Ball Z is the fact that the overall style looks quite similar to one of the Attack Pods from the anime series.

Dragon Ball Fortnite Skins

Of course, a healthy level of mystery is always important for keeping the hype alive up until the day finally arrives. But, there are certainly plenty of questions surrounding what exactly fans have to look forward to – especially considering cosmetic items and themed skins.

Dragon Ball Z

It’s been teased that the collaboration will feature 4 skins, but we aren’t quite sure which characters these skins will be based on just yet. Although, it is assumed that two of these skins will be based on Goku and Vegeta, at least pointing to Goku being introduced in Fortnite, and it’s been rumored that the third skin will be based on Beerus – leaving the fourth skin a complete mystery.

That being said, it has been presumed that if this is the case for the first three skins, then the fourth would likely be a female – meaning that Bulma may be the most probable of all other characters. However, there is also speculation that the fourth character and skin could revolve around Android 18 or even Android 21.


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Of course, the majority of these additions have been theorized up until this point, and the developers of Fortnite may just have tons more to surprise eager fans. Below are some of the other things that may be included with the Dragon Ball Z Fortnite crossover:

  • A location in the Battle Royale and in Creative Modes
  • Unique quests with the event, where players can earn rewards

Fortnite has brought a wide range of fictional heroes and legends to the game over the years, but fans have been eager to see their favorite Dragon Ball characters in the game for ages. While Fortnite fans still have a couple of weeks of waiting to get through, it seems that the Dragon Ball Z crossover into Fortnite will be worthwhile!

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