Is Sanji a Lunarian in One Piece? Lineage Explained!

Is Sanji a Lunarian in One Piece? Lineage Explained!

Vinsmoke Sanji is best known as the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the fifth member of the crew and the fourth to join, doing so at the end of the Baratie Arc. Now, Sanji is an indispensable part of Luffy’s crew and throughout the decades, he has shown some amazing powers and abilities. His relatively recent ability to create fire raised the question of whether he could be a Lunarian, which is why we, here at Fiction Horizon, have decided to tell you whether Sanji is a Lunarian and to explain his lineage in full.

Sanji was born in the Germa Kingdom, where he lived with his three brothers, Vinsmoke Reiju, and his father, Vinsmoke Jajji. The latter genetically modified his sons when they were still in their mother’s womb so that they acquire superhuman power and agility, but the latter being against it, she administered a drug to cancel these effects. Therefore, Vinsmoke Sanji is a normal human and not a Lunarian.

In the rest of this article, we are going to talk about Sanji and his family. You’re going to find out about his lineage and his parents, who played a crucial role in his life, of course. The article is going to explain why Sanji is not a Lunarian, but it is also going to contain some spoilers so we needed to warn you beforehand.

Sanji’s lineage explained

The Vinsmoke Family is a notorious and powerful family of assassins, particularly known in the Germa Kingdom, where Sanji is from. It’s a noble family that once ruled all of North Blue. It is now at the head of a large mythical paramilitary organization named Germa 66, of which Vinsmoke Judge is the leader.

Due to their actions, they are, alongside the Big Mom Pirates, the main antagonists of the Tougato Arc and among the central antagonist groups of the Four Emperors Saga. Once, the Vinsmoke Family were a line of nobles who ruled all of North Blue with an iron fist, so much so that their existence was synonymous with evil.

Although they no longer have a kingdom, they still hold the authority and privileges of royalty, and can attend Reverie. Moreover, the patriarch is powerful enough to directly influence the bounty system, not only by increasing them but by changing the conditions of capture. In the distant past, the Vinsmoke family formed and ruled the Kingdom of Germa, after they conquered all of North Blue.

As their empire crumbled and their sovereignty was confined to the Kingdom of Germa, the current patriarch, Vinsmoke Jajji, dreamed of restoring the empire and he dedicated his life to achieving this dream. At one point in his reign he orchestrated the Massacre of the Four Nations, during which he defeated four Kings of North Blue Judge also worked with Vegapunk in an illegal research group dedicated to discovering the human lineage factor and the ability to clone.

The World Government eventually suppressed his research, though Judge managed to escape and resume his work on the cloning alone. Jajji married Sora, and they had a daughter named Reiju, who received genetic manipulation from Judge. Three years later, they got quadruplets, and Jajji modified them in his wife’s womb to become incredibly strong military commanders, which would eliminate their capacity for emotions in the process.

Sora objected to this, but was eventually forced to undergo surgery. However, she consumed a pill in an attempt to counter the surgery, which severely weakened her. She gave birth to four sons, Ichiji, Niji, Sanji, and Yonji, and the medicine only worked on Sanji. Judge began training his children to unlock their genetic modifications from a very young age, and Sanji was soon left behind by his siblings.


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This led to frequent harassment from his brothers, and Reiju participated in this in order to maintain his position among them, but tended to Sanji’s wounds when they were alone. Sanji often showed acts of compassion, such as feeding his mother at bedtime, or feeding rats, and Judge strongly disapproved of this.

Sora was immensely pleased with Sanji’s emotional growth, finding happiness in his and Reiju’s visits. However, Sora later died from the effects of the pill, and Judge ultimately decided to rule Sanji out for good after confirmation that he appeared to be a normal human being. Sanji was then locked in a dungeon wearing an iron mask, and given a fabricated death and burial.

Who was Sanji’s father?

Vinsmoke Judge is the patriarch of the Vinsmoke Family. He is the leader of Germa 66 as well as the king of the Germa Kingdom. He is also a trained scientist and previously worked with Vegapunk. He was previously a member of MADS, a research team, alongside Vegapunk and Queen. Due to his actions, he is the second antagonist of the Tougato Arc and one of the central antagonists of the Four Emperors Saga.


However, after realizing Big Mom betrayed him, he and his family act as the alliance’s temporary allies against Big Mom. In his youth, Judge left the kingdom of Germa and joined Dr. Vegapunk and other researchers who were forming a group of outlaw scientists MADS They had projects on advanced weaponry.

One day, Vegapunk discovered the genetics revolution, which earned him the feat of being able to create artificial humans. The World Government deemed the concept too important and therefore arrested the scientists. The group was dissolved and only Judge was able to survive and continued his work at Germa 66. He experimented and thanks to his knowledge founded Germa 66.

Who was Sanji’s mother?

Vinsmoke Sora was the queen of the Germa Kingdom. She was the wife of Vinsmoke Judge as well as the mother of Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, Sanji and Yonji. One day, Sora married Judge, becoming the queen of the Germa Kingdom. She gave birth to their first child, a girl named Reiju, and then became pregnant with quadruplets.

Before their sons were born, Sora argued with her husband who wanted to give their children genetic modifications. She was against it, not wanting their sons to become emotionless beings, but Judge was only interested in winning wars. Sora was eventually forced to undergo surgery, but she took a drug that was meant to counter the effects of the surgery.


However, the medicine she took only affected Sanji, while severely weakening his health. Despite this, Sora had no regrets and was immensely thrilled and proud that Sanji was showing signs of kindness. She is later seen in her bedroom, bedridden, being sick but in a jovial mood. She is with her maid Epony. Sanji comes to visit her and brings her food; fish with bananas he cooked for his mother; but the dish was damaged because of the journey.

She can’t believe that her son has made this dish and all this way for her and declares that he risks being scolded by his father if he finds out. She calls on Epony and tells her that she no longer needs a meal cooked for her. She will be content to eat what Sanji had prepared for her despite Epony’s advice.

She tastes her son’s dish, says she finds it delicious to please him and asks him if he still intends to prepare something for her. This is where Sanji’s motivation to become a cook comes from. Unfortunately, she dies some time later, a grave will be set up in her likeness with flowers.

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