Hunter X Hunter: Main Characters’ Ages, Birthdays, Heights, Weights, Blood Types & More

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Both the Hunter x Hunter manga and the anime series have gained a ton of admirers over the years, and for many good reasons. The Hunter x Hunter saga is packed with action and adventure, filled with tons of entertaining events for fans to enjoy.

However, the series also features a range of interesting, unique, and powerful Hunter x Hunter characters who really tie the saga together. Below is everything you need to know about the Hunter x Hunter main characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, weights, blood types, and much more.

Hunter x Hunter CharacterAge RangeBirthday/
(Ft & Inches/ cm)
(lbs/ kg)
Gon Freecs11 – 14 years oldMay 5th5′0.7″/ 154 cm108 lbs/
49 kg
Killua Zoldyck11 – 14 years oldJuly 7th/
June 15th
5′2″/ 158 cm99.3 lbs/
45 kg
Kurapika Kurta12 – 19 years oldApril 4th5’7.5”/ 171 cm130 lbs/
59 kg
Leorio Paradinight19 – 21 years oldMarch 3rd6′4″/ 193 cm187 lbs/
85 kg
Hisoka Morow28 years oldJune 6th6′1½″/ 187 cm
6′3″+/ 190+ cm
200.2 lbs/
91 kg
Chrollo Lucilfer26 – 28 years oldAutumn,
5′10″/ 177 cm150 lbs/
68 kg
Ging Freecss31 – 34 years old19675’3″/ 160 cmUnknown
Isaac Netero110 – 120 years old18795’3″/ 160 cmUnknown
Kite24 – 25 years oldUnknownUnknownUnknown
Alluka Zoldyck11 years old19885’0”/ 152 cmUnknown
Biscuit Krueger57 – 59 years old19425’1″/ 155 cm
7’2’/ 220 cm
Machi Komacine24 – 25 years oldUnknown5’2.5″/ 159 cm105.6 lbs/
48 kg
Nobunaga Hazama28 – 30 years oldSeptember
8th, 1970
6′0″/ 183 cm165 lbs/
75 kg
Feitan Portor28 years oldUnknown5′1″/ 155 cm99 lbs/
45 kg
NeferpitouUnknownUnknown5’8″/ 175 cmUnknown

What Do We Know About the Main Hunter x Hunter Characters’ Ages?

Gon Freecs, Killua Zoldyck, and Alluka Zoldyck are noted as being 11 years old in the debut. Although, Gon Freecs and Killua Zoldyck have also been noted as being around 12 years old or above, after which they have a recorded age of between 13 and 14 years old according to the overall timeline.

Kurapika Kurta has a recorded age of 12 years old, after which he progresses to 17 years old and then 19 years old over time. Leorio Paradinight is around 19 years old when he is introduced, although he is around 21 years old within the overall timeline. Kite and Machi Komacine’s s ages are technically unknown, but many fans believe they could be around 24 or 25 years old.


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Chrollo Lucilfer is around 26 years old within the debut and ages to around 28 throughout the entire Hunter x Hunter storyline. Hisoka Morow is believed to be approximately 28 years old, according to many fans, although this has not been confirmed officially.

Feitan Portor is around 28 years old, while Nobunaga Hazama is noted as being around 28 years old within the debut, aging to 29 years old, and eventually 30 years old within the timeline. Ging Freecss is slightly older, starting at around 31 years old, and he ages to approximately 34 years over time.

hunter x hunter 3

Biscuit Krueger has a recorded age of around 57 years old within the debut, after which she ages to around 59 years old. Isaac Netero is incredibly old, at least 110 years old – however, many fans believe he could have been around 120 years or even older, as his date of birth is unknown. At the time of writing, the exact age of Neferpitou remains unknown.

Main Hunter x Hunter Characters’ Species, Nen Types, Genders & Blood Types

Kite falls within multiple species and genders, being classified as a former Human and a current Chimera Ant. Kite is identified as a male in human form but identifies as a female when in current Chimera Ant form.

Since Kite’s human form is deceased, Kite is now seen as female, but Kite’s true gender remains debatable. Neferpitou has an ambiguous gender as is, affiliating with the Chimera Ants, and fans have never been certain whether this character is male, female, or perhaps androgynous.

That being said, most of the main Hunter x Hunter characters identify as human and have clear biological genders. Below are all of the main Hunter x Hunter characters’ Nen Types, biological genders at birth, and blood types where applicable.

Hunter x Hunter CharacterNen TypeGenderBlood Type
Gon FreecsEnhancementMaleB
Killua ZoldyckTransmutationMaleA
Kurapika KurtaConjuration/ SpecializationMaleAB
Leorio ParadinightEmissionMaleO
Hisoka MorowTransmutationMaleB
Chrollo LucilferSpecializationMaleAB
Ging FreecssUnknownMaleUnknown
Isaac NeteroEnhancementMaleUnknown
KiteConjurationMale (Human)
Female (Chimera Ant)
Alluka ZoldyckSpecializationFemaleUnknown
Biscuit KruegerTransmutationFemaleUnknown
Machi KomacineTransmutationFemaleA
Nobunaga HazamaEnhancementMaleB
Feitan PortorTransmutationMaleUnknown

Main Hunter x Hunter Characters’ Nicknames, Birthdays & Zodiac Signs

The only contradiction here is Killua Zoldyck, as some fans believe his birthday could be June 15th based on the 1999 release. Still, most fans believe his birthday is on July 7th, as indicated in the Hunter x Hunter manga series back in 2011.


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Due to fans having access to some of the Hunter x Hunter characters’ birthdays, we’ve connected them with their respective Zodiac Signs. Below are all of the official birthdays and Zodiac Signs for the main Hunter x Hunter characters, alongside their nicknames where applicable.

Hunter x Hunter CharacterNicknamesBirthdayZodiac Sign
Gon FreecsUnknownMay 5thTaurus
Killua ZoldyckKil, EvansJuly 7thCancer
Kurapika KurtaChain Bastard, RatApril 4thAries
Leorio ParadinightRioleo, BoarMarch 3rdPisces
Hisoka MorowThe Magician, Grim ReaperJune 6thGemini
Chrollo LucilferBoss, Chro Red Cleaner(1973)Unknown
Ging FreecssThe Boar (formerly)(1967)Unknown
Isaac NeteroUnknown(1879)Unknown
Alluka ZoldyckUnknown(1988)Unknown
Biscuit KruegerBisky(1942)Unknown
Machi KomacineUnknownUnknownUnknown
Nobunaga HazamaUnknownSeptember 8thVirgo
Feitan PortorFeiUnknownUnknown

What Do We Know About the Main Hunter x Hunter Characters’ Heights & Weights?

The Hunter x Hunter main characters have quite straightforward height and weight stats, although there are a few characters with unknown height and weight stats as well. That being said, a couple of the Hunter x Hunter characters have fluctuating height stats in particular, presumed to involve their transformed states and true forms.

hunter x hunter 2

One example would be Hisoka Morow, who measures around 6′1½″/ 187 cm in height but can measure up to 6′3″/ 190 cm in height or even taller as well. Biscuit Krueger also has different heights between her true form and her transformed state, measuring anywhere between 5’1″/ 155 cm and 7’2’/ 220 cm in height.

What Do We Know About the Main Hunter x Hunter Characters’ Affiliations & Occupations?

All of the main characters take on various roles as the Hunter x Hunter story unfolds, forming numerous affiliations and taking on multiple occupations. The characters all come from different backgrounds and pasts, offering a range of skills that can be valuable to different parties.


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Some characters take on roles that involve teaching and training others, while others assume positions more akin to the lifestyle of thieving and spying. Either way, the combination of various talents and motives partially makes Hunter x Hunter so well-loved.

Below are the main Hunter x Hunter characters’ most recent affiliations and occupations, excluding all of their former affiliations and occupations throughout the entire saga.

Hunter x Hunter CharacterAffiliationsOccupations
Gon FreecsHunter AssociationRookie Hunter
Killua ZoldyckHunter AssociationRookie Hunter
Kurapika KurtaHunter Association, Nostrade Family, Zodiacs (Intelligence Team), Oito Hui Guo RouBlacklist Hunter, Nostrade Family Boss, Zodiac (Rat), Royal Bodyguard for Prince Woble Hui Guo Rou, Nen Teacher
Leorio ParadinightHunter Association, Zodiacs (Science Team)Rookie Hunter, Medical Student, Zodiac (Boar)
Hisoka MorowHunter Association, Heavens ArenaHunter, Floor Master
Chrollo LucilferPhantom Troupe, Heavens ArenaThief, Leader of the Phantom Troupe, Floor Master, Red Cleaner (acting role)
Ging FreecssHunter Association, Greed Island, Dark Continent Expedition TeamRuins Hunter (Double-Star), Lead G.I. Game Master, Dark Continent Expedition Team
Isaac NeteroHunter Association, Pure Paladin Squad, Shingen-ryu School/Dojo, Zodiacs, Chimera Ant Extermination TeamHunter, Hunter Association 12th Chairman, Leader of the Pure Paladin Squad, Shingen-ryu Grandmaster, Chimera Ant Extermination Team Leader
KiteAmateur HuntersLeader/Mentor of Amateur Hunters
Alluka ZoldyckNanikaUnknown
Biscuit KruegerHunter Association, Shingen-ryu School/Dojo Kurapika, Marayam Hui Guo RouStone Hunter (Double-Star), Shingen-ryu Master, Nen Teacher, Royal Bodyguard for Prince Marayam
Machi KomacinePhantom TroupeThief, Phantom Troupe Member
Nobunaga HazamaPhantom TroupeThief, Phantom Troupe Member
Feitan PortorPhantom TroupeThief, Phantom Troupe Member
NeferpitouChimera Ant Queen, Royal Guards, Chimera Ant KingChimera Ant Royal Guard

That’s everything there is to know about the main Hunter x Hunter characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, weights, blood types, and more, with images and stats thanks to the Hunter x Hunter Wiki. While there’s much more to each of these characters than their base stats and specifics, these details can help fans better understand each character’s personality, traits, and ambitions within the saga.

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