Here Is When Hunter × Hunter Gets Good!

Here Is When Hunter × Hunter Gets Good!

Hunter × Hunter is one of those anime series, like Berserk, where the hiatuses are more famous than the series itself. And while Berserk is going forward, the future of Hunter × Hunter is still very unclear, which is quite a bummer because it is one of the better shonen titles we have come across. The characters of Hunter × Hunter are also quite intriguing, and their powers and abilities are always interesting conversation topics. But is it worth it? Is Hunter × Hunter that good that you should stick around the whole deal? In this article, we are going to tell you when Hunter × Hunter gets good and which episode you should start with.

In the case of Hunter × Hunter, as with most long-running anime, viewers will have an easy task. Namely, Hunter × Hunter is, as most globally popular shonen series, good from the very beginning. It does have a lot of episodes (although not as many as some), but you don’t really have to wait for some later episode to start watching it because the very first episode is already quite good. So, if you want to start watching Hunter × Hunter, definitely start from the very beginning and simply continue (and yes, that includes both iterations of the anime).

In the following paragraphs, we will elaborate on this answer and give you some additional information on the show’s content. You’re going to find out whether Hunter × Hunter is good from the very beginning, why you should watch it from the start, and what it is about. This is going to be your ultimate newbie guide to Hunter × Hunter.

When does Hunter × Hunter get good, and which episode should you start with?

Hunter × Hunter was created by Yoshihiro Togashi as a manga, whose first anime series premiered on October 16, 1999, a year and a half after the manga’s debut. The first anime series ended on March 31, 2001, after 62 episodes, but the anime was rebooted on October 2, 2011; this series ended on September 24, 2014, after 148 episodes. And while not one of the most lucrative or longest-running anime series, Hunter × Hunter is nevertheless quite popular, with the franchise containing the main anime series, several movies, video games, and various other merchandise.

And while most Hunter × Hunter fans have been there from the start (and are still waiting for new content, despite the numerous hiatuses), there might be those that have missed the 1999 premiere and would like to jump in now but don’t know whether it’s worth it. They are confused as to when and how. That is why we are going to help you.

Hunter × Hunter is a very composite narrative unit, where details from the future are referenced in earlier episodes and then, once again, in later episodes, when Togashi’s story comes back to some details. It is also an evolving story in that we follow the protagonists as they keep growing and changing along with the time that passes. This is a standard thing for shonen anime, but it is also one of the best aspects.


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The protagonist of Hunter × Hunter, Gon Freecs, is a very interesting character. He was raised as an orphan, but when he found out his father was alive and was a famous Hunter, he started his journey to become a Hunter like him, and the best one at that. During this endeavor, he encounters various monsters, allies, villains, factions, and various other characters that make the story even better. From the first episode, you see and know everything – Gon is the titular protagonist, and his endeavors see him try to become the best Hunter in the series. Hunter × Hunter manages to successfully combine various narrative elements into one coherent and wholesome story.

Hunter × Hunter doesn’t really hide much, and from the very beginning, you know what you’re going to get. Okay, you cannot really predict when Togashi is going to take another hiatus, but the general idea of the series is something that is quite clear from the very beginning. This is why, if you can withstand the chaotic schedule, we can confirm that Hunter × Hunter is good from the very beginning and that it only gets better with each episode (and chapter). There is no one point where you can say – “oh, here is when it gets good,” – because it is good from the start.

Following up on that, we can also give you the second answer – you can start watching Hunter × Hunter from the very first episode. Hunter × Hunter is a story that grabs you from the very start, and once you’re in that quirky world, you’re not likely to get out. A story that is still active after more than 20 years, and while it does not have 1,000 episodes, the dedication of the fans and their will to stick with Hunter × Hunter despite all the hiatuses has to account for something; otherwise – the fans wouldn’t be here. Hunter × Hunter is a unique work, and we can only confirm that it is truly great and that you can watch it from the very first episode, hoping that you will have the stamina and the willpower to stick with all the hiatuses.


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What is Hunter × Hunter about?

Now that you know when you should start watching the series and why we can give you a relatively spoiler-free introduction to the series so that you know what you can expect. And don’t forget, it only gets better from here.

The world of Hunter × Hunter is a fantasy world. There are many parallels to our world regarding global events, such as wars, technology, social and organizational structures, and many more. A key difference is the existence of the Nen. This is an endogenous energy that allows talented people to express unique abilities. There are also abilities that are innate or developed automatically, i.e., are not trained voluntarily. The range of individual skills is enormous. In addition, abilities can be enhanced by an individual making a pact with their Nen.

Due to the specialization of energy, i.e., a constraint and the chosen agreement, there are countless possibilities for Nen users. Many of these people join the Hunter Association. The organization is democratic. There are specific departments, responsibilities, and also elections. The organization plays an important role globally, politically, and militarily.

Anyone who aspires to become a Hunter must first pass the entrance exam. This gives him a hunter’s license that qualifies him for various jobs and gives him special privileges. Promotions are awarded for various achievements or successful missions, which increases your own rank and prestige. The world has not yet been fully explored by humans.


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Twelve-year-old Gon Freecs, who lives with his aunt, learns from the Hunter Kaito that his father, Ging Freecs, is a Hunter and is still alive but doesn’t want to be found. So Gon also decides to become a hunter and find his father. During the exam, he meets Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua. They all have different motivations for taking part in the dangerous trial. Killua Zoldyck is the scion of a notorious family of assassins who do not want to become an assassin.

Kurapika is the last remaining member of the Kurta people and wants revenge on the so-called Phantom Troupe, whose members are also known as spiders, who are responsible for the kurta’s obliteration. Leorio wants to earn enough money by working as a hunter to study medicine and as a doctor to be able to help the poor for free.

They soon form the main group of the series and start their joint adventures.

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