Hyperion Vs. Superman: Who Would Win and Why?

Hyperion Vs. Superman: Who Wins?

Marvel and DC often have similar characters created as a counter to one another, like Namor the Submariner and Aquaman, or Catwoman and Black Cat. However, the two most powerful such characters would be Marvel’s Hyperion and DC’s Superman. So, who would win if the two ever fought, and why?

It would be a very close fight and would depend on the version of the characters, but Superman would beat Hyperion more often than not. Hyperion was made to be a slightly stronger Superman in their regular versions, so he’d win, but barely. But, in their strongest versions, Superman wins clearly.

It’s not that simple, though. Comparing Hyperion and Superman is comparing Superman to himself. They have almost the same powers, skills, and abilities. The difference can be found when diving into alternative versions of the characters. Only then can you find a winner – it would be a draw in any other case. Let’s see why.


Hyperion Vs. Superman: Who Wins?

As I mentioned, Hyperion was created to be a pastiche of DC’s Superman, meaning he virtually has the same powers as Supes. That would implicate they have about the same level of strength as well. Still, their features and accomplishments say otherwise. Marvel wanted a character that’s slightly better, stronger, and more powerful.

Hyperion once prevented two galaxies from colliding single-handedly, using nothing but his brute strength. On the other hand, Superman struggled to move a planet on his own one time – he needed help.

That would mean that Hyperion is stronger than Supes, right? Well, not quite. You see, the Hyperion who managed to achieve such a powerful strength level was the strongest version of Hyperion – the one from Earth-4023. Other versions of the character were nowhere near that strength level. 

If we’re taking the strongest version of Hyperion as a measuring stick, we have to do justice for Clark Kent and use the strongest version of Superman for comparison. That would be Superman Prime One Million, Supes who spent 15 thousand years inside the sun, harnessing colossal amounts of power and energy from solar radiation.

Yes, I know that Cosmic Armor Superman is even more powerful, but that isn’t really Clark Kent – his consciousness and mind were transferred into an omnipotent robot, so we can’t consider him THE Superman.

Superman Prime One Million could lift a planet with one hand without effort. His strength levels are considered immeasurable, and the peak of his power is unknown. That version of Supes would crush Hyperion in terms of raw strength.

Both have incredible strength features, and while Superman Prime One Million is stronger than Hyperion, it’s not a regular version of the character. I’d call them around equal in this regard, so both get a point.

Point(s): Hyperion (1:1) Superman


Hyperion Vs. Superman: Who Wins?

Hyperion is extremely fast while running. He can go so fast you can hardly see him. When flying, that speed goes even beyond, as he can easily travel faster than the speed of light. However, it’s unknown just how fast that is. 

Seeing that Hyperion is Marvel’s version of Superman, superluminal-speed traveling is something he can do easily and comfortably. He does so by manipulating ant-gravitons, allowing him to achieve incredible peak speeds.

On the other hand, Superman’s speed levels are among the fastest in DC Comics history. He raced Flash several times, and while he never won, they were even a couple of times (with Flash winning the others). I know Flash wasn’t giving it his all, but still, matching Flash in a race is a spectacular achievement.

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When flying, even regular Superman could break lightspeed. If we’re taking the strongest version of the character, it’s believed that the supercharged Supes Prime One Million can achieve speeds at least a trillion times faster than the speed of light, crushing all the laws of time and space we know.

Hyperion might be extremely fast, but it’s still unknown just how fast he can go. However, I doubt he could ever match the speed Superman can achieve at his peak.

Point: Superman (2:1) Hyperion

Durability & Healing

Hyperion Vs. Superman: Who Wins?

The first category clearly in Hyperion’s favor is durability and healing powers. Both Hyperion and Superman are virtually invulnerable to physical damage, meaning they are probably equally durable.

Hyperion wanted to rule his native planet, but the people wouldn’t go down without a fight. It resulted in an all-out nuclear bombardment in an attempt to destroy Hyperion. Instead, he came out unbruised while every other being on the planet died, leaving him as the lone survivor. He can survive in space with no aid and nearly self-sustenance.

Superman is about the same, provided that he’s around a yellow sun and weakened with kryptonite (we’ll get to the weaknesses later). It’s almost impossible to harm Supes physically with any weapon, including nuclear assaults, high-caliber projectiles, heat, laser beams, etc. The difference in Hyperion’s favor comes with the healing factor.

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Both characters heal much faster than a regular human and are invulnerable to all viruses, diseases, and other influences that normal humans would succumb to. However, when they do get hurt or damaged, Hyperion’s healing factor is much stronger than Superman’s.

In Exiles #45, Gambit manages to kill Hyperion. Still, the healing factor allowed Hyperion to gradually recover, seemingly coming back from the dead. If you manage to kill Clark Kent, that’s it – he’s gone. It’s almost impossible but manageable, and his healing factor isn’t nearly powerful enough to bring him back. That’s why Hyperion gets the point in this category.

Point: Hyperion (2:2) Superman


Hyperion Vs. Superman: Who Wins?

It’s clear that both Supes and Hyperion are extremely powerful – almost indestructible. However, “almost” indestructible means they have weaknesses that one can exploit.

Hyperion showed he has a weakness to argonite. In Thunderbolts #151-153, a large amount of argonite radiation affected his strength severely and made him much more vulnerable to physical attacks. It’s unclear if an even higher amount would kill him or make him “killable” with physical damage, but the fact remains that argonite radiation is his only known weakness.

That’s a counter to Superman’s weakness to kryptonite. It’s a very rare element that makes Superman extremely weak. It’s very hard (almost impossible) to find, but if you can get your hands on some kryptonite, you can not only defeat Superman but kill him for good.

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And, that isn’t Superman’s only weakness. Clark Kent’s powers come from absorbing solar radiation from a yellow sun. If he’s not around a yellow sun and its radiation, that absorbed energy depletes with time, meaning he’d lose his powers completely if away for long enough. 

Also, Superman showed weakness to magic numerous times. When magic is used against him, it can damage him, gradually piercing his defenses and weakening him.

That’s three weaknesses for Superman compared to one weakness from Hyperion. The Marvel character takes this category.

Point: Hyperion (3:2) Superman

Ocular Powers

Hyperion Vs. Superman: Who Wins?

Finally, let’s say that their strength, speed, and durability levels are about the same. What are the remaining powers they can use against each other? Well, both Hyperion and Superman have ocular powers.

Hyperion has something called Atomic Vision. He can control and manipulate cosmic energy and focus it into physical attacks, most notably, the Atomic Vision. It allows Hyperion to shoot laser beams out of his eyes that exceed 12000 degrees Fahrenheit – possibly even more. He can easily pierce steel with this power. It’s equivalent to Superman’s laser/heat vision.

However, that’s about as far as Hyperion’s ocular powers go. On the other hand, Superman has X-ray, infrared, thermal, microscopic, and electromagnetic-spectrum vision. To add to it, he has breath powers, too, like hurricane breath or freeze-breath.

While Hyperion is the same (or above) as Superman in most of his powers, Supes has way more cool ocular and breath powers, granting him a clear advantage in this category.

Point: Superman (3:3) Hyperion

Hyperion Vs. Superman: Who Wins?

The result of our analysis tells you just how evenly-matched these characters are. Well, that’s because one was made as a pastiche to the other – they have virtually the same powers – same strength, speed, durability, and skills. Their fight would end with a draw most of the time, but I’d give Superman a slight advantage when it’s all said and done.

You need to understand that Hyperion is equal (or slightly more powerful) to regular Clark Kent when Hyperion is at his strongest self. That would be Mark Milton’s Hyperion from Earth-4023. Every other version of the character is much weaker. Some of them even lost comfortably to Blue Marvel – a character that Superman would probably crush comfortably.

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If you take the strongest Hyperion and regular Superman, they are quite evenly matched, with Hyperion having a slight advantage due to Supes having more weaknesses.

However, if you make it a fair game and take the strongest version of Clark Kent – which would be Superman Prime One Million – he would destroy Hyperion in a heartbeat.

Overall, they are virtually the same character from a different comic universe, so they would draw most of the time. Superman has a slight advantage if you consider his peak power levels.

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