Infinite Craft: Here’s How To Make Ash, Soil, Earthquakes, Cinder

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Infinite Craft allows you to craft almost anything from natural phenomena such as clay & wind, to man-made things such as technology and stadiums. There is also a plethora of pop-culture references to be found within the game such as One Piece characters, and SpongeBob Characters, some of which require quite a lot of steps to create. Today, we’re going to focus on something more grounded and simple – Ash. Ash is a prerequisite in creating several fun things so let’s see how to craft it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To make Ash in Infinite Craft you need to combine tree and fire.
  • To make Soil you need to combine Earth and ash.
  • To make an Earthquake you need to combine destruction and tsunami.
  • To make cinder you need to combine ash and dust.

Making Ash in Infinite Craft

Since ash is a basic element in crafting a lot of things the recipe for making it in-game is rather simple, to create ash you need to combine volcano and dust, and even if you’re starting from scratch the recipe involves only a few things:

  1. Plant + Plant = Tree
  2. Tree + Fire = Ash

Alternatively, you can create ash by combining volcano and dust, the process is longer but allows you to uncover more things along the way:

  1. Fire + Fire = Volcano
  2. Earth + Wind = Dust
  3. Dust + Volcano = Ash
how to make ash in infinite craft

How to make Soil in Infinite Craft?

Another important element for crafting other things is soil, you can create it relatively easily by combining ash and earth:

creating soil in infinite craft


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How to make an Earthquake in Infinite Craft?

Earthquake is not connected to ash but it’s generally connected to volcanic activity, it’s created by combining Destruction and Tsunami:

  1. Earth + Wind = Dust
  2. Fire + Water = Steam
  3. Earth + Water = Plant
  4. Dust + Earth = Planet
  5. Plant + Steam = Tea
  6. Planet + Wind = Storm
  7. Storm + Tea = Tempest
  8. Tempest + Water = Tsunami
  9. Tempest + Wind = Tornado
  10. Tornado + Tsunami = Destruction
  11. Destruction + Tsunami = Earthquake
how to make earthquake in infinite craft

How to make Cinder in Infinite Craft?

To make cinder, you’re going to have to mix ash with dust:

how to make cinder in infinite craft

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