‘Invincible’: Does Omni-Man Have Laser Eyes & Freeze Breath Like Superman?

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There are a lot of different comic book characters based on some of the most popular heroes from the world of DC and Marvel, and Omni-Man is one of them. Coming from the world of Image Comics’ ‘Invincible,’ Omni-Man is this universe’s own version of the superpowered physical being who can lift incredibly heavy objects and fly at supersonic speeds. In many ways, he is just like Superman. But does Omni-Man also have laser eyes and freeze breath?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Omni-Man has all of Superman’s physical abilities because he was always a Superman expy.
  • However, Viltrumites like Omni-Man are different from Superman and the other Kryptonians in the sense that he doesn’t have heat vision and freeze breath.

Omni-Man has always been a Superman expy

Superman is one of the oldest comic book heroes ever written on the pages of comic books, as he has been around for nearly a hundred years already. In that regard, a lot of the different superheroes that we see in DC, Marvel, and other comic book companies were either modeled after Superman or have powers and abilities that are incredibly similar to him. And we’ve seen our fair share of different Superman expys.

An expy is basically a character who was exported from another comic book universe but was given a new identity and backstory. Nevertheless, almost everything about that exported character’s powers is the same as the original one. Superman is one of the most exported superheroes of all time, and he can be seen in Image Comics’ Omni-Man, who is one of the primary characters of ‘Invincible.’

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The moment that Omni-Man was introduced to readers of the ‘Invincible’ comic book or audiences of the ‘Invincible’ TV series, there was no doubt that he was a Superman expy because a lot of the things about Nolan Grayson (Omni-Man’s human name) makes him very similar to Clark Kent.

Omni-Man has all of the standard Superman powers in the sense that he has superhuman strength, durability, and speed exponentially greater than a regular human being’s physical capability. He can even fly at speeds similar to what Superman can achieve. Their physical feats are also very similar as they can easily destroy buildings and mountains and take on entire civilizations with ease.

But Omni-Man also has a similar backstory to Superman because he isn’t human. Instead, he is a Viltrumite from a planet called Viltrum. And like the Kryptonians of DC, the Viltrumites were stronger and more technologically advanced than humans.


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In that regard, Omni-Man was always ‘Invincible’s’ own version of Superman as a lot of the things about him are similar to the Man of Steel. But we know that Omni-Man was actually a villain sent to weaken Earth’s defenses, as compared to Superman, who was always a true hero in every sense of the word. So, while Omni-Man may be a Superman expy, he is more of a parody expy due to how twisted of a person he is.

Viltrumites are different from Kryptonians

As mentioned, one of the things that we know about Omni-Man is that he was a Viltrumite sent to Earth. He was originally from a planet called Viltrum. As such, he is similar to Superman, who was sent to Earth as an infant after the destruction of his homeworld, Krypton. But there are a lot of differences between the Viltrumites and the Kryptonians.

The first difference that would pop out is the fact that the only power (outside of their physical abilities) that the Viltrumites have is the ability to fly. Viltrumites were born to be so much stronger and more durable than regular humans. Still, their superhuman strength, durability, and speed are physical aspects that they were born with and aren’t necessarily powers. Their ability to fly is the only true power that they have.

On the other hand, Kryptonians also have powers outside of their enhanced physical abilities and flight. They can shoot heat vision out of their eyes and can freeze things using their breath. Kryptonians also have heightened senses that allow them to see through objects and hear things that are incredibly far away. This means that Kryptonians have additional powers and abilities that Viltrumites have.


That means that Omni-Man doesn’t have heat vision and freeze breath, as Viltrumites were never born with those powers. It is also unknown whether or not they can develop those powers, as no other Viltrumite has ever displayed such abilities.

A major advantage that Viltrumites have over Kryptonians, however, is their ability to live thousands of years. Omni-Man is a couple of thousand years old, whereas Kryptonians aren’t known to reach that age. But we do know that Kryptonians can possibly reach more than a thousand years old.

Of course, it is also worth noting that Viltrumites are often born with their special powers and abilities. Things may be different for those who were born as hybrids, as Invincible needed to wait until his teenage years to awaken his Viltrumite powers and abilities. Meanwhile, Kryptonians are usually the same as regular human beings whenever they aren’t exposed to yellow sun rays.


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Another thing that makes Viltrumites different from Kryptonians is the fact that Viltrumites were born and raised to be warlords and conquerors. Viltrumites conquer different planets all over the universe, and that is why they send an infiltrator to a planet that they want to weaken. The purpose of the infiltrator was to make sure that the defenses of the planet were weak enough for a quick and efficient takeover on the part of the Viltrumite Empire, and that was what Omni-Man’s sole purpose was.

On the other hand, the Kryptonians were more or less peaceful people who didn’t want to conquer the entire universe. Some Kryptonians may be more militant than others, but they aren’t the same as the Viltrumites, who were born and raised to be conquerors.

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