‘Invincible’: What Does Omni-Man Want From Mark & Why Did He Send Nuolzot To Bring Him to Thraxa?

nolan and mark

The first season of ‘Invincible’ allowed us to see one of the most brutal fights between a father and a son as Omni-Man fought Invincible to try to convince him to join the cause of the Viltrum Empire. Nevertheless, Mark resisted as Omni-Man was overcome by his fatherly love, deciding to spare Mark and leave the planet. But episode 3 of season 2 allowed us to see Nuolzot, a Thraxan, tricking Invincible into coming to Thraxa, only for Mark to realize that his father was there. So, what does Omni-Man want from Mark, and why did he bring him to Thraxa?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Omni-Man sent Nuolzot to Earth to get Mark so that he could have a reunion with his son and explain what has been going on in his life since leaving Earth.
  • Nolan knows that the Viltrumites are going to come after him and his new son.
  • As such, Omni-Man called Mark to Thraxa to help defend the planet against the upcoming Viltrumite invasion.

Nolan is the ruler of Thraxa

Back in season 1 of ‘Invincible,’ we learned that Nolan Grayson, known as the superhero named Omni-Man, was actually an evil and brutal man as he was the one who was responsible for killing all of the members of the Guardians of the Globe. The entire season explored the mystery behind what happened to the Guardians as Omni-Man tried his best to hide this fact from his son, Mark, and from Cecil, the head of the Global Defense Agency.

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Nevertheless, the truth came out at the end of season 1, as Nolan actually wanted to convince Mark to join his side so that they could conquer the Earth together. Omni-Man reveals to Invincible the truth behind their people, the Viltrumites, as these people were actually warlords who go from one planet to another to conquer entire worlds and force them to assimilate with the Viltrum Empire. Omni-Man’s mission was to go to Earth and weaken the defenses of the planet by killing its heroes and having a son who would help him take over the planet.


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However, Mark rejected the offer to join his father as Omni-Man brutalized Invincible in their fight. This made it clear that Nolan prioritized his mission above everything else. But when he asked Mark what he would have left after the deaths of all of the people on Earth, Invincible told his father that he would still have him as Mark passed out in a bloody mess.

omni man and mark

Nolan, touched by his son’s words, spared Mark and decided to leave the planet, basically abandoning his mission as a Viltrumite. No one knew where he went and what he did after that. But season 2 allowed us to see Nuolzot, a Thraxan, asking Mark to come with him to the planet called Thraxa to prevent a threat that was going to kill all of the people in that world.

Mark realized that he had to help 42 billion people from certain death, so he decided to go with Nuolzot in an effort to try to become the true hero that he always wanted to be. But it turned out that Nuolzot lied to Mark as there was no meteor shower set to destroy Thraxa. Instead, he surprised Mark by introducing him to the planet’s leader, Nolan Grayson himself.


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The truth was that Omni-Man went to Thraxa after leaving Earth a few months ago. But the Thraxans only had a lifespan of around nine months, and the oldest person on the planet was supposed to be their leader. The fact that Nolan was already thousands of years old made him worthy of the leadership role of Thraxa, effectively turning him into the ruler of the planet.

Omni-Man’s goals for Mark

Of course, while we do know that Omni-Man is now the leader of Thraxa, some people may be wondering why he would actually ask Nuolzot to go to Earth to convince Mark to come with him and return to Thraxa. Well, this is because Omni-Man is now a changed man.

mark and nuolzot

In the comics, Nolan reveals to Mark that his time on Earth actually softened him up and that his son’s words convinced him to change into a better person. He now values the lives of people who aren’t Viltrumites, and that means that he has learned the meaning of caring for other people.

On Thraxa, Nolan took in a new partner and eventually had a Viltrumite hybrid son with her. This is where it gets interesting because the existence of Nolan’s new son is the very reason why he called Mark to Thraxa.

Omni-Man knew that the Viltrumites would kill his new son because he had purple skin, which was a genetic impurity for the Viltrumites. Nolan didn’t want the Viltrumites to kill his son. On top of that, he had learned the value and importance of other people’s lives. He knew that his betrayal and his son’s existence would anger the Viltrumites.


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Knowing that his new son and the people of Thraxa were in danger, Nolan had no choice but to seek the help of his son because he knew that Mark was never going to allow innocent people to die. Of course, it took a while for Invincible to accept and believe his father because of what Nolan did on Earth. But he eventually realized that Omni-Man was now willing to redeem himself for what he did.

As such, Mark’s new mission was to help his father protect the people of Thraxa against the upcoming Viltrumite invasion. This allowed him to see that his father was now a changed man who was willing to legitimately help other people with no ulterior motive whatsoever. Omni-Man, on his part, understood that Invincible was the true hero that he could never be, and that was why he wanted Mark to be there on Thraxa to help him against the Viltrumites.

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