‘Invincible’: What Happened to Thaedus? How Did He Die?

thaedus death

Episode 3 of season 2 of ‘Invincible’ introduced one of the most important characters in the narrative of this superhero. We are talking about Thaedus, who was introduced as the leader of the Coalition of Planets. Of course, there are a lot of things that are yet to be revealed about this character, but we do know that fans are interested in what the future has in store for him. So, what happened to Thaedus in the comics, and how did he die?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Thaedus and a select group of powerful warriors, including Invincible and Omni-Man, attacked Viltrum during the middle portion of the war with the Viltrumites.
  • In an effort to stop the war, Thaedus worked together with Invincible and Omni-Man to destroy the planets of the Viltrumite.
  • Thragg, instead of surrendering, killed Thaedus as a result of his rage.

Thaedus was a Viltrumite traitor

The early part of episode 3 of season 2 of ‘Invincible’ involves Allen the Alien as he relays to the Coalition of Planets the information he got regarding Mark and Omni-Man. Of course, the leader of the Coalition is Thaedus, who was the very same person who invited the Unopans, Allen’s people, to the Coalition of Planets years ago.


Allen tells the Coalition that he found a friendly Viltrumite who fought his father, Omni-Man. However, Omni-Man fled Earth and abandoned his post even though his mission involved taking over the planet. While the other members of the Coalition were not too keen about trusting Allen’s information, Thaedus was very much intrigued because he knew that the Viltrumites were not known to fight one another and would never abandon their post.

The reason why Thaedus knows of this is the fact that he is a Viltrumite. He hid this information from all of the members of the Coalition because he knew that it would be very difficult for any of them to trust a Viltrumite after the things that the Viltrum Empire did to the different people of the universe. 

But Thaedus reveals this information to Allen in the comics after Allen wakes up and recovers from months in a stasis pod due to the injuries he suffered from the attack of the Viltrumite scouts. Thaedus had to tell Allen this information to prove that he knew about the strength level of an average Viltrumite and to gain Allen’s trust in relation to the mission that he gave him.

Thaedus and the Coalition of Planets destroyed Viltrum

After Thaedus revealed to Allen that he was a Viltrumite, he steadily revealed to all of the other important characters and the members of the Coalition of Planets that he was from Viltrum. In fact, he was the first Viltrumite to ever betray the Empire. This was the reason why he was shocked and surprised that someone else (Omni-Man) had betrayed the Viltrumite Empire.

Thaedus betrayed and killed Argall, the Viltrumite Emperor, years ago. Argall’s death pushed Thragg into the leadership position as the regent of the Viltrumite Empire. It is also worth noting that Nolan was a descendant of Argall.


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Thaedus eventually earned the trust of Nolan and Mark as they started working together to gain more allies in their quest to defeat the Viltrumites. They prepared for the upcoming war together even though there was still a traitor within the Coalition of Planets. Through their joint efforts, Thaedus and his allies acquired the services of Battle Beast and Space Racer, among others.

After the Viltrumites struck the Coalition of Planets’ homeworld of Talescria, Thaedus formed an elite group of fighters composed of some of the strongest allies that the Coalition of Planets had. This included Omni-Man, Invincible, Space Racer, and Allen the Alien. The purpose was to strike Viltrum so that they could retaliate and find a way to prevent an all-out war from happening.

viltrum destruction

With the help of Space Racer, Omni-Man, and Invincible, Thaedus successfully destroyed the entire planet of Viltrum. The purpose of doing so was to convince the Viltrumites to surrender, as they no longer had a planet to fight for.

Thragg killed Thaedus

As mentioned, Thaedus worked with the father-and-son Viltrumite duo of Omni-Man and Invincible to destroy Viltrum and force the Viltrumites to surrender. However, that didn’t happen because Thragg, the Viltrumite Empire’s regent, was unwilling to surrender to the Coalition of Planets.


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When Thaedus asked Thragg to surrender, the opposite happened. Thragg was the strongest Viltrumite in history, as there is no other Viltrumite who is close to his strength level and fighting abilities. Angered by the fact that he had just witnessed the destruction of his planet, Thragg charged at Thaedus and murdered him in the blink of an eye by ripping his head off of his body.

As such, Thaedus died in an instant after he succeeded in the destruction of Viltrum. Thaedus’ death allowed Thragg to avenge his planet and his emperor. Meanwhile, the leadership of the Coalition of Planets eventually fell to Allen. Of course, Thaedus’ death didn’t end the war with the Viltrumites as Omni-Man and Invincible continued to fight Thragg and the other Viltrumites throughout the storyline of ‘Invincible.’

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