Is Demon Slayer on Netflix, Prime, HBO, Disney Plus, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Hulu? Where to Watch Demon Slayer Online?

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With all the worthwhile hype of the released Demon Slayer anime, Kimetsu No Yaiba, many people, both anime fans and non-fans, have come to the light of this intriguing masterpiece. Therefore, it is no surprise a few of the big names in the streaming Industry show interest in adopting this beautiful work of art. With that, let’s find out on which streaming services can you watch Demon Slayer online.

Streaming platforms have eased a lot of stress concerning places to watch Demon Slayer. However, some are legal and others illegal, so where to watch Demon Slayer? Fortunately, I will be accessing a few platforms where you can feast your eyes on this captivating and mind-blowing series Kimetsu No Yaiba.

Is Demon Slayer on Netflix?

Is Demon Slayer on Netflix, Prime, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Hulu? Where to Watch Demon Slayer Online?

Netflix has dubbed and subbed English versions of Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer). For fanatic anime fans like myself, enjoying Demon Slayer on Netflix might be an issue, but it is a convenient platform to watch and enjoy the show without any iota of doubt. 

To every front is a back, and one of the downsides of watching Demon Slayer on Netflix is that you have to make a subscription to one of its different packages, which come in basic, standard, and premium. However, you can go ahead and enjoy your series like it’s no man’s business after fulfilling the mutual agreement of subscription to the platform. Also, note that Netflix does not incur any unnecessary charges for the month you have subscribed.

Netflix understands how fast the Demon Slayer series have climbed the top charts in the US billboard, even surpassing Mortal Kombat. And so, they have invested capital into this series and housing it. In addition, having been involved in anime dealings lately, taking a little shift further into the anime territory. 

Netflix is well informed about the profits it could be getting by adopting Kimetsu No Yaiba, and this has made Netflix one of the leading competitors in the business. Netflix charges an amount of 8.99 to 15.99 US dollars for a month as a subscription fee.

Is Demon Slayer on Amazon Prime?

The popular anime series Demon Slayer is also available on Amazon Video. However, take to heart that the series is rather available for purchase then download. You can buy Demon Slayer on Amazon and others alike, from Google Play Movies, Vudu, and even Apple iTunes.

Is Demon Slayer on HBO Max?

HBO Max is a new American service with the feature video on demand. However, it only became a platform at its launching on the 27th of May 2020.

HBO Max is not directly independent on fixing their anime collection (it’s more like a third-party content provider) because there seems to be a synchronization between them and Crunchyroll. While Crunchyroll has an up-to-date anime listing, HBO Max picks the more enticing and sophisticated anime from the collection.

From all obvious indications, HBO Max is for broadcasting newly released anime going on air. This means that Demon Slayer is likely not on HBO Max. However, you might want to maintain your relationship with the other anime streaming platforms.

Is Demon Slayer on Disney Plus?

Is Demon Slayer on Netflix, Prime, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Hulu? Where to Watch Demon Slayer Online?

The depths of contents available on Disney Plus cannot be overemphasized. While Disney Plus has various movies and shows, even the newest shows reach their cinemas before most streaming platforms. But can you watch Demon Slayer on Disney Plus?

Watching or streaming movies and shows on Disney Plus also requires a subscription to one of its three bundles which combine access to Hulu, which has the Demon Slayer show. So technically, you can watch Demon Slayer On Disney Plus.

Is Demon Slayer on Hulu?

Remember I mentioned Netflix not being the best platform for watching anime as die-hards? Well, you guessed right, Hulu isn’t one either, but notwithstanding, this platform does not leave you short of what you anticipated.

Hulu tries to make every minute you spend watching every single episode of Demon Slayer count as it provides dubs in English and Japanese for your viewing pleasure.

Like Netflix, to maximize your viewing satisfaction, a subscription to one of its three provided plans is therefore required. Perks of Hulu? It might be of interest to you that Hulu grants its subscribers a one-month free trial, which implies no dues or charges whatsoever for 30 days. The price goes from 5.99 to 54.99 US dollars per month and does not restrict you from canceling your subscription when you feel like it.

Is Demon Slayer on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is, by all indications, a hype-worthy anime space. But unlike Funimation and Hulu, Crunchyroll only provides English subs for its users. If you decide to give Crunchyroll a trial for Demon Slayer, bear in mind that you only get an English sub.

One of its similar features to Funimation is that you can also enjoy free anime on Crunchyroll. But of course, the annoying ads are cutting through as you try to watch and enjoy the Demon Slayer series. Can you tolerate the ads, or will you choose to subscribe to a monthly fee of 7.99 to 14-99 US dollars?

Is Demon Slayer on Funimation?

Funimation has gone into the record books as having one of the best platforms among anime nerds because of its many convenient features. Funimation has not only an updated but also a wide range of anime collections, which means that it also houses the Demon Slayer series.

Watching Demon Slayer on Funimation allows you the privilege of choosing to watch in both English and Japanese dubs. Therefore, without any form of subjectivity, Funimation is one of the best platforms to enjoy Demon Slayer to climax.

One of the many features of Funimation is that it is home to a lot of captivating anime feature-length films. In addition, you can watch anime series available on Funimation for free (how great is that?). The bad news is, this does come with a price. Every good thing comes with an almost impossible price which is the never-ending ads. Do you like ads? Nobody likes ads, especially those relentless annoying ads on Funimation.

But hey, nobody said you could not bypass this, right? So here’s the good news (or almost good news), for a really small and fair price, you can enjoy Demon Slayer, free of ads, and it wouldn’t cost you more than 5.99 to 7.99 US dollars for a month.

Where to Watch Demon Slayer for Free? 

Is Demon Slayer on Netflix, Prime, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Hulu? Where to Watch Demon Slayer Online?

With tons and millions of people across the globe coming to the light of the Demon Slayer series, it has walked its way up to the most-streamed platform in the past few months. So naturally, as more people become aware of this masterpiece, they want to know where to feed their eyes to some good content. But of course, what is done legally is more enjoyable, and you will appreciate it even more.

Finding the right sites as an individual who has been oblivious to the anime world can be a little tiring, but not to worry, I’ll be your eyes and hands to anime streaming platforms where you can legally watch Demon Slayer. I will be giving a listing in no sequential order. While you choose which platform to identify yourself with, please note that there is a price to pay before you can use most of them. And without further Ado, let’s get into them, shall we?


You can watch the Demon Slayer series on Hulu. This platform gives a briefing on each episode to keep you pumped and excited about watching the show. In addition, Hulu makes provisions for a subbed and dubbed versions of Demon Slayer in English and Japanese for a fee of 5.99-54.99 USD per month, alongside a 30 day free trial with no commitments whatsoever so that you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Anime Lab

After Funimation, I’d recommend Anime Lab for both otakus and beginners. Anime Lab meets the requirements for a standard streaming platform with chunks of anime also subbed and dubbed in English versions.

If you are ads resistant, then you can go ahead and enjoy Demon Slayer on AnimeLab for free. The creators of Anime Lab are putting efforts to bring the platforms to other continents as this platform is, at the moment, only accessible to Australian and New Zealand residents. Also, bypassing this platform’s many limitations and restrictions means getting a premium membership for 7 USD per month.


One of the many things I look for in any anime is picture quality. Demon Slayer has proven to be a praise-worthy anime with its high picture standard and action scenes that are nothing short of perfection.

Blu-Ray allows you to behold beauty at its best with a one-time purchase. Blu-Ray gives and maintains the exceptional quality of Demon Slayer. Where to get Blu-ray? You can purchase the disk on Amazon.


Is Demon Slayer on Netflix, Prime, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Hulu? Where to Watch Demon Slayer Online?

For me, Funimation is second to none when I want to watch anime online. I earlier mentioned the perk of Funimation above the others. In addition to those, Funimation, like Hulu, allows you to glance at each episode’s stories on Demon Slayer. So if you have doubts as to whether Demon Slayer is worth the hype, you can clear all that before going ahead to watch the series, which I bet you would.

You can watch Demon Slayer on Funimation for free with a lot of trespassing ads or opt for a better viewing experience by going for the ads-free package for the sum of 5.99- 7.99 USD as a monthly subscription. Then, the ball is in your court.


Crunchyroll prides its subscribers with English subbed versions of the Demon Slayer anime like the previously mentioned platforms. You can watch for free or subscribe to one of its bundles for unlimited pleasure for a month. 


Of course, I cannot be talking about legal platforms to watch Demon Slayer and not mention Netflix. Netflix has gone a long way to making a name for itself. With a subscription to the platform, you can begin your journey of personal entertainment for a month. No hidden charges pilling up and no forced relationship.

While you might be having a hard time accessing Demon Slayer on one platform, there are other options to explore. There’s no limit to the things you can discover on other platforms. You can choose to try out new platforms every day. If you have watched the series before, you can decide to rewatch it on another platform. This only helps you compare quality and service and enhances your viewing pleasure. 

The captivating storyline of the Demon Slayer series and all the hype going on had navigated your search about what to do to be a part of this beauty. Nobody wants to be left out, and I’m sure you can make your way from this point with all the guidance from the beginning of this article to this point. Now relax, don’t hold back. Grab some refreshments and enjoy yourself. You’re in for a mind-blowing ride.

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