Is Hawks a Traitor in My Hero Academia?

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My Hero Academia has been one of the most popular anime and manga in the industry and has introduced many incredible characters and their subplots over the years. One of its most adored heroes is actually the Top 2 hero Hawks, who became immensely important to the story the moment he was introduced. But some fans began wondering at some point if Hawks is a traitor in My Hero Academia.

Hawks is not a traitor in My Hero Academia. Despite how it seems when we first see him in action and when he engages in conversation with the villain Dabi, he is not betraying the heroes. Hawks is actually a double agent working with the government to learn the whereabouts and plans of the League of Villains, which would later become the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Even though fan-favorite hero Hawks is not a traitor in My Hero Academia, the anime audience, and manga readers might be interested in recalling how this situation came to be. Let’s talk about why it seemed like he was and what he actually did for the League of Villains.

What Did Hawks Do for the Villains in My Hero Academia?

Top 2 hero Hawks first contacted the League of Villains through Dabi, a ferocious villain with blue flame powers and purple scars. He was Hawks’ connection to the League of Villains. He was very suspicious of Hawks’ actions, making him do several things to get his full trust and eventually meet the other villains.

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One of the things Dabi had Hawks do was cooperate in a test to see how strong one of the League of Villain’s experiments was, the High-End Nomu. A High-End Nomu is a mutated human with various quirks and a powerful intelligent body. Hawks fought the first High-End Nomu created together with the number one hero Endeavor in the middle of the city, a fight that almost led to Endeavor’s death.

This fight should not have occurred in the city, the plan was to make the fight happen far from the civilization, somewhere no one would get hurt, but Dabi did not seem to care much. However, Hawks did do what he promised and was a step closer to getting into the villain’s team.

The last thing Dabi requested Hawks to do as a show of loyalty to the villains was to kill the number three hero Best Jeanist, which Hawks accepted and delivered to Dabi what is supposed to be Best Jeanist’s disfigured body. Did Hawks actually go that far and hurt the hero society? Is Hawks a traitor in My Hero Academia?


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Did Hawks Actually Kill Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia?

Per Dabi’s request, Hawks supposedly delivered to him the number three hero Best Jeanist’s dead body. Hawks went to Best Jeanist’s home to have a talk with him and left with a bag with his body inside. But did Hawks actually kill Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia?

Best Jeanist using his Quirk

Hawks did not actually kill Best Jeanist. He contacted him and revealed his plans to infiltrate the League of Villains, and since they were friends and heroes, Best Jeanist agreed to help him. Best Jeanist ended up going through a bizarre medical procedure where he ended up in a death-like state, unable to move and unconscious. This allowed them to fake Best Jeanist’s death for a long time and when it was possible, Hawks got Best Jeanist’s body back and returned him back to normal.

With this, Hawks finally gets the chance to join the Paranormal Liberation Front, together with many other villains, civilians, and heroes.

What Are Hawks’ Plans in My Hero Academia?

If hero number two Hawks is not a traitor in My Hero Academia, then what does he intend by working with the villains, and what are Hawks’ plans?

Dark Hawks in Shadow My Hero Aca

Hawks is working alongside the Hero Public Safety Commission, which submitted to him the mission to become a double agent and infiltrate the League of Villains, a mission he was obligated to be a part of. This was a plan to get to know the whereabouts of the League of Villains and what were their objectives.


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This mission ended up becoming a much larger operation as the League of Villains became the Paranormal Liberation Army and started planning war against all heroes. This led to Hawks trying to get even deeper into the villains’ organization to find out what were their plans and where was their boss Tomura Shigaraki. He even ended up befriending the villain Twice, with the objective to learn the information he was looking for. Later on, the situation led to an all-out war between villains and heroes, and Hawks even killed Twice.

Throughout this whole mission, Hawks is not happy with the things he does, he even thought Twice was a good person and deserved better, but circumstances led their relationship to Twice’s murder. From the beginning, Hawks agreed to corrupt himself during this mission for the sake of heroes and society, he always wished for a world where heroes would have more free time and that is his goal with all this. Hawks even came close to death while doing so.

While Hawks has gone through all this to achieve a better world, his plans did not go well and we’ve yet to see in the anime and in the manga if the heroes will or will not be able to restore peace and defeat all villains.

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