Is Twice Really Dead in My Hero Academia? (& What Happened to Him)

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My Hero Academia fans suffered a great loss recently after the release of one of the earlier episodes of Season 6, “One’s Justice”. The extremely loveable Twice did not have much luck (or did actually have as he said himself) and ended up facing death in a battle against the number two hero Hawks. But what led this to happen and is Twice really dead in My Hero Academia?


Twice did in fact die in the current season of My Hero Academia. He was killed by Hawks as he fought Twice and his partner Dabi during the raid led by the heroes to defeat the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Even though Twice died at the hands of a hero, he didn’t always act like a villain. Up until his last moments, Jin Bubaigawara was true to his feelings and managed to express them to those dear to him. Let’s dive deeper and take a look at how exactly all this happened.

Hawks’ Plan

Since before the Endeavor Agency Arc, Hawks was in touch with the mysterious Dabi, who was part of the former League of Villains at the time. All this to enter their inner circle to find a way to interfere with whatever plans they have. He eventually manages to infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front. There, as he is still being observed by Dabi and Skeptic, another commander, Hawks purposely develops an interesting relationship with Twice.

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Hawks planned this because he believes Twice’s quirk Double was an extreme danger to the heroes since it could cause great damage on a large scale due to his multiple or even infinite bodies. But by having this approach, Hawks ended up growing really close to Twice, with each of them respecting and somewhat caring for the other. Hawks even believed Twice was a kind person and genuinely a good guy since his motives were so pure. Twice was inspired by Hawks, developed a big trust in him, and hoped they could fly as high as they wanted together.

Then, Hawks would eventually use this relationship to find out information about the front’s plans. Fooled by him, Twice ends up revealing the location where Shigaraki is asleep, which leads to the heroes also raiding the hospital where Shigaraki and the doctor are located.

The truth is Hawks never enjoyed taking advantage of Twice after their friendship blossomed, but had to do it for the greater good. Twice showed great admiration for him as he tutored him about the Meta Liberation War book, gave him advice about the ideology of the liberation, and gave him tips on how to interact with the other members of the front. By truly believing in their relationship and that Hawks was a good guy to him, he would come to be truly hurt shortly after.


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Twice’s Breakdown

As soon as the raid led by the heroes begins to infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front’s base, Hawks quickly turns to Twice to imprison him, making him incapacitated to participate in the big battle. Realizing that everything that happened between him and Hawks was a play, Twice gets deeply hurt. This is also viewed by him as another occasion he led his friends to trouble since back in Season 4, he introduced the villain Overhaul to the League of Villains, who ended up killing one of their members and hurting Mr. Compress.

So by blaming himself for both these occasions Twice is filled with rage and sadness and ends up attacking Hawks, who despite being the one to confront the other first, was desperately trying to make Twice take it easy and atone for his crimes. Hawks was indeed trying his best to help Twice, offering to get him back on his feet if he surrendered, calling him a good guy and not wanting to fight. But Twice didn’t care much.

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Twice refuses every opportunity Hawks tries to give him and tries to attack him with many of his doubles, although they are easily destroyed. Hawks even cuts deep into Twice’s chest and immobilizes him after saying he needs to defeat him as quickly as possible since a hero’s worst fear is having to deal with someone who never gives up. Even so, Twice doesn’t give up, stating he will try his best to protect the League’s happiness. As Hawks is ready to eliminate Twice, he is suddenly interrupted.

The Final Fight

As the duel between Twice and Hawks seem to be reaching its climax, the purple-scarred Dabi shows up to rescue Twice as he steps on Hawks and uses his blue flame quirk to set Hawks on fire. This fire ends up burning most of Hawks’ feathers, leaving him unable to fight at his full power. Dabi reveals he never trusted Hawks and was expecting his betrail since the beginning.


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Hawks, stating he is incapable of flying because of his burnt feather, is again fearlessly attacked by Dabi, while Twice tries to run for it. Dabi encourages Twice saying they need to destroy all heroes and allowing him to go all out on them. After giving each other a high five, Twice flees in the hope of helping his friends, but Hawks, who was actually able to fly and dodged Dabi’s flames, ends up appearing in front of him.


Twice desperately yells at Hawks to go away way and Dabi comes out to call Hawks by his actual name: Keigo Takami. This takes Hawks by surprise and ends up being vulnerable long enough for Twice to run away as Hawks is left wondering how Dabi knew who he actually was. But Hawks doesn’t let Dabi distract him for long, as he prepares to deal the final blow to Twice while he/he is running away.

Twice’s Final Moments

As Twice is fleeing and being targeted by Hawks, he makes a double and sends him toward his best friend Himiko Toga, and his partner Mr. Compress, who are being attacked by a hero. Upon reaching them, Twice’s double kills the hero with many blows to the back of the neck with a knife and saves both of them. As Himiko and Mr. Compress start running toward the base’s bunker, Twice explains he can’t make doubles anymore, and that he is trying really hard to hold himself together because of what has happened with his original body.

Twice reveals that Hawks betrayed them and feels extremely sorry about it. He then goes over to Himiko and uses the handkerchief she gave him during the Overhaul Arc and tries to clean her dirty and hurt face. He apologizes one final time as his clone starts to melt away in Himiko’s arms, meaning his original body has finally given up. Himiko hugs and thanked him for the last time for saving her and being her friend.

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As his final thoughts are coming through, Twice realizes that after all this time he spent trying to find himself, he never even hoped to have made such a great friend as Himiko was to him, making it so he feels he did indeed have a blessed life in the end. He remembers Hawks saying he was born with bad luck and contradicts him because entering the League of Villains did make him happy, happier than he could ever wish for.


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In the end, Twice was indeed a lucky man, even after finding a painful death. His death won’t be forgotten, neither by fans nor by those involved in the series. Let’s wait and see how it all turns out and remember the life Jin Bubaigawara had.

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