‘The Witcher’: Is Jaskier Straight, Gay, or Bisexual?

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The Witcher’ guides us to a fantasy world filled with many distinctive characters and creatures, but few can compare to Jaskier, Geralt’s loyal companion and friend. This talented bard composed many songs about the Witcher’s adventures and conquests and is famous wherever he goes because of it. He is not only a skillful lute player but also has a game when it comes to flirting. The show’s third season details Jaskier’s sexuality; he seems to have fallen in love. So, let’s see what that is about and whether Jaskier is straight, gay, or bisexual.

In the third season of ‘The Witcher,’ it is confirmed that Jaskier is bisexual. Even though he was always considered a ‘ladies man,’ he unexpectedly fell in love with Radovid, King Vizimir’s younger brother. The chemistry between Jaskier and Radovid has been going on for some time, and the two of them eventually kiss when Radovid decides to come forward and admits his feelings to a surprised bard.

The question about Jaskier’s sexuality in the show has been in the air for some time, but it was never considered too important for the overall storyline. Third season of the show changes that, and we see Jaskier falling in love, perhaps for the first time in his flirtatious life. Let’s see in more detail what we know about it.

Jaskier is known for leading a distinctive and adventurous life


We know that Jaskier always tended to get himself in all sorts of trouble, and it is probably thanks to his friendship with Geralt that he’s survived this long. But, to be fair, he also helped the famous Witcher on many occasions to mutually benefit their relationship. It was no secret that a reason for many of Jaskier’s troubles was his flirtatious and playboy behavior, which does not change in season three of the show. On the contrary.

As Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri were unsuccessful in finding a safe place for a long time, they realized there was no point in running anymore because the enemies would find them wherever they went. So, instead, they decided to use Ciri as bait to lure Rience to them. And for that, they also needed Jaskier’s help. However, King Vizimir’s people also needed him for a similar cause.


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In the meantime, Jaskier was busy getting himself out of the trouble his last affair left him in. That’s when he met Radovid, and it was more than obvious that the King’s brother was immediately charmed with the bard. He complimented Jaskier’s music and could not take his eyes off him. On the other hand, Jaskier was freaking out as he did not know how to behave in front of a Prince.

Jaskier helped Geralt and Ciri but eventually decided to meet with Philippa and Radovid and take up their offer. At this point, it was still unclear if Radovid was playing a game or if he actually liked Jaskier. However, when the bard visited the Prince later to give him some important information, it was clear that Radovid was more amused by Jaskier standing before him than anything else, and all he wanted was to hear him play.

After the show Jaskier provided, he started flirting with the Prince, and there was obvious chemistry between them.

But, Jaskier being himself, he ended up in bed with Vespula again. However, this time he could not stop thinking about Radovid and wondered how the Prince knew him so much even though he had seen him just twice. At that point, Vespula gave an insight into the bard’s love life. Apparently, Jaskier did not choose; he was attracted to men, women, dwarves, elves, and even polymorphous – but this time was different; Jaskier had a crush on Radovid.

What happened between Jaskier and Radovid?

jaskier and radovid

Even though Jaskier negated Vespula’s claims, stating that he does not have a crush on anyone and is famous for having amazing affairs, all of that sunk in the water later on when Radovid visited him.

Jaskier was appointed to watch over Ciri while Geralt and Yennefer dealt with other problems elsewhere. Little did the bard know that one conversation with the Prince would change everything. When Ciri fell asleep, Jaskier heard a noise outside the house, and instead of finding an attacker, he encountered Radovid waiting for him in the house next door.

Even though the Prince was sent to draw information from Jaskier, their conversation had a different turnout. Radovid opened up to the bard and admitted that their meeting was the only good thing in that madness. The Prince was scared, but Jaskier considered that admitting that only made him strong.


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Seeing the best in others and being able to notice their true colors were Jaskier’s skills Radovid loved in him the most. When the bard realized the Prince had learned his songs and sang to him, he was smitten, and the two passionately kissed. And even though we don’t get to see what happens later, it is indicated that the two of them spend the night together.

It is yet to be seen what consequences will all of this have on the upcoming events. Was this just another fling for Jaskier or something more?