Is Kingsman Scary? And How Gory Is It?

Is Kingsman Scary? And How Gory Is It?

The Kingsman films are spy movies revolving around a secret agency of gentlemen in suits protecting the world from great threats. They fall under the same genre as James Bond movies, but the difference is, they are rated R, meaning they contain graphic content such as sex, violence, and gore. So, is the Kingsman series scary for kids, and how gory they are?

Kingsman movies are rated R, meaning they contain some scenes that younger audiences might find disturbing. Although they are generally quite funny, the humor is quite dark and meant for adults, and some scenes of violence are quite bloody and gory.

You should think twice before letting your child watch the movies – as much as they might enjoy the action, even some adult viewers might find the violence disturbing. I wouldn’t say the movies are scary, but they are gory. Here’s everything you need to know about the franchise so far to decide whether the Kingsman movies are for you or not.

What Age Is the Kingsman Recommended For?

Is Kingsman Scary? And How Gory Is It?

Two Kingsman movies are already out right now, with the third one hitting cinemas in late December. Kingsman: The Secret Service came out in 2014, while Kingsman: The Golden Circle is from 2017. Both movies are rated R. So, what does that mean in terms of age limit?

Movies that are rated R aren’t recommended for persons under the age of 17. Persons under 17 can still watch the films, but they have to be accompanied by someone over 17 years old.

R-rated movies contain graphic scenes of either violence, sex, gore, profane language, or all of the above. Therefore, if you’re considering taking your child to watch the third movie, The King’s Man, in the theater with you, just know that some scenes may be disturbing for younger audiences. There will be a lot of adult humor and some stuff that may not be suitable for kids.

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Is Kingsman Scary?

Although the Kingsman movies are rated R, I think they aren’t scary even for teenagers. In fact, the movies are filled with hilarious humor – albeit a bit dark humor. The topics they deal with would be amusing and interesting, and there are a lot scarier movies out there that are accessible to your child.

Still, it all depends on what you find scary, even if you are an adult. The scenes of violence are quite graphic and bloody, so if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you pass on the Kingsman films.

Also, the subject of the movies is usually some kind of a threat to the entire humanity, and some characters have somewhat twisted views of the world. 

For instance, Richmond Valentine believes that humanity is a virus on Earth that needs to be exterminated (at least to some extent). At the same time, Poppy, the main antagonist of The Golden Circle, has strong opinions about drugs – stating that sugar is five times more likely to kill you than cocaine.

That being said, if graphic images of violence or profane language don’t scare you, then the movies won’t be scary to you. Still, that doesn’t mean they are suitable for minors, so if you watch the films with your kids, just know that it’s not recommended for them.

Is Kingsman Gory?

Is Kingsman Scary? And How Gory Is It?

Unlike James Bond or similar spy-action movies, the Kingsman films are indeed quite gory and bloody. It’s not for those with a weak stomach because the director Matthew Vaughn doesn’t shy away from showing the gore and blood on the screen.

I love gore – even in hardcore horror flicks – but some scenes in the Kingsman still caught me by surprise. Heads are getting blown off, people getting minced in a meat grinder and a whole lot of stabbing and shooting.

One particular scene of carnage inside a church in The Secret Service will undoubtedly unsettle some viewers. I’m not trying to scare you, though; I’m just saying that there’s a whole lot of gore in Kingsman, and you should be prepared for it if you’re planning on watching the films.

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Is Kingsman Violent?

I think we’ve already answered this question, but you need to know that there’s a reason why the movies are rated R. Violence is definitely the biggest reason behind the rating, although it’s not the only reason.

There’s fighting, stabbing, shooting, killing, dropping bombs, poisoning, insulting, and much more that can be classified as violence. Drug abuse is a big part of the plot in The Golden Circle, too, so there’s another reason for you to think twice before letting minors watch the movies without you (or with you).

If you want to know all the reasons why the Kingsman films are rated R, check out the next subheading.

Why Is Kingsman Rated R?

Is Kingsman Scary? And How Gory Is It?

The Kingsman movies are rated R, meaning they are not recommended for persons under 17 years old. Violence is one of the main reasons why the movies are rated as such. There’s a lot of violence, and while the violence is presented in a stylized, almost comic book-like manner, some viewers will find it disturbing due to the sheer amount of gore.

Also, the language is quite strong. There’s a lot of swearing involved, not just the occasional f*ck or s*it, but a plethora of insults and even stereotypical, sometimes even racial slurs.

The movies also contain several sex scenes – some of which are unnecessarily graphic for the movie’s plot, if you ask me. Even if the scene isn’t necessarily sexual, characters tend to speak about stuff that isn’t for children’s ears (for instance, Eggsy and the Swedish princess talking about anal sex).

Next, the Kingsman agents are quite sophisticated, and they know their manners. A lot of quotes are designed to advise on how to live an honorable life. However, the antagonists don’t share the same qualities most of the time.

For instance, Poppy is the leader of the largest drug cartel in the world who states that cocaine is less dangerous than sugar, tobacco, or alcohol. Speaking of alcohol, there’s also a lot of drinking in the movies too. That pretty much sums up why the movies are rated R.

When you put it all together like that, though, it makes the films seem way more hardcore than they really are. Therefore, if you are thinking about watching these movies with your spy genre-loving kids, I suggest you watch them alone first to determine if it’s too much.

In all honesty, the movies are humorous, and while the violence is a bit gory, there are many worse things your child could watch or do with their time than watching Kingsman movies.

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