Is O-Tama Dead? Will She Be Back in One Piece?

Is O-Tama Dead? Will She Be Back in One Piece?

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga and anime has introduced us to a variety of very loveable supporting characters over the years. Some of them were epic, whereas others were simply cute and likable. O-Tama, the little girl the crew met in Wano Country, is one such character; the little girl is liked by all and she had a very important role in the Wano Country arc of the series. In this article, we are going to tell you whether O-Tama is dead and if she will be back in One Piece!

O-Tama survived the events of the Wano Country arc and is still alive and well in One Piece. She had several near-fatal encounters, including the one with Hold’em, who tortured her, Ulti, who gravely injured her, as well as Big Mom and Queen, both of whom almost killed her. On each occasion, she was saved by the Straw Hats.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of O-Tama’s fate during the epic Wano Country Arc. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article is going to contain a lot of spoilers about the current events in the One Piece manga.

Is O-Tama dead in One Piece?

The story about O-Tama’s survival started on her eighth birthday when she went to the market to buy rice. However, she was confronted by several members of the Beasts Pirates and a baboon named Hihimaru. Komachiyo arrived quickly to rescue her from Hihimaru, but in the end, they took her belongings from her and mentioned the Kozuki family to threaten them, causing her to be captured.

The scouts confronted Monkey D. Luffy, who had just entered the country illegally. However, Luffy easily defeated several, allowing Tama to break free from the sack and knock out the last of them. Afterward, Tama formally introduced herself to Luffy and tamed Hihimaru by giving him a kibi dango. She offered to make food for Luffy in thanks and helped get the Thousand Sunny to safety off the coast.

They went to her house, where she cooked rice for him, and then went to drink from the river to satisfy her hunger. When she returned, she found her teacher angry at her with Luffy for eating the rice, but she told him what happened. However, she later fell ill from drinking the river water contaminated by Kaido’s factories. After Hitetsu revealed to Luffy that Tama was waiting for Ace, Luffy informed them of Ace’s death.

Tama was shocked by the news and passed out. Luffy decided to take her to a doctor riding on Komachiyo; when she woke up, Tama accused Luffy of lying and told him about Ace’s promise. Later, they entered a vacant lot and Tama explained the reason for the bad appearance of the area, having been caused by the Beasts Pirates, only to later lose consciousness again.


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Tama remained unconscious when Luffy met up with Zoro after the latter saved Tsuru from Kaido’s thugs. After Komachiyo led Luffy and Zoro away from a fight with Basil Hawkins and his men, the woman who Zoro saved, Tsuru, asked the two Straw Hats to take Tama to Komachiyo’s tea shop. Upon reaching Okobore Town, Tama felt better after receiving the medicine and reluctantly ate the delicious food that Tsuru prepared for her.

She then slept a bit until Tsuru was attacked by the Gifter Batman. During the chaos, Tama was kidnapped by another Gifter, Gazelleman, and taken to Bakura Town. Tama was later given to Holed’em, who became interested in her after hearing that she had tamed Hihimaru, and intended to make her use her ability.

Holed’em tugged at Tama’s cheek, but couldn’t get anything out of it. He continued to torture Tama until he was interrupted by the duel between Luffy and Urashima. Holed’em then confronted Luffy, placing Tama in his lion’s mouth, threatening to crush her. In a split second, Luffy attacked the lion’s head and freed Tama. Luffy then hit Holed’em with a powerful Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk, defeating him.

With Holed’em defeated, Luffy grabbed Tama again and ran off with her on Speed’s back, whom he mistook for a horse. Speed ​​was angry, but she quickly became subservient to Luffy and Tama after Tama offered her some kibi dango. They headed to Okobore Town with the food supply stolen by the Beasts Pirates. As she ate an apple, Luffy promised her that she would never go hungry again.

Tama separated from Luffy and returned to her house riding on Speed’s back. Along the way, Tama revealed to Speed ​​that she wanted to participate in the assault on Onigashima, to which Speed ​​promised to help her get there. Tama and Speed ​​were discovered by Kaido, who attacked them, leaving Tama lying on the ground covered in blood. She was found by Inuarashi, who took her to the forest to treat her injuries.

They then returned Tama to her house, where Chopper and some of the minks treated her. Tama found out that Luffy had been defeated and imprisoned, but Chopper assured her that Luffy had incredible recovery speed and his will would not be broken, and that Raizo was planning to rescue him. After his recovery, she was seen conversing with Momonosuke about his sister while practicing with the sword.

Speed and Tama

Tama went along with Momonosuke, Kiku, and Chopper to Kuri Beach where they met an amnesiac Charlotte Linlin, whom they tricked into coming with them to Udon. Tenguyama Hitetsu found out about her plan and wanted to scold her for making such a dangerous decision, despite her attempts to calm him down on her part. During the trip, Tama and Big Mom happily talked about the oshiruko. As night fell, the group reached Udon.

The next day, Tama’s group arrived at the prisoner mines after Big Mom broke through the front gate. Kiku told Tama and Momonosuke to hide, before heading into the prison with Chopper. When the emergency doors closed, Tama and Momo managed to enter the prison. While hiding, Tama and Momonosuke witnessed Luffy persuading the prisoners to rebel against the Beasts Pirates, prompting Tama to remember the promise Luffy made to her.

After the prison takeover, Tama tamed Babanuki with a kibi dango, causing him to give a false report to Queen. When Luffy finished his training at Udon, Tama returned to Amigasa Village with him and Chopper two days before the assault on Onigashima. During the Fire Festival, he went to Onigashima on Speed’s ship with Daifugo and Gazelleman, and along the way, he created numerous kibi dango to tame the Gifters there.


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Upon arriving he jumped on Komachiyo and arrived just in time to rescue Nami and Usopp from Ulti and Page One. Tama and Komachiyo fled with the two Straw Hats while Hihimaru stayed behind to stop the two Tobiroppo. While traveling in Komachiyo, Nami revealed to Tama that Ace was Luffy’s brother, which caused her to be shocked.

As the Gifters became Tama’s subordinates, they joined her, forming a large army with which she headed towards Franky’s location to help him face Sasaki, while being chased by Page One and Ulti. After Franky and Nami attacked Sasaki and Ulti, Tama ordered the group to leave. They later confronted Big Mom and Ulti, with the latter seriously injuring Big Mom. Tama barely survived the encounter with Big Mom but was eventually saved by the Straw Hats. A similar thing happened when Queen almost killed her but was stopped by Sanji. She would eventually survive the events of the raid on Onigashima

Will O-Tama be back in One Piece?

Knowing that she is alive, there certainly is a possibility that O-Tama might be back n the future. Now, Luffy and the crew have left Wano Country in search of the One Piece so we actually don’t know whether there will be a chance for O-Tama to appear again, but if Oda has planned a sort of big reunion before he finishes the manga, the chances of O-Tama returning are quite solid. At this moment, though, we cannot confirm or deny this.

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