Is Parasyte Anime Worth Seeing?

Is Parasyte Anime Worth Seeing

Parasyte comes under the trending jargon of science fiction horror manga anime. The producer made the movie based on the story of Shinichi Izumi. Now the question is, is Parasyte anime worth watching?

The anime Parasyte contains a nice elementary story with a dramatic plot. There are not too many characters and they complement each other perfectly. This is why I suggest watching the movie as it keeps the viewers attracted till the end.

Is Parasyte Anime Worth Watching?

Some extraterrestrial creatures come down to earth and attack him. But somehow he manages to get into an agreement with one of them. Parasytes live in the host’s body and take their resources for living. 

For living, he forms an alliance with it in conditions to protect each other from other invaders. This movie is a perfect example of how you can live with a harmful object making it a guard to your life.

Here in this article, I will discuss the movie and how it teaches us to adapt to adverse conditions to live a good life. The movie is a good example of different aspects of life. The movie also shows how to cope with the conditions to go ahead with the difficulties of life.

Does Parasyte Have a Good Ending?

Before I discuss the ending of the movie, it will be better to have a view of the plot of the movie. The movie shows that some aliens descend upon earth so that they can consume some human flesh. They wanted to get into the brains of some easy targets so that they could overpower humanity as a whole. 

Unlike the earthly parasites, they are capable of taking full control of the body in which they get into. With this intention, they capture the body of Shinichi Izumi, who is in high school and is only 17 years old. These extraterrestrial bodies get into the body of the boy but fail to control him and drive him in their way.

In such a condition, one of the parasites, Migi, gets caught inside Shinichi’s hand. Shinichi leaves no way out for it to live but to rely on him if it wants to live. This in due course forces both of them to get into an agreement to defend each other from the enemies.

After the story, in short, I will now discuss the other aspects of the anime movie. The movie proceeds neither very fast nor very slow. I coped with the pace of the movie very well and thus got all my answers within the stipulated time.


The background score was amazing and suited very well with the scenes of the movie. The title track is so mesmerizing that no praise is enough for it. The movie is one of its kind and no comparison is worth it.

Talking about the main characters, the alien parasite Migi is a creation of graphics. They have made it really good. It infects the right arm of the protagonist character Shinichi Izumi and gets its name from him.

Migi is an intelligent creature. Since it is an alien, it has developed senses as well as has some capacity to control situations. He didn’t develop an urge to eat human flesh as it didn’t consume the human brain. Till the end of the movie, it allowed Shinichi Izumi to maintain his individuality as well.

Migi has some threats as Shinichi Izumi gets involved in fights to save other people from any danger. In due course, it threatens Shinichi Izumi that it may be harmful to him to indulge himself in other matters.

Shinichi Izumi is a very thoughtful character and is a very nice person indeed. He is careful and is sober to people around him. He stays a bit scared but it gets over as he makes Migi his friend.

Though it is based on the agreement of Shinichi Izumi and Migi, there are some supporting casts too. Reiko Tamura is one of the parasites who teaches in that very school where Shinichi Izumi is. 

The character of Reiko Tamura is a very intelligent person. In this story, a parasite has been captured with a scientific disposition. They are trying to get to know about the nature and characters of human beings to take control over them.

Kana Kimishima, the rebel character develops a crush on the hero Shinichi Izumi. Kana Kimishima is a very calm character with a carefree personality. She seeks some entertainment through bullying the juniors.

Satomi Munaro is the best friend of Shinichi Izumi. She develops some romantic relationships with Shinichi Izumi. But the relationship didn’t flourish as Shinichi Izumi had the fear of his monstrous nature.

With all these characters and settings, this anime movie has won several hearts. Due to the superb end of the movie, the viewers carry a spectacular anime experience with it. So, I will advise you to watch the movie.

Why Should You Watch Parasyte?

Parasyte is a must-watch anime movie for everyone. I’ll definitely suggest everyone watch it. It shows how you need to bring the adverse situations into your favor. It is a good example of how you can get victory over any situation. 

There are several things to learn about life in this movie. Here are some reasons why this movie is a must-watch.

  1. The art of the movie is unique. Hitoshi Iwaaki has made the art design of this movie which suits best with the horrifying tone of the anime. Not only this, it has well suited the comedies and action sequences of the movie too.
  2. Each character of the movie has specific roles to take the movie to its destination. The horrific nature of the movie hasn’t pushed the characters back. All the existing characters here are complementing each other.
  3. Last but not least, the story of the anime is the spine of the movie. This is the main reason why the movie has become a must-watch to everyone. Furthermore, the story is not copied anyway.