Is Peacemaker Bisexual? (Show & Comics)

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Episode 7 of Peacemaker was full of personal action, as this was when we saw Peacemaker squaring off with his father, the White Dragon, in a battle that showed how clear it was that Auggie Smith had no love for his son. When he was about to execute his own flesh and blood, Auggie remarked how unclean his own son was when he chose to do a lot of different things, including sleeping with men. So, does that mean that Peacemaker is Bisexual?

There could have been a point in time when Peacemaker was bisexual or that he experimented or was forced to sleep with men for one reason or another. But there is nothing in the comics that tells anything about this, and that means that this might have been a joke inserted into the show.

One of the recurring narratives regarding Peacemaker throughout the entire Peacemaker series is that he is not shy about wanting to have sex with women, particularly Harcourt. Then again, it was a surprise for us to find out that, according to his father, he had slept with men in the past as well. This could have been just a phase that he went through in the past and is something that is entirely exclusive to the HBO Max series.

Is Peacemaker Bisexual?

One of the angles that episode 7 of Peacemaker took was the personal battle between Peacemaker and the White Dragon. It was a son vs. father subplot in the series, as Christopher Smith had to defend himself against the white supremacist Auggie Smith, who was hell-bent on murdering his own son when he was sent to jail for what Peacemaker did.

Considering that the White Dragon had the superior suit, Peacemaker was no match for his father, who quickly had the upper hand in their one-on-one battle. Auggie beat his own son down while telling him how clean he was for a lot of different things. The list of “unclean” things he did include sleeping with, in his own words, “the whores of polluted blood… and men”.

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While it isn’t surprising for someone who is kind of perverted and pig-headed like Peacemaker to sleep with all sorts of women, it was a surprise to know that he had also slept with men. So, what does that mean about his sexuality? Does that mean that Peacemaker is bisexual?

Throughout the entire series, it was clear that Peacemaker wasn’t a bigot in terms of sexuality. He never took exception to Adebayo having a wife. And in one of the jokes of the series, he even said, “He f—s women fine. F—s dudes, no problem, but when he starts f—ng fish, he’s taking it a step too far,” in reference to Aquaman possibly (but not likely) sleeping with fish.

So, if you don’t mind about the fish joke, it was clear that Peacemaker is fine about people sleeping with just about anyone (as long as they’re not fish). That means that there could have been a point in time wherein he might have slept with a dude.

It isn’t uncommon for attractive and fit males to sleep with other attractive and fit males because of their sexual preferences. But it also isn’t uncommon for men to sleep with other men because of a phase in life, especially when that man is in the middle of experimenting with his sexual preferences.

There might have been a point in time when Peacemaker slept with men because he experimented with his sexuality or simply because he was attracted to them. However, it could have been related to a mission he needed to accomplish. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that he has no problems with people sleeping with any other person, regardless of gender.

Is Peacemaker Gay

Even if it might have been true that Peacemaker slept with men in the past, that doesn’t confirm that he is gay. Remember that he was seen having an intense sexual encounter with a female butterfly host early in the season.

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Of course, that wasn’t the only time he was expressive about his sexual orientation. It was always clear that he was attracted to Harcourt, as he tried to have sex with her numerous times. He even made an unsolicited comment about his co-worker’s boobs at one point in the series.

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Considering that he has the hots for Harcourt and that he never showed that he was attracted to any of the male characters he has encountered in the series (with the possible exception of his threesome with Vigilante), it is clear that he isn’t gay. He might have experimented with men before, but that doesn’t mean that he is gay or that he is currently bisexual. Peacemaker is currently attracted to women, but that could change in the future.

Was Peacemaker With Men In TV Show?

People often forget that there was a point in the series when Peacemaker actually engaged with a threesome involving the girl he met in the apartment building where Annie Sturphausen (the female butterfly he also slept with) lived. And the third member of that threesome was none other than Peacemaker’s self-proclaimed best friend, Vigilante, albeit he was wearing his mask the entire time.

peacemaker amber vigilante threesome

So, in relation to that, it could have been possible that Peacemaker and Vigilante slept right then and there when they had that threesome with the apartment lady. Then again, based on his dynamic with Vigilante, it might have also been possible that they didn’t do it.

What could have been possible in that threesome was that Peacemaker and Vigilante took turns with the lady or that they did it to her at the same time. As such, Peacemaker may or may not have been with men in the TV show.

Was Peacemaker With Men In Comics?

There isn’t anything in the comics talking about Peacemaker’s sexual preference, as the likely possibility is that he was never with men in the comics. Of course, there aren’t a lot of comics written about Peacemaker because he is a minor DC character.

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The likely case is that the angle about him sleeping with men in the past has nothing to do with his comic book character. Instead, it might have simply been a joke inserted by James Gunn to make his father’s monologue about him being unclean a bit funny. After all, the Peacemaker series is supposed to be a big joke (referencing Rick Flag’s “what a joke” statement).

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