Is the Angel Devil a Boy or a Girl in Chainsaw Man?


While we already know that the special divisions of Public Safety in Chainsaw Man work together to kill the Devils, we also know that they are not shy about using Devils and Fiends as well. That is why there are non-humans among the special divisions of Public Safety, which includes both Denji and Power. Of course, episode 11 of Chainsaw Man allowed us to see more of these non-humans, and one of them is the feminine-looking Angel Devil So, is the Angel Devil a boy or a girl?

The Angel Devil is an androgynous male character, which means that he is a boy that simply has feminine facial features. In fact, in the past, he actually fell in love with a girl in the community where he lived in. As such, the Angel Devil has always been male in the Chainsaw Man storyline.

It is fascinating that the Angel Devil actually looks female despite the fact that he looks male, as this led to fan theories involving him and Aki, considering that they are quite close in the manga. Nevertheless, the Angel Devil has always been a boy that simply has feminine facial features. Now, that said, let’s look at whether or not the Angel Devil is a boy or a girl.

Who Is The Angel Devil?

When we met Power in Chainsaw Man, it became obvious that the special divisions of Public Safety employ non-humans that are willing enough to fight on their side against the Devils. That means that the special divisions also employ the use of Devils and Fiends. Of course, it was during the events of episode 11 of Chainsaw Man that we were able to see more of the non-human members of Division 4. One of them was the Angel Devil.

angel devil

Also called Angel, the Angel Devil is a Devil that represents how humans actually fear Angels. He is a younger-looking character that looks like a normal teenager but actually has a halo and white wings that make him look like a real angel. 

The fact that the Angel Devil is also an angel means that he has virtually no hostility toward humans, as he doesn’t even want to kill them. Despite these facts, he isn’t entirely fond of humankind. In fact, he doesn’t like killing or fighting humans but once said that humans should die in pain. And that stems from the fact that he still considers himself a Devil first and an angel second.


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He still shows affection toward them, especially when they are dying. This can be seen in how he actually apologizes to and comforts certain humans that are dying, as this suggests that he still is an angel as well.

Of course, another aspect that makes him unique is that he doesn’t really like getting ordered around, unlike the other Devils or Fiends working for the special divisions. The Angel Devil also doesn’t like fighting, as he would rather move enemies outside than actually fight. Nevertheless, he knows how to use his abilities well enough, especially when he knows that he needs to fight. In most cases, however, he would rather defend himself.

The Angel Devil’s powers are actually quite unique because they are passive. He doesn’t need to do anything to use his powers because they are always activated. And that’s because he has the power to absorb the lifespan of any human that touches him directly.

Due to his power, the Angel Devil is somewhat socially withdrawn and would rather keep his distance from humans, especially his fellow devil hunters. Aki Hayakawa, for some reason, seems to be the only one who isn’t afraid to be near the Angel Devil, especially because he already knows that he is going to die soon.

While the Angel Devil may seem aloof at times, he actually likes eating soft-serve ice cream. But he has also shown that he is willing to eat just about anything, as he was seen eating a zombie during the events of episode 11.

The history of the Angel Devil is something that used to be a mystery to him, as his last known memory was when he found a community of people near the coast. These people took care of him well enough, but that was when Makima arrived.

Of course, for those who don’t know, Makima is secretly the Control Devil and has the ability to put other people and Devils under her control. That was when he ended up using his powers when Makima requested him to do so. As a result, everyone in his village died after he absorbed their lives.


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However, the Angel Devil only remembered this during the latter part of the storyline when Makima ordered Aki to accept a contract with her. The moment that the Angel Devil remembered what Makima did to his people, he intended to fight her but eventually succumbed to Makima’s control over him, as he ended up becoming one of the pawns of the Control Devil.

What Is The Angel Devil’s Gender?

As mentioned, the Angel Devil looks like a girl because of his feminine features. However, he has always been a male. The right way to describe him is that he is an androgynous male with a face that is closer to being female.

angel aki

Of course, another giveaway here is the fact that in the past, the Angel Devil actually had a girlfriend. As mentioned, when he lived together with the people of a coastal village, he met and fell in love with a girl, who he described as “The one I loved, and the one who loved me.” That means that he was in love with a woman in the past despite the fact that he became somewhat close with Aki during the events of the storyline.

The fact that the Angel Devil has always been male may be a huge blow to a lot of fans out there because there are some shippers that wish that he and Aki could end up a couple. But the fact is that the Angel Devil has always preferred women and only became close with Aki because the latter didn’t really care about his ability to absorb the life force of other people, considering that Aki already has an idea of how he would die and how long he has left to live.

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