What Is a Fiend in Chainsaw Man?

What is a Fiend in Chainsaw Man?

The world of Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man is filled with various creatures alongside your regular old-fashioned humans. These creatures are divided into three groups – the Devils, the Fiends, and the Hybrids. All of these three types of creatures are connected to Devils in one way or another, but there is a difference between them, usually significant, which is what inspired this article. In this article, we are going to focus on one of the groups specifically, as we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Fiends in Chainsaw Man.

Fiends are Devils that have possessed a person’s corpse as a last resort to survive. After becoming a Fiend, a Devil loses a significant portion of their supernatural powers as well as the ability to make contracts with humans. Fiends are easily recognizable because their heads have different shapes, as shown via Power’s horns, Beam’s shark head, or Pingtsi’s hair.

The rest of this article is going to be divided into three sections. One of them will give you a general overview of the Fiends of Chainsaw Man, the second will focus on their powers and abilities, and the third will bring you a list of the most famous Fiends from the series. Some mild spoilers might be present, so be prepared.

What is a Fiend in Chainsaw Man?

Fiends are Devils that have possessed a person’s corpse as a last resort to survive. After becoming a Fiend, a Devil loses a significant portion of their supernatural powers as well as the ability to make contracts with humans. Fiends are easily recognizable because their heads have different shapes, as shown by Power’s horns, Beam’s shark head, or Pingtsi’s hair.

Coloured fiends

Fiends have the personalities of the Devils who gained control of their corpses, but because different Devils retain different amounts of the minds of the original corpses they have possessed their personalities meld. The Violence Fiend is the sole example of this that is currently known, despite having a natural propensity towards violence.


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Fiends have some of the same supernatural prowess as their corresponding Devils, but these powers are somewhat weaker, and some of them have the ability to briefly become the original Devils that have possessed the corpse, but only for a short time. Blood can also be used to replenish their health, although they do not have the power to enter into contracts with humans or devils. Although they are an odd group, they appear to be the weakest of the three groups we have examined and presented in this article.

What are the powers and abilities of Fiends in Chainsaw Man?

Fiends share some of their respective Devils’ supernatural prowess, although they are not equally powerful. Some Fiends have the ability to momentarily assume their original forms as Devils. Additionally, they can recover their health by drinking blood. They cannot, however, enter into agreements with either Devils or people. Because of her blood-drinking contract with Chainsaw Man, Power acquired the capacity to resurrect as a Devil. It’s possible, though, because of the fact that she is the Blood Fiend/Devil and that this blood bond was made with a strong enough Devil/Hybrid, that it is sufficient to totally restore her as a typical Devil. Yoru asserted that she would agree to return her body if Asa assisted her in achieving her objective.


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The War Devil might have used this as a ploy to get her to comply with his commands, but it’s also possible that he has the unusual ability to spontaneously awaken from a devil’s state without dying and rebirth. It should be noted that the War Devil was quite frail even when he was a full-fledged Devil. If this is the case, it may be possible for other weaker Fiends to protect themselves, or it may only apply to particular statuses or categories of weaker Fiends. Other than a brief change, it is unknown if other Fiends possess any unique skills or methods for returning to their default devil form; nevertheless, how this occurs may differ from one Fiend to the other.

List of Fiends in Chainsaw Man

In this section, we are going to list all the known Fiends from the Chainsaw Man manga and anime and tell you a bit about them:

Power – Blood Devil

power chainsaw man3

Power asserted that in her previous life as a devil, she was so feared that other devils would run from her scent, although this is likely just Power bragging. In order to create weapons, Power is free to control the blood in her body. She can also stop other people from bleeding out by making direct contact with their blood, though she acknowledges that this is challenging.

Power can also warp her target’s regeneration abilities by mixing in her own blood. Power, a Fiend, may restore her health by ingesting blood. She can also regenerate from little amounts of blood due to the powers of the Blood Devil, simply by ingesting the blood of a more powerful Devil after she dies. Pochita used this talent to absorb herself after Makima defeated Chainsaw Man, by fusing her blood with Denji’s body.

Beam – Shark Devil

Shark Fiend edited

Beam, the Shark Devil’s Fiend, is a really strange character. He frequently agrees to Denji’s schemes, no matter how absurd, because he greatly respects and even worships the Chainsaw Devil. Beam didn’t correct Denji when he misunderstood how to use his chainsaw powers to increase his mobility; instead, he continued to support Denji’s viewpoint. The Shark Devil loves to fight, dives into zombie hordes with glee, and devours them. He was so terrified of having to face the Bomb Devil that he almost fled, but when he was surrounded, he did not even think about quitting and continued to combat her.

Galgali – Violence Devil


Despite being known as the Violence Fiend, he is incredibly cordial and straightforward. The Spider Devil was told to leave the area after he mistook her for a normal woman after assaulting Beam in self-defense. The Violence Fiend claims that he still has a considerable amount of the original corpse’s brain, which is unusual for a devil. Ironically, he expresses his love for both tranquility and peace, and he also knows many details from his previous life as a human. Although he maintains that wearing a mask prohibits him from eating, he enjoys treating people because it enables him to experience food through their reactions.


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Aki Hayakawa – Gun Devil (briefly)

aki fiend edited

During their fight against the Gun Devil, Makima “failed” to destroy it. Shortly after, Aki Hayakawa’s corpse was infested by the Gun Devil’s remnants, which ultimately turned Aki into the Gun Fiend in one of the most heartbreaking and ironic moments of the whole series. The Gun Fiend, now an enemy, moves swiftly toward Aki’s residence and knocks on the door. Makima tells Denji, who has no clue what is going on, to open it, but the Gun Field shoots him in the stomach immediately after.

A significant amount of Aki’s apartment is destroyed in the process, while Denji and Power are catapulted into the air in the direction of the attack. The Gun Fiend then engages Denji in combat, completely destroying the neighborhood in the process and injuring several bystanders as well. In the process, Aki remembers the snowball fight he had with his younger brother just before his family was killed by the Gun Devil, but this time – in the vision – it is Denji and not his younger brother he is playing with.

After taking blood and hearing pleas for assistance from the locals, Denji eventually kills the Gun Fiend and defeats him. This happened because Aki had a second vision of Denji crying, which is why he ultimately gave up on fighting him, because he both remembered his little brother, and considered Denji a friend. Still, despite that, it seems that this was not the last we’ve seen of the Gun Devil, but he has not appeared since.

Asa Mitaka and Yoru – War Devil

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The War Devil, a brand-new installment in the series, demonstrates its strength. In particular, the War Devil negotiated a deal with her just before Asa Mitaka passed away in which they agreed to divide ownership of Mitaka’s body. Asa’s brain was only partially intact when the War Devil made this possible, although this has no particular negative effects on the girl. It appears that the War Devil is the only one who can seek the handover of control over the body.

Although Mitaka can read the mind of the War Devil, it doesn’t appear that she can do the same for the Devil. When one of them takes control of the body, the other one stays outside of it, feeling only what the dominant side is feeling and being unable to physically engage with the surroundings. The War Devil has the power to “possess” people and change them into a variety of weapons. It appears that in order to join a War Devil, a person must feel some sort of attraction to her. The type of weapon the War Devil wants to create and the person it has selected must both be specified.

Cosmo – Cosmos Devil


With the exception of her typical smile and appearing peaceful demeanor, Cosmo, the manifestation of the Cosmos Devil, doesn’t show many emotions. Like the rest of Quanxi’s girlfriends, the Cosmos Devil is silent other than to repeat the phrase “Halloween,” follows Quanxi, seems to have a crush on her, and is under her control.


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When Cosmo utilizes her abilities on the Master, a different version of herself manifests during the dialogue, suggesting that this is who she really is. This likely occurred in the mind of the Master or her own. While still smiling, she is shown to be more composed and able to speak normally as she talks to Master about what is happening. She is one of Chainsaw Man’s most formidable characters, though.

Pingtsi – Unknown Devil

Pingtsi edited

Pingtsi, a private Devil Hunter and a Fiend, was a member of Quanxi’s harem. Pingtsi has dark hair that is pulled back into a “futakuchi-onna” ponytail with side bangs that are just past her eye level. She is dressed in a black, knee-length dress with a white formal collar and long sleeves. She is dressed in black leggings and simple black sneakers. Compared to the other monsters of Quanxi, she is substantially smaller.

Pingtsi is a chatty and happy girl who enjoys making small talk with Quanxi to amuse or impress her. Pingtsi cannot enter into agreements as a Devil, and her abilities are much less potent than they were in her bad form. She does, however, possess all the other skills typical of a Devil.

Long – Unknown Devil

Long 1 edited

Long was a member of Quanxi’s harem and, in secret, is both a Fiend and a Devil Hunter. Long has around shoulder-length, dark red, scruffy hair. Additionally, she possesses a set of red horns. She appears to be more subservient than her pals; in fact, we frequently catch her with her wrists tied. Long can’t enter into contracts as regular Devils can and has much fewer abilities than in her wicked form. She does, however, possess all the other typical Devil skills.

Tsugihagi – Unknown Devil

Tsugihagi edited

Tsugihagi was a member of Quanxi’s harem and is a Devil Hunter and Fiend in the private sphere. Tsugihagi has black and yellow eyes and short green hair. She has pale skin, and her face, thighs, and upper arm are all covered in stitches. She is dressed in a long black skirt, an unidentified color loose cardigan with four buttons, and black clogs. Tsuguhagi has not spoken in any of her appearances, therefore little is currently known about her demeanor, but she is fiercely devoted to Quanxi and the other members of the harem. The majority of her skills are still a mystery.


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Unnamed Insect Fiend – Unknown Devil


The name of this Fiend was never revealed, but he was the first Fiend – and enemy in general – that Denji encountered after he started working for Public Safety. He had an insect-like appearance, but he was not particularly strong and had a taste for devouring things, especially birds.

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