Who Is the Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man? What Are His Powers & What Happens to Him

angel devil chainsaw man

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Chainsaw Man flaunts a huge range of fascinating characters and devilish heroes, many of which are still surrounded by mystery to this day. The Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man has piqued the curiosity of many anime lovers, with countless fans eager to find out more about the Angel Devil’s powers as well as what happens to him.

The Angel Devil is a young androgonys male in Chainsaw Man, embodying the fear of angels. His main power involves siphoning life span from others in order to fight, which is why he generally refuses to use this ability. Angel’s body was last seen during the Control Devil arc, but his fate is currently unknown since his death has not been confirmed.

Although we still have much to learn about the Angel Devil, this unique character has quickly become a new fan favorite. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the Angel Devil, including his abilities, origins, as well as what happened to Angel.

Who is the Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man?

The Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man is a devil who embodies the fear of angels, flaunting mid-length auburn “vermilion red” hair, a bright halo, and glorious angel wings to match. This character made its debut in chapter 34 of the Chainsaw Man manga and was believed to be a young female, but the Angel Devil is actually described as an androgynous young male.


He was born in a rural village and is one of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, typically wearing the classic black suit and tie that is associated with the profession. Contrary to some of the most powerful devils in the Chainsaw Man universe, the Angel Devil is seen as relatively friendly with no hostile or aggressive approaches to humans.


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That being said, the Angel Devil is still a somewhat odd case, as he feels that he is a devil first and an angel second – initially believing that humans should die in pain. However, he later apologizes for this belief and is seen comforting humans during their last moments, showing affection which is likely due to his angelic side.

Angel Devil Powers & Abilities

Angel flaunts all of the classic skills and abilities that accompany being a devil, but he also has a unique ability that prolongs his lifespan and heightens his strength. The Angel Devil is able to absorb the lifespan of anyone he touches, and he can siphon life span to be used as weapons.


This makes the Angel Devil a really strong opponent, and he is believed to be the second-strongest member of Division 4 after Captain Kishibe – in theory. Considering the fact that the Angel Devil’s powers come at the cost of others’ lives, he rarely makes use of his abilities.

Many fellow devil hunters believe that his laziness and personality hold him back from being truly powerful as a result. Below is an overview of all of the Angel Devil’s powers and abilities:

Angel Devil
Enhanced ReflexesAngel has superhuman reflexes. He is fast enough to block bullets with his wings, and he can easily keep up with Quanxi’s immense speed.
Angelic WingsAngel can extend his angel wings at will, which can deflect gunfire making them useful as a makeshift shield – although bullets still cause him pain. While his wings are useful for defensive tactics, it’s unknown if Angel can use them to take flight.
Life-Span AbsorptionThe Angel Devil can absorb the life spans of humans through physical contact, and the person will die if physical contact is made over a long enough duration. Angel estimated that Aki had lost approximately 2 months of his life by simply touching his hand for a brief moment.
Life-Span WeaponsThe Angel Devil can transform siphoned life spans into weapons with supernatural properties through his halo. However, he is extremely hesitant to use these abilities due to guilt and trauma.
Angel can create weapons with power based on how many years have been siphoned, with weapon classes based on 5 years, 10 years, 100 years, and 1000 years’ usage.

In addition to the abovementioned special skills and abilities, the Angel Devil is talented with blade-like weapons. He is a masterful user of spears, being capable of throwing spears with remarkable accuracy, and he is also proficient at using swords.

Angel Devil Personality

The Angel devil has a more introverted personality, being socially withdrawn and often choosing to isolate himself from other devil hunters in most cases – partially attributed to the side effects of his powers. However, the Angel Devil is no pushover, and he strongly dislikes being ordered around.

Still, he is a relatively peaceful devil, which makes him quite a unique devil hunter. He tries to avoid conflict and combat situations as much as possible, preferring to move an unconscious enemy out of the picture rather than continuing to fight or end the conflict by killing the opponent. When he is placed in a situation where he is forced to fight, he is often seen apologizing for using his powers.

angel devil

Other than having a gentle personality and reserved demeanor, the Angel Devil has also shown a special love of food. He absolutely adores soft-serve ice cream and can eat 3 full cones in one sitting with ease. But, he is willing to eat absolutely anything with a smile, provided that it’s not the corpse of a fellow devil hunter or zombie flesh.

Angel Devil History & Relationships

Fans do not know much about Angel’s past relationships, but he does reveal that he remembers his experience in his birthplace – a rural coastal village housing a community of kind humans. He states that the people living there gladly took him in and raised him from a young age, despite the fact that he is a devil.


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He also revealed that he has loved before, as he stated that he had dated a young woman in that community. He went on to say that this was the one he loved and the one that loved him in return. Sadly, this life would come to a tragic end due to Makima’s evil and manipulative tendencies.

It is explained that Makima arrived at the village while his girlfriend and others were at the beach, forcing him to use his powers. He refused at first, but she eventually got him to use his powers. When he finally awoke, he found that he had absorbed the lives of everyone in his village – he had killed everyone he loved.

angel devil aki

Due to the nature of Makima’s powers, Angel forgets his past as well as what happened to those he loved. He was ultimately captured or controlled by Makima, eventually being formally hired as a devil hunter.

Angel rarely associates with anyone out of choice – at least in terms of fun, social, or recreational activities. The only person he becomes close with over time is Aki Hayakawa, who begins gradually showing care and affection towards the Angel Devil after the death of Aki’s former partner and potential love interest, Himeno.

Following the tragic death of Himeno, the Angel Devil proves to be a massive contributing factor in Aki’s character development. In the beginning, Aki shows deep resentment and hatred towards all devils due to the Gun Devil killing his family, irrespective of their unique nature, context, and other considerable factors, but this begins to change as he becomes closer to Angel.

aki angel devil

In fact, many Chainsaw Man fans believe that Aki develops feelings for the Angel Devil, which would mean that Aki actually has unknown romantic preferences. However, this is still up for debate, as many believe Angel may have struck a chord with Aki considering the loss of his brother and family, and that his budding relationship with the Angel Devil may have sparked some more tangible signs of mourning.

Angel attempts to fight Makima in chapter 74 of the Chainsaw Man manga after Makima commands Aki to accept a contract, where he uses 10 years of life in order to create a blade as a weapon. However, Makima simply says the word “down”, after which Angel crumples and is forced to obey Makima’s orders.

What Happens to the Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man?

With all that being said, Angel seemed to suddenly go missing – being absent from Chainsaw Man chapters and episodes. His body was shown among other Chainsaw Man supporters in chapter 83 of the Chainsaw Man manga during the Control Devil arc, and it appears he is either inactive or dead.


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Although, his body appeared to be relatively unharmed and his death was not officially confirmed alongside known deaths – such as the death of Aki, after Aki transformed into the Gun Devil. This leaves plenty of room for speculation and questions among fans, but the true fate of Angel is currently unknown.

That’s everything there is to know about the Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man so far, with images thanks to the Chainsaw Man Wiki. While fans haven’t seen much of the Angel Devil in recent times, his tragic story and wholesome personality have captured the hearts of many anime lovers. Countless Chainsaw Man fans still hope that Angel is alive and well and that we’ll be seeing much more of him in future Chainsaw Man releases.

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