Why Did Makima Kill Power in Chainsaw Man? Explained!

Why Did Makima Kill Power in Chainsaw Man? Explained!

Power is, along with Denji, one of the protagonists of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. An oddball character with a lot of quirks, she has proven herself to be a true friend and ally of Denji’s. Although the Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing, Power’s story has been inactive for some time, and the reasons for that inactivity are directly tied to the topic of this article. Namely, in this article, we are going to explain and reveal why Makima actually killed power just before the ending of Part 1 of the Chainsaw Man manga.

As the Control Devil, Makima wanted complete control over Denji, and she wanted to rid him of every relationship he had, save for the one he had with her. She wanted to destroy everyone in his life so that he would be completely dependent on her, and that is why she ultimately killed Power; that, and because she could. Losing her would make Denji alone and completely dependent on Makima.

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Power’s story in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime, as we are also going to answer the principal question that we have posed in the title of this article. This is relevant to understand Makima as a standalone character, as well as Power in relation to Denji, and that is why we are going to do it. The article is, of course, going to contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

Why did Makima kill Power in Chainsaw Man?

The question of why Makima killed Power in Chainsaw Man actually has to do with Makima more than Power. Okay, Power was a target, but only because Makima was Makima. Namely, Makima was the Control Demon, that much we know. This means that she loves to control the people around her, but in Denji’s case, it was more than just simple control. Namely, Makima was in love with Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, and she wanted him for herself. It was a complex and elaborate plan that actually involved making Denji completely dependent on her by effectively removing everyone else he cared about. At that point, Denji would be both broken and alone, making Makima’s job quite easy.


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Near the end of Part 1, Power and Denji bonded and became good friends, and Makima saw Power as a threat. Not that Denji liked Power more than Makima, but Makima wanted complete control, and Power was a nuisance in that plan. That is why Makima killed her. She simply could. It was a demonstration of her power and a way to exercise more control over Denji. By eliminating Power, Denji would have no one left, and he would be completely alone, as well as broken. Since he loved Makima, he would not have resented her for killing Power, and that would break his psyche completely, thus making him absolutely dependent on Makima and everything she does.

How did Makima kill Power in Chainsaw Man?

The events we are about to describe happened in the Control Demon Arc and ended in Chapter 91 of the manga. Makima tells Denji that she invited Power to his apartment and gives him the go-ahead to open the door so she may kill her. Makima viciously kills Power by pointing the finger at her and blowing off her torso, leaving just her legs and head behind as Denji opens the door to see Power waiting outside with a birthday cake for him.

Power was asleep when Makima attacked Denji, but Pochita abruptly roused her and urged her to help Denji. Power is convinced that Makima had killed her previously, but Pochita reassures her that this is only because Denji had drunk her blood earlier.

Chainsaw Man Power

A little while later, Power leaves Denji’s body as the Blood Fiend, her appearance entirely altered to resemble a demon while also sporting a mask similar to Pochita’s. Makima hits Power while she is disoriented, but Power promptly responds with a stronger attack because of the power boost she received from eating Pochita. Makima then controls her using her army of zombies, shoots off her right arm, and inquires as to how Power is still alive despite having already been put to death.

Power then tries to grab Denji’s body and flee, but Makima shoots her in the back after recognizing that she has little chance of getting away. Makima then offers Power the chance to become Makima’s pet once more in exchange for giving Denji’s body, which Power accepts without hesitation.

Power, though, recalled the connection she had formed with Denji and instead assaulted Makima before fleeing. Makima then gives her army of zombies the order to pursue Power, and although most of the zombies succeed in hurting her, Power eventually retreats into a narrow alleyway. Power asserted that Denji is the lone exception because he was her very first friend, despite her belief that every life is unequally precious, including her own, and that a person’s death is nothing to be sad about.

Power and Denji transform back into their regular selves after managing to get away from Makima and her puppets, and they discover themselves inside a dumpster. Power hugs Denji and tells him that she came to save him when she notices that he is still alive and well. Denji responds that he has already fulfilled all of Power’s dreams and that he is fine.

When he attempts to give up, Power calls him an idiot and a wimp, offers him her blood and strikes a deal with him to aid in taking down Makima. Before vanishing, Power warns Denji that even if a devil perishes, he will just be revived in Hell and reincarnated in the physical world once again. At that point, Power will have no memory of the deceased devil and become Denji’s enemy. Power makes one last plea to Denji to locate the Blood Fiend and transform it back into the original Power so that they can resume their friendship. Her body had vanished and merged with his when Denji eventually awoke. Then, Denji mourns for her by himself.


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As you can clearly see, Power is, sadly, dead, as she was killed by Makima because Makima was an evil and manipulative person. She attempted to abuse Denji as much as she could while concealing the fact that she was the Control Demon. Denji, who was already under Makima’s influence, opted to become Makima’s pet dog after Aki passed away because he didn’t want to ever again have to make his own judgments. Makima, being the cruel woman she was, decided to take advantage of this by murdering Power, Denji’s last remaining buddy, in front of him. Why?

She wants Denji to suffer, and that is the only justification there is for this. Makima killed Power despite the fact that she posed no threat to her; hence there was really no justification for her actions. She did this because she wanted Denji to endure greater pain. She was unaware that Power would return shortly and that her manipulation would ultimately result in her own death. But that is a completely different story that we have already talked about in some other articles here on Fiction Horizon.

And that’s about it, don’t you think? The story of Power and her intrinsic nature ended at one moment, and all we can do is mourn her and ponder about the future. We have clearly explained everything you need to know about Power’s relationship with Denji and how it ultimately affected Makima’s decision to kill her. You also know everything about Makima and her point of view as far as this situation is concerned, and with that, our goal with this article is fulfilled, and we can wrap things up here at this moment.

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