Are the Angel Devil and Aki in Love? Relationship Explained

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The Angel Devil was finally introduced in Chainsaw Man episode 11, as fans were quick to notice how this androgynous male character interacted with another fan-favorite male character. Of course, we are talking about Aki, who is the silent and somewhat stoic character that has been around since the early part of the storyline. In episode 11, however, we saw the start of what would become a pretty neat dynamic between the Angel Devil and Aki in the manga. So, are the Angel Devil and Aki in love?

The Angel Devil and Aki are not in love, and that’s because neither of them is gay or bisexual. Their relationship with one another is closer to a bromance between the two characters, as the Angel Devil was surprised by how Aki, who already knew that he was going to die, didn’t care about getting close to him.

It is the fact that the Angel Devil’s power basically kills or weakens humans upon close contact that makes him an aloof character in Chainsaw Man. But the fact that Aki already has an idea of how he would die is the reason why he was never afraid of getting too close to the Angel Devil. And this was the start of what became a pure friendship between the two characters.

Are The Angel Devil And Aki In Love?

During the 11th episode of Chainsaw Man, we were finally introduced to one of the characters that manga readers adored, as it was the episode that finally allowed us to see the Angel Devil in action. Of course, the Angel Devil’s introduction came during the assault on Katana Man’s base, as the operation involved all of the members of Special Division 4 of Public Safety.

It was during the assault on the base and the fight with the zombies working under Katana Man that we saw Angel Devil’s first onscreen interaction with another fan-favorite character in Aki. While they didn’t have the best first interaction, we know for a fact that the Angel Devil and Aki became partners in the manga, as this first happened in the Bomb Girl arc. The one thing that fans love about their partnership is how they actually cared for one another during the later arcs. So, does that mean that the Angel Devil and Aki are in love?

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We are going to make some fans upset, but as far as we know, the Angel Devil and Aki are not in love. It might be true that they developed a good partnership and friendship during the later parts of the manga, but it was never hinted that they were actually in love with one another.

Of course, the Angel Devil, despite his feminine appearance, is actually a straight male character who was revealed in the manga to have been in love with a woman in the past. It was the fact that Makima, as the Control Devil, contributed to the death of that woman that made the Angel Devil want to kill her. As such, it is clear that he isn’t into men.


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On the other hand, Aki seems to be somewhat of a mystery because we haven’t noticed him showing any kind of affection toward men and women alike. But what we do know is that Aki did feel sad about Himeno’s death, as she used to be one of the people he closely worked with when he first joined Public Safety as a member of the Special Divisions. Himeno, of course, is interested in Aki.

But Aki, due to his limited lifespan, probably doesn’t care about romantic relationships at this point because his only concern is killing the Gun Devil, who was responsible for the deaths of all of his family members. That is why Aki’s sexual preference is somewhat of a mystery, although we do know that there was never a point in the manga where he expressed that he had feelings for the Angel Devil.

What Is The Relationship Between The Angel Devil And Aki?

While we did say that Aki and the Angel Devil are not in love with one another, they eventually became very close friends in the manga due to how they were partnered up with one another in several missions.

Of course, this partnership was quite convenient for both of them. For one, the Angel Devil is somewhat aloof and doesn’t interact with humans because his powers instantly drain the life force out of humans that touch him. Meanwhile, Aki didn’t care about whether or not he touched the Angel Devil because he already knew that he was going to die soon. In fact, his encounter with the Future Devil when they formed a contract with one another allowed Aki to have an idea of how he was going to die.

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In that regard, Aki had an idea that his death wasn’t going to come at the hands of the Angel Devil. It also didn’t matter to him that his lifespan would shorten if he were to touch the Angel Devil. And that’s because he already knew that he didn’t have a long time left to live due to the effects of the Curse Devil and because he was on a personal mission that was so dangerous that nothing short of his life would be the cost for him to succeed in that quest.

But while the partnership between the two was convenient, it didn’t start out too well for either of them because they struggled to get along with one another. That’s because both of them hated each other’s kind, as we also know that the Angel Devil claims to despise humans and that Aki wants to kill all of the Devils.


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However, as they got to know more about one another and the things they went through in life, they began to warm up to each other such that they eventually cared for each other’s well-being. Aki was even willing to touch the Angel Devil’s hand to save him. Meanwhile, the Angel Devil trusted Aki well enough that he shared with him untold information about the life cycle of the Devils.

That means that the relationship between the Angel Devil and Aki was sort of a bromance that allowed each other to actually see one another as a friend. Of course, they both needed a friend to rely on because they struggled to make friends due to the circumstances of their lives. The Angel Devil couldn’t come near any human being due to his powers, while Aki was so focused on his quest for revenge that he already forgot how to actually live life and make friends along the way.

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