Is Totally Reliable Delivery Service Cross-Platform? Full Crossplay Guide

Plenty of gamers adore Totally Reliable Delivery Service for its whimsical sandbox aesthetic, comedic plot, and downright outlandish physics. But, with this game being made available on so many different platforms – mixed in with some contradictory statements – there are tons of players who wonder if Totally Reliable Delivery Service is actually cross-platform supportive.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service was announced as being cross-platform supportive for the iOS and Android versions upon launch, but it seems that crossplay is currently not available at all. However, the devs have implied that crossplay will be made available for Totally Reliable Delivery Service in the future.

Crossplay is becoming a staple in recent times, and it’s certainly a hot topic for games that need as much co-op as possible. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Totally Reliable Delivery Service’s stance on crossplay, and whether the situation may change any time soon.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Overview

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is certainly special, featuring some classic ragdoll physics with ridiculously snappy platforming. Players will need to grapple, sprint, dive, and maneuver their clunky characters while avoiding being knocked out by a random object in the process.

This fun and comedic game is inspired by a very real but not-so-funny occurrence that many of us may have experienced in real life – tardy and underwhelming delivery services. It’s based around the concept of packages simply going missing or taking forever to reach your doorstep – with the main focal point being why this could be the case.

“Rockers, have you ever just had that one package that never showed up? The one you wait for days if not weeks for? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder if it got lost in the mail or if the delivery person took it?” I know I definitely have. Have you ever wanted to be a mailman? Now, what if you had the opportunity to live out that dream? Well if you said yes, then you are in luck!”

Tiny Build has created Totally Reliable Delivery Service to allow players to gain the experience of being in the delivery industry. This family-oriented sandbox game hopes to keep families together while possibly causing some unrealistic yet enjoyable chaos, allowing 4 players to work together using a variety of nifty gadgets and vehicles.

Players from just about all platform preferences can enjoy Totally Reliable Delivery Service, as the game is available on:

  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • iOS
  • Android

Totally Reliable Delivery Service offers a plethora of ditzy and humorous gameplay experiences for players of all ages, including a world filled with untimely distractions and over 20 land, air, and sea vehicles to choose from. There are thousands of combinations for uniquely customized characters, and over 100 delivery objectives to accomplish.

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Is Totally Reliable Delivery Service Crossplay?

There has been plenty of confusion surrounding whether or not Totally Reliable Delivery Service is actually cross-platform supportive or not. The confusion mainly stems from contradicting statements from the game’s initial launch, versus the experience that players have been having to date.

When Totally Reliable Delivery Service was launched back on April 1st, 2020, the devs stated that the iOS and Android versions of Totally Reliable Delivery Service were crossplay-enabled. They even went so far as to clarify that this was not an April Fools Day joke.

It’s safe to say that crossplay may or may not have been intended for the other platforms the game is available on, outside of iOS and Android. But, players have been having issues when trying to use the crossplay feature in Totally Reliable Delivery Service at all.

Players flocked to forums and threads after the game’s launch to find out more, only to be told that cross-platform was not ‘currently’ available. Most Totally Reliable Delivery Service fans are still unsure if the situation will change anytime soon (if at all) since there haven’t been any updates within the past year or so.

Will Totally Reliable Delivery Service Become Crossplay?

There have been no official statements concerning whether or not Totally Reliable Delivery Service will be made cross-platform supportive as of 2022. However, the nature of the devs’ responses did give the impression that crossplay was intended to be made available in Totally Reliable Delivery Service – at least, to some degree.

According to a post made by a developer on Steam:

“Hey there, this game does not support cross-platform coop just yet but we will keep you updated and make an announcement when we have that available!”

That being said, this post was made back in March 2021, and there have been no further updates from the devs. There are still plenty of questions that seem to be going unanswered.

Perhaps there is an issue with crossplay that was not realized up until the launch, or some problem that the devs have encountered that they are unable to elaborate on at this time. The hope is that, if crossplay was indeed the goal for Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the feature will somehow be made available at some point.

In the meantime, players and fans of Totally Reliable Delivery Service can still enjoy the game’s multiplayer modes. While mobile versions do not have local co-op available, the Nintendo Switch version has a 2-player co-op available via local and 4-player multiplayer available online.

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Although the inability to play Totally Reliable Delivery Service with friends on different platforms is disappointing, fans may have hope. Considering that the devs seem to have intended to make it crossplay in some capacity, players can hopefully look forward to the cross-platform feature sometime in the future.

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