Jack Hanma vs. Baki Hanma: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

baki vs jack

We know that the events of the ‘Baki’ manga and anime storyline revealed two powerful fighters who became powerful due to their bloodline. We are talking about Jack Hanma and Baki Hanma, who are both the children of none other than Yuujirou Hanma. Being the sons of the strongest creature on the planet allowed both Jack and Baki to become powerful. But who is stronger than them?

Baki Hanma is stronger than Jack Hanma, and this is exemplified in his win over his older half-brother. On top of that, Baki also performed a lot better against fighters that Jack struggled against or couldn’t defeat, including the likes of Pickle and Yuujirou Hanma, proving that he is better than Jack.

The thing about the Hanma bloodline is that Baki was the one who was specifically chosen to be a true Hanma when Yuujirou impregnated Baki’s mother. On the other hand, Yuujirou always saw Jack as a failure of a son. This is one of the reasons why Baki always had a higher potential. Now, let’s look at how and why Baki is stronger than Jack.


Jack Hanma is one of the most imposing people in the entire world. He was already tall before he underwent physical enhancements. But he only grew bigger and stronger when he allowed himself to undergo an experimental procedure that transformed his body, allowing him to stand nearly eight feet tall. In fact, in terms of his strength, he was almost able to match the imposing physical strength of Pickle.

jack hanma

Baki Hanma is one of the smallest fighters in the storyline and is quite short when compared to the other imposing fighters. Nevertheless, his training and Hanma bloodline allowed him to obtain superhuman strength, being able to go toe-to-toe with the incredibly strong and muscular Biscuit Oliva and even scaring Pickle with his inhuman strength. He could also match his father’s strength quite a few times.


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In terms of size, Jack has a distinct advantage because his reach and muscular body are far superior to Baki. However, Baki has shown strength levels that are on par or even greater than his brother’s own strength. As such, we’ll chalk this one as a tie.

Jack 0, Baki 0


Jack is so durable that his powerful body can withstand some of the toughest injuries any character could experience. Of course, his body is so durable that it survived some of the most grueling and inhuman procedures meant to enhance his overall body. In most cases, such procedures would have killed other people, but Jack survived despite the pain that he had to endure. And he even survived two encounters with Pickle.

jack pickle

Baki’s durability is legendary because he has the strongest fighting spirit in the entire storyline. Despite being smaller than any of the other powerful characters in the storyline, he can withstand attacks that would have killed or injured most of his rivals. He was considered durable enough to handle organ damage, crushed bones, and other internal injuries that no other person could survive. In his fight with Yuujirou, his fighting spirit continued to fight despite the fact that Baki’s physical body was already too exhausted.

We’ve seen Jack and Baki live through attacks that would have killed other people. Jack, of course, underwent physical enhancements that may have been fatal for others. Baki, on the other hand, lived and fought through fatal attacks. We can’t say for sure which of them is more durable.

Jack 0, Baki 0


Jack Hanma is an expert in a lot of different forms of martial arts, as he was able to showcase his strength and technique in different encounters with different people. But his specialty was always his ability to bite, as no other character in Baki has the ability to use biting techniques on par with his own. Pickle is the only one who has the same jaw strength, but Jack’s biting techniques are so advanced that he can actually use his eyes to see through the body of a person or animal to see their vital spots.


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Out of all of the different characters in ‘Baki,’ Baki Hanma’s techniques tend to vary because of the fact that he was always a mixed martial artist who has the ability to use different forms of martial arts, including traditional grappling techniques and even unique forms that he mimicked from animals and dinosaurs.

But while he uses different types of true martial arts, he can also use unique styles that are fundamentally simple but are incredibly painful, including slaps. Baki enjoys fighting an all-out brawl, as he did the same with Pickle and Yuujirou in the final stages of their fights.

baki height

While Jack’s ability to use his biting force is crushing and devastating, Baki is more versatile in terms of his martial arts because he knows more styles and has perfected his own unique and unorthodox style as well.

Jack 0, Baki 1


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Even though he often relies on his size and brute strength, Jack is also an intelligent fighter who understands his opponents’ different strengths and weaknesses. He can assess a situation really well and can find counters to the strengths of his opponents. One such case was when he drilled a countermove into his very cells, such that his body would act independently despite being unconscious, as he tried to do this with Pickle.

Baki may sometimes act so simple and laidback, but he was always a genius fighter who knew how to assess a situation and use different techniques that could counter his opponents’ styles and techniques. He understands how to use his own strengths to neutralize the advantages of most of his opponents. There have been a lot of situations wherein his resourcefulness and tactics came into play, especially when he took time to understand how an opponent fights so that he would know what his opponent would do next.

baki and yuujirou

It might be true that Jack is also a genius fighter, but Baki has used his intelligence as a fighter more times than his older half-brother did. And it was through his tactical genius that Baki was able to defeat opponents bigger and stronger than him.

Jack 0, Baki 2


Jack was born a Hanma, which means he has the natural strength and physical gifts he got from his father. His mother was also strong in her own right, as she was also a combatant in her own right. But while Jack was born strong, he lacked the one thing that made all Hanma family members special—the Demon Back. In that regard, Yuujirou often disregarded Jack’s overall abilities.

Yuujirou chose Baki’s mother as the bearer of his seed because he knew that her bloodthirsty nature would create a strong child to become his rightful heir. While Yuujirou was initially disappointed that Baki didn’t progress as a fighter fast enough, he understood that his son had the potential to be the strongest fighter in the world if he only had the same kind of bloodthirsty nature that a fighter required to be the best. But when Baki proved himself to have the Demon Back, Yuujirou acknowledged his potential.

baki and father

The only thing that we need to see here is that Yuujirou acknowledged Baki but failed to do the same to Jack. That means a lot from the strongest creature on the planet.

Jack 0, Baki 3

Jack Hanma vs. Baki Hanma: Who wins?

At the end of the day, Baki was always the superior fighter when compared to his older and bigger brother. Jack may have his father’s bloodline as he is looking to become stronger than him for the sake of revenge. But Baki’s potential and innate intelligence as a fighter have always allowed him to defeat stronger opponents. This is why Baki is the superior Hanma child.

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