James Gunn Strives to Correct Another ‘Man of Steel’ Misstep:” I Don’t Think I’d Hire Pruitt to Play a Dead Person”

James Gunn keeping papa kent alive

‘Superman,’ set for a 2025 release, marks the initial live-action project slated for DCU release, pivotal to Gunn’s new cinematic universe’s success.

Gunn has encountered various criticisms, from a predominantly white cast to a seemingly low-budget production featuring actors and settings more suited for a TV series than a major film.

Despite facing opposition from some fans, Gunn has now provided a reason for them to anticipate the upcoming movie.

Recently, a fan reached out to James Gunn on social media, seeking clarification on whether Jonathan Kent (portrayed by Pruitt Taylor Vince) would be alive or deceased in the film. Gunn responded to the query with a touch of humor, yet he offered a clear and direct answer:

Well, I don’t think I’d hire Pruitt to play a dead person for an entire film.

Fans were instantly thrilled by the response.

Just a heads up in case you were not aware, in ‘Man Of Steel,’ Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent sacrifices himself in a tornado to prevent Superman from revealing his powers to the public. This scene was heavily criticized by fans, who found the idea and execution lacking.

Critics also questioned the logic behind Jonathan’s decision, arguing it was unnecessary and unrealistic. They believed he could have accepted Clark’s help without exposing his abilities. Fans felt his death didn’t contribute meaningfully to Superman’s character growth. Instead of inspiring him, it seemed to create fear and doubt in Clark, disappointing some viewers.

It would be interesting to see Gunn’s Superman take a different path to inspiration, with Jonathan Kent remaining alive longer. However, the devil’s in the details. Some fans are already speculating based on Gunn’s comments. “For an entire film” could imply that Pa Kent might meet his end later on.

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