‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ Season 5 (Part 2) Ending, Explained: Does Jolyne Get Out of Prison?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Welcome to the Ending Explained for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 5 (Part 2). The second part of the Stone Ocean anime is filled with all the things we love about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. We have tons of twists, and many crazy stand powers, and we also get a new development that will change the face of this part of the story on its head. Stone Ocean is a very crazy part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and it is one where Araki managed to put every bit of his imagination into it.

Unfortunately, the anime still feels a bit cheap in regard to the animation. Everything looks as stiff as ever. It really seems like expecting an improvement in this regard is a hopeless dream. This is very sad because JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure really deserves the best adaptation it can have. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is still one of the most amazing and creative mangas ever put on the page. That the animation of the adaption looks so lackluster is a shame.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 5 (Part 2). Read at your own risk.

Does Jolyne Manage To Rescue Her Father’s Memories?

Part 2 of Season 5 brings a lot of new developments for our group of characters. One of these developments involves Ermes and her reason for being in prison. We discover that her sister, Gloria, was killed trying to protect her from a group of criminals. In the process, Gloria is killed, and Ermes swears vengeance upon the criminal responsible. A man named Sports Maxx. Sports also has a stand ability where he can revive beings. Pucci tries to use Sports’ ability to revive DIO from a bone the villain gave to him.

Sports Maxx is unable to revive DIO through the bone, but the bone acquires a sort of life unto itself. Ermes ends up battling Sports and finishes him. However, she gets really hurt in the process, and she is transferred to the infirmary. Meanwhile, Jolyne and F.F. meet Anastasia, a man who is also a stand-user and is deeply in love with Jolyne. He swears to protect her and help her escape prison. They battle a number of stand-users that Pucci sends to kill them.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

During the many battles, Anastasia and Jolyne end up being attacked by another stand, and they are witness to the birth of The Green Baby, from the bone Pucci received from DIO. It seems that this is a sort of DIO being reborn, and it is quite creepy. However, thanks to the help of F.F. the baby is defeated and a battle against Pucci finally begins with Jolyne and the priest exchanging attacks with each other.

The battle is difficult for both parties, but Pucci is at a disadvantage as he needs to fight three stands users while using his only stand, Whitesnake. In a desperate move, Pucci fatally wounds Anastasia and throws Jotaro’s memory disc into his body. The result of this and that when Anastasia dies, he will take the disc with him. This means that Jotaro will never recover his memories. However, F.F. sacrifices by possessing Anastasia’s body and healing his wounds. Allowing Jolyne to collect the disc.

F.F. decides to die, as she could not be born in a new body without basically becoming a new person. She thanks Jolyne for being her friend and then vanishes in the wind.

Does Jolyne Get Out Of Prison?

Although Pucci escapes, he ends up fusing himself with the green baby. This means that now Pucci has a part of DIO inside of him. He now has all the memories from Jotato and DIO inside of him. He knows exactly where to go and how to achieve the Heaven he has always wanted to get to. Pucci no longer needs to stay in the prison, so he leaves. Meanwhile, Jolyne gives Jotaro’s disc to Emporio, but they get attacked by a new stand user named Mew Mew.


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Mew Mew traps Jolyne inside a loop, where she cannot remember more than three pieces of information at a time. It all gets overcomplicated as Jolyne forgets where she is and what she needs to do all the time. However, with the help of Emporio, Jolyne manages to defeat the ability by using Stone Free threads to imprint images in her mind so that she won’t forget. She ends up defeating Mew Mew and Emporio uses Mew Mew’s ability to make all the guards forget where they are.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Jolyne has decided they need to go to where Heaven will appear and stop Pucci from executing DIO’s plan. On the way, they pick-up Ermes. Ermes decides to go with them, so she can avenge F.F.’s death. It is implied that they will also get Weather Report out of his cell on the way out and go to where Pucci is expected to be. Speaking of Pucci, we see him one last time before the end of this second part of Season 5.

We see Pucci sitting on a bench. He is sick. A woman comes near and drops a box of eggs; he catches them and then leaves. The eggs break, revealing grown chicks. Pucci is passing through the sickness that always hits people getting stand abilities. Pucci concludes that Whitesnake is no longer his stand and that he is developing a new one. He cannot control this power, which seems to accelerate time instead of stopping it, as The World did. Pucci makes his way to Cape Canaveral, the place where DIO said Heave will appear.

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