Jujutsu Kaisen: Geto Didn’t Hate Gojo & Here Is Why

Jujutsu Kaisen: Did Geto Hate Gojo?

And while the Jujutsu Kaisen series has given us many characters, two protagonists have been attracting attention since their debut, and since they have been the focus of both the Gojo’s Past Arc and Jujutsu Kaisen 0, we have – in light of the new facts revealed in the anime – decided to explain one aspect of their relationship. The characters in question, of course, are Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto. Knowing their shared history, we cannot but wonder about the nature of the relationship between Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo and this article is going to be dedicated to that question. In this text, you are going to find out whether Geto hated Gojo and what kind of relationship the two of them had in the end.

Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo never hated each other. They were best friends despite not always agreeing on anything, and their ideological break was painful for both of them, but they never really hated each other, which is why they were not really able to fight each other. Gojo did eventually kill Geto, but the circumstances were very different, and they do not indicate that the two actually hated each other in any way.

The rest of this article will explore Satoru Gojo’s relationship with Suguru Geto while focusing, in particular, on the nature of their relationship and whether they hated each other or not, which is also the main and principal question of this article. If you’re not fully up-to-date with the events of Jujutsu Kaisen, this article might contain some important spoilers, but we have to state that no new information will be presented here, as we will focus on old and well-known facts about the two of them.

Gojo and Geto were too close to hate each other, despite all the differences that existed between them

To properly answer this question, we will tell you about the very nature of the relationship between Gojo and Geto. Particularly as adults, the two of them have extremely different personalities. Gojo has always been a complex individual since he typically interacts with his students and coworkers in a casual and upbeat manner, but with the community’s higher-ups, he acts coldly and viciously.

He is quite sure of himself, which helped him in many battles, but while he can get annoying and people often consider him full of himself, Gojo has changed a lot over the years. While he was younger, he was reckless and simply wanted to show off his power, but after Riko Amanai’s death, which was a moment that changed both Gojo and Geto, he changed and became more aware of his own role in society and the importance of protecting others.

On the other hand, Suguru is best known as a dangerous sorcerer and a good fighter. Suguru is a person who is conscious of his situation in society but understands how to treat others with respect and modesty. He could also be arrogant, but that was mostly towards his enemies. Geto believed in a firm ideology that was based on the fact that sorcerers needed to protect non-sorcerers, but after Riko Amanai’s death, he was tormented by the trauma and ultimately changed, starting to hate humans.

Later, like the Curses, Geto lost all respect for human lives and started harboring severe hatred for them; he despises non-sorcerers and refers to them as “monkeys.” He thinks that the sorcerers stand for both human progress and the master race. On the other hand, he adores his fellow cursers and regards his commanders as members of his own family.


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So, as you can see, Riko Amanai’s death was the trigger that changed both of their personalities, turning Gojo into a hero and Geto into a villain. It was, and we have to admit that, sad to see Geto become a villain, especially since a changed Gojo was devastated by that fact, especially since he failed to return him to the side of good. But that’s how it happened, which is why these two are so well-written characters and why their relationship was so complex, and why it remains as one of the most often-discussed relationships in the series.

Initially, they were classmates and had a very close relationship, but they were not in love despite the fans’ insistence that they were. Instead, they were very close friends, and so far, we have not received a confirmation of there being any deeper feelings between the two of them.

They could communicate with one another and had a fascinating dynamic, but that was it. They also often fought, which is why Yaga had to come and beat them up to calm them down, but despite these quarrels, there were never any negative emotions between them, as Gojo and Geto respected each other very much. But things changed, as we’ve said, after Riko Amanai’s death.

As time went on, Geto’s confidence in his own ideas waned. His strong moral values shook when he realized how reprehensible some people might be. Even though he shared Gojo’s grief over Riko’s passing, Geto saw the worst in people due to these occurrences, and they started to change him.

Gojo, on the other hand, realized that this required even more dedication. Over time, as he took on more missions alone, the cycle of ingesting curses and delivering others from curses started to seem pointless to him. The memories of the humans celebrating Riko’s murder increasingly tortured him with each ingested curse, finally changing him and turning him into a villain.

He massacred a whole village, killed his own parents, and then disappeared, taking on the role of a cult leader, as he slowly worked on creating a world without non-sorcerers. When a report sentencing Geto to death was published, Gojo was shocked and tried to find a way to justify Geto’s actions, but that was not possible. Still, he did not hate him – he was just broken. Soon after Geto met Ieiri in Shibuya, Gojo arrived and faced his former friend.

He challenged his ideology, claiming that it was Geto himself who said that a jujutsu sorcerer could kill only when he had a reason to, but Geto was a changed man now, and he simply rejected all of that. He confirmed that he killed his own parents because he couldn’t make any exceptions and that he was actually aiming to create a better society. He told Gojo to kill him if he wanted to, but Gojo couldn’t do it then, and Geto simply disappeared.


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Geto never really hated Gojo, which is why he was not able to bring himself to fight Gojo at any point; even later, in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, he isolated Gojo so he would avoid fighting him (okay, it was also because Gojo is super strong, but you get the point). He was a bit jealous of Gojo’s freedom, the liberty he had to rise above his traumas, but that was not jealousy.

And it was definitely not hatred. The two of them simply respected each other too much to hate each other, and while they were on different sides, and while it did hurt them that they were enemies, there was never any hatred between them.

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