Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s Why & When Geto Murdered His Parents!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Here's Why & When Geto Murdered His Parents!

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A powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer and Gojo’s close friend, Suguru Getō was initially a moral compass for Gojo, whose reckless behavior he kept in line with his firm ideology, which was based on the idea that jujutsu sorcerers existed to protect non-sorcerers. But, witnessing how disgusting humans (non-sorcerers) can be and finding out the truth about curses, Suguru Geto changed, and the Gojo’s Past Arc was a bittersweet insight into how Suguru Geto changed and how he became – slowly – the villain that we’ve seen in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. After completely breaking down and deciding to become a villain, Suguru Geto killed, among others, his own parents, and in this article, we are going to explain how and why he did it.

Based on what has been implied, Geto killed his parents because they were non-sorcerers. Namely, after Riko’s death, Geto’s former ideology started breaking down, and he slowly succumbed to his own hatred; realizing that eliminating non-sorcerers would rid the world of curses, he finally broke during a mission and decided that he would rid the world of non-sorcerers, starting off by massacring a whole village and then, later, killing his own parents, as he couldn’t make any exceptions whatsoever. That is why he killed his parents without hesitating.

The rest of the article will be dedicated solely to Suguru Geto and his story as it changed in Jujutsu Kaisen. You’ll find out how Suguru Geto changed throughout the story and which events ultimately culminated in him becoming a villain and killing his own parents as one of his first villainous acts. Suguru Geto is a character with a great story, so the events surrounding his change are certainly interesting to fans. Beware, this article will be full of spoilers, though, so be careful how you approach the text if you’re not fully up-to-date.

Geto killed his parents because they were non-sorcerers, and he couldn’t really make any exceptions

Now, the story of how and why Suguru Geto killed his parents actually starts off earlier, as we are obliged to explain what led to that brutal act. Namely, Geto killing his parents was never shown, only talked about in the series, and we don’t have too many details about that event. We know that it was a manifestation of something and that the murder itself was an act that symbolizes just how much Geto’s changed, and that is why it is important to explain that change and then put the act of murdering his parents into context.

So, at the beginning of Gojo’s Past Arc, we see a very different Geto than the one we’ve seen in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. The Geto we encountered then was composed, amiable, and incredibly polite. He appeared to have a deep compassion for people and an intricate understanding of human emotions, which he frequently used in various contexts.

He also had a very strong moral compass and strongly believed in upholding non-sorcerers’ rights because they were stronger, according to his moral philosophy. The jujutsu sorcerers had to uphold the highest moral standards and safeguard those individuals because non-sorcerers lacked any defense methods and were defenseless against the curses.


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In a way, he was a protector of the non-sorcerers, as he understood their position in the world. He acted as a moral compass for Satoru Gojo, who wasn’t evil but reckless and did not attack any ideology in his work, which meant that he would disregard the safety of others if he deemed it proper to act in such a way. That is why he often asked Geto what he should do, knowing that he would tell him whether his action was acceptable. But, the situation surrounding Riko Amanai changed everything, and Geto’s ideology slowly but steadily crumbled.

All of it culminated when Toji killed Riko, which left a permanent mark on both Geto and Gojo. Riko’s body was taken to the Time Vessel Association, and Gojo went there to retrieve it, with Geto coming after him. As Gojo was taking Riko’s body, the members of the cult were applauding him, being happy that Riko was dead. This angered Gojo incredibly, while Geto was disgusted. But still, at the time, despite witnessing Riko’s tragic death, Geto’s moral compass was still in place, although visibly shaken.

But because of that, he stopped Gojo from killing the Time Vessel Association members who were celebrating Riko’s death. Geto dissuaded Gojo by informing him that there were inadequate grounds for taking action because all they had done was morally unpleasant; according to his ideology, a Jujutsu sorcerer shouldn’t kill anyone unless he had valid grounds to do so, and being disgusting was not really a good reason to kill anyone.

Gojo was furious and meant to kill them all because they were morally repulsive. Even still, something in Geto started to shift at that very time because he lacked his usual certainty when his ideology was in question, and the events that happened later showed just how deeply-rooted this trauma was.

Namely, as time went by, Gojo and Geto started going on more and more standalone missions, with Gojo becoming “the strongest” alone, while Geto was – in a tragic twist of irony – succumbing to his trauma more and more. Ironically, Riko’s death changed both Geto and Gojo, but while Gojo realized the importance of his role in society and changed for the better, Geto succumbed to his own darkness.

He started questioning his role in society, and with each exorcised curse, he questioned for whom he was doing that and why he was even caring for the humans, as the horrible images of people applauding Riko’s death haunted him more and more. This is also the first time he actually called people “monkeys,” which was his signature name for non-sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

But, at the time, Geto had still not succumbed to the darkness fully. When Yuki asked him whether he hated humans or not, Geto said he did not know, as one side of him hated them vehemently, while another still held to his earlier ideals. Yuki told him that at one point, he would have to choose the path he would walk on and that Geto would know when the moment for that decision came. And it came rather soon, sadly.

Geto was performing an exorcism by himself in a village outside of Tokyo. After successfully exorcising the curse that plagued the village, he once again witnessed how vile people could be, as two adults from the village wanted him to kill two helpless girls they had imprisoned out of pure hatred for them. They persisted in lying and demeaning that Geto did something about them despite his protests that he did not sense anything in them and that he had already exorcised the curse.

Unable to take it anymore, at one point, Geto snapped and summoned one of his curses to massacre the whole village save for the two girls whose lives he saved. He then returned home and did the same to his parents, killing them. The report Gojo would see later confirmed this, as did Geto himself when he briefly met Gojo in the streets of Shibuya.


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This was it for Geto. At that moment, he had decided that his hatred for humans was the right path, so he decided to use all of his powers to completely eradicate the “monkeys” to create a world without curses. When Gojo asked him why he had killed his parents, Geto simply replied that he could not make any exceptions, implying that he had killed them because they were non-sorcerers and that he simply started his mission with them, probably deducing that if he could kill them, he can kill anyone else as well.

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