Jujutsu Kaisen: Here Is How Geto Became a Villain & Killed the Village

Jujutsu Kaisen: Here Is How Geto Became a Villain & Killed the Village?

Suguru Getō is a character who is enormously important to the story of Jujutsu Kaisen; every fan of Jujutsu Kaisen knows that. A powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer and Gojo’s close friend, Suguru Getō was initially a moral compass for Gojo, whose reckless behavior he kept in line with his firm ideology, which was based on the idea that jujutsu sorcerers existed to protect non-sorcerers. But, witnessing how disgusting humans (non-sorcerers) can be and finding out the truth about curses, Suguru Geto changed. His ideology cracked slowly, and at one point, after another tragedy, Suguru Geto changed and decided to create a world without non-sorcerers, effectively becoming a villain. In this article, we are going to explain that tragedy and tell you how Geto became a villain.

After witnessing the crowd of cultists applauding Riko’s death and two vile adults accusing two young girls of being monsters, Suguru Geto finally snapped. Knowing that curses would effectively disappear in a world without non-sorcerers, he changed drastically as a character and opted to be a villain. He decided that he would pursue a path of eliminating non-sorcerers, which made him a villain, as he was willing to sacrifice even innocent lives, even the lives of good non-sorcerers, to achieve his twisted goal.

The rest of the article will be dedicated solely to Suguru Getō and his story as it happened in Jujutsu Kaisen. You’re going to find out how Suguru Getō changed throughout the story and which events ultimately culminated in him becoming a villain and one of the most dangerous characters in the series. Suguru Getō is a character with a great story, so the events surrounding his change are certainly of interest to fans. Beware, this article will be full of spoilers, though, so be careful how you approach the text if you’re not fully up-to-date.

Suguru Geto went from being a hero to becoming a dangerous villain

Suguru Geto’s story actually began in 2006, as every true fan of the series knows, when he was still just a student at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. He was in the same class as Gojo and Ieiri, and despite Gojo and Geto occasionally clashing over issues of ideology, the three of them were very good friends.

Specifically, Geto strongly believed that jujutsu sorcerers exist to defend non-sorcerers, while Gojo believed that jujutsu sorcery should be devoid of all ideology (Ieiri would simply leave when the two of them would start, and if Yaga was there, he would beat them up until they stopped). Interestingly enough, Geto frequently served as Gojo’s moral compass because Gojo’s behavior was often… well, not evil, but simply irresponsible, as Gojo did not attach much moral value to his actions.

But, while Geto’s ideology was firm initially, the events surrounding Riko Amanai and her death changed him and contributed to his eventual downfall. As you know, Riko Amanai was the Star Plasma Vessel that several terrorist groups targeted because of that as they wanted to stop her merger with Master Tengen.

One of them, the Time Vessel Association, hired assassin Toji Fushiguro to eliminate Riko, which he eventually did after defeating Gojo. At the same time, believing that Gojo would not lose, Geto offered Riko the option not to merge with Tengen, and she accepted. Just when he was about to take her back home, Toji came and shot her in the head. Geto tried to fight him, but he was also defeated, and it was only later that a healed Gojo arrived and killed Toji in a brutal fashion.


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Geto later arrived at the building of the Time Vessel Organization, where Gojo had gone to retrieve Riko’s body. As Gojo was leaving, numerous cultists applauded Riko’s death, which made Gojo furious; Geto was shocked and disgusted by this. Gojo then asked him if he should simply kill all of them, but Geto told him that a jujutsu sorcerer always needed a reason to kill, and since they were simply disgusting and not a threat, there was no reason for Gojo to kill them.

And while Geto stuck to his ideology here, he was a bit swayed. The shock of losing Riko in such a way and the disgust he felt seeing the cultists applaud the death of an innocent girl shook him significantly, and while he was still Geto, he wasn’t as sure as he was before.

In the aftermath of these events, Suguru Geto went alone on missions more often than before. And while he was successful in exorcising the curses, the tragedy of Riko’s death kept haunting him, and he constantly saw images of that in his head. Since it was a trauma that he never resolved, Geto started questioning himself and his work and wondered for whom he was actually doing it.

Knowing that the people were disgusting, he kept wondering whether it made sense that he actually helped them anymore, and at one point during this crisis, he called them “monkeys” for the first time. Still, this was still not it.

He would later meet Yuki Tsukumo, with whom he had a sincere talk. She was a maverick sorcerer who wanted to rid the world of curses as a whole, which was a plan that Geto liked. And while Yuki presented him with two possibilities, he concluded that there was a third. Namely, as non-sorcerers were basically the “producers” of curses, eliminating all non-sorcerers would rid the world of curses, which is an opportunity that Geto saw.

And while Yuki agreed that it would solve the problem, she did not agree with this method. When she asked Geto if he hated humans, he said he did not know, as one part of him loathed them, while another still believed in his old ideals.

Yuki then told him that he would have to choose a path at one point and leave. For a while, he kept on Going on individual missions, and at one point, he broke fully. He was sent to a village where a curse terrorized the people. Geto took care of the curse effectively, but some of the villagers trapped two small, defenseless girls and tried to persuade Geto that they were monsters and that he had to kill them.

Geto tried to reason with them, although he was on the brink of a breakdown, telling them that he had already exorcised the curse and that he felt nothing within the girls, but they just wouldn’t listen and kept on forcing him to kill the girls out of their own, selfish reasons. This reminded him of the disgust he felt over the cultists, and he finally broke and made his decision.


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Suguru Geto summoned his curses and massacred the whole village, killing 112 people, save for the two girls he took with him and saved. At this point, Geto became a villain. His turn shocked both Yaga and Gojo, and he was also sentenced to death by the higher-ups.

He, of course, left the school and decided he would continue killing non-sorcerers, starting with his own parents, which shocked Gojo even more. He would later reappear in front of Ieiri, and he had a brief encounter with Gojo, who tried to get him to come back, but Geto’s mind had already been decided. He was a villain and would do everything he might to make his plan come true, which, as we know, culminated in his downfall in Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

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