Jujutsu Kaisen: Here Is Why Geto Was Sentenced to Death!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Was Geto Sentenced to Death?

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Suguru Geto, a strong jujutsu sorcerer, and Gojo’s close friend, served as a moral compass for Gojo at first, reining in his erratic conduct to fit his firm ideology that jujutsu sorcerers existed to defend non-sorcerers. But after learning the truth about curses and seeing how repulsive non-sorcerers could be, Suguru Geto changed, and his moral values simply crumbled, turning him into a villain. The Gojo’s Past Arc provided a bittersweet glimpse at Suguru Geto’s transformation into the villain we’ve seen in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, and that is why we are going to focus our article on the beginning of Geto’s criminal path, as you are going to find out what he did for the higher-ups to sentence him to death back in 2007.

Geto was sentenced to death because he massacred an entire village and killed his parents. While he was on a mission in a village, Suguru Geto finally snapped and decided that he would rid the world of non-sorcerers and create a curse-free world. He massacred a total of 112 inhabitants of the village, everyone except the two girls whose lives he saved, and then proceeded to kill his own parents, implying that he killed them because they were non-sorcerers as well, and he couldn’t make any exceptions, even in their case. Knowing this, the higher-ups had him declared a threat and sentenced him to death.

Suguru Geto and his tale as it evolved in Jujutsu Kaisen will be the entire focus of the remaining portion of the article. You’ll learn how Suguru Geto evolved throughout the narrative and which incidents led to his eventual transformation into a villain, which prompted the higher-ups to declare him a threat and sentence him to death. Fans are undoubtedly interested in the circumstances underlying Suguru Geto’s change and his death sentence because he has a fascinating backstory. Beware, this article will be full of spoilers, though, so be careful how you approach the text if you’re not fully up-to-date.

Suguru Geto massacred a whole village and killed his own parents, which is why he was declared a threat and sentenced to death

As you might assume, to clarify why Suguru Geto was ultimately sentenced to death, we have to explain what he has done. But, to tell you what he has done, we must explain what happened to him. Why? If you’ve seen both Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and Gojo’s Past Arc, you’ll have noticed that Geto was radically different in these two narrative arcs. This is why we have to explain what happened in the latter, so you can understand how the Gojo from the former came to be. And it all started with Riko Amanai.

Riko Amanai was a young girl who was chosen as the next Star Plasma Vessel and she was supposed to merge with Master Tengen to restart their Innate Technique and stop their evolution. Geto and Gojo were hired to protect her, but while they were successful for most of the way, the powerful Toji Fushiguro ultimately managed to kill her, and that happened right in front of Geto’s eyes; Geto was then defeated by Toji, but not killed, as Toji feared what would happen if Geto’s curses were suddenly set free.


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After defeating Toji and killing him, Gojo later proceeded to the Time Vessel Association, where Riko’s body had been taken, to collect it, and Geto came not long after that after having been healed by Ieiri. The cult members cheered Gojo as he carried Riko’s body, delighted that Riko had passed away. Gojo was enraged by this, and Geto felt disgusted.

However, despite seeing Riko’s awful death at the time, Geto’s moral compass remained stable, albeit a bit shaken, and when Gojo asked him if he should simply kill all of them, Geto said that he should not, as a jujutsu sorcerer always needed a reason to kill, and being morally repulsive was not a good enough reason to kill someone.

Gojo listened to Geto, as Geto was the group’s moral compass because of his firm ideology. Namely, he firmly believed that jujutsu sorcerers had to uphold the highest moral standards and safeguard those individuals because non-sorcerers lacked any defense methods and were defenseless against the curses.

Given his understanding of the non-sorcerers’ place in the world, he served as something of a defender for them. Satoru Gojo, who wasn’t really evil but just reckless and did not think that any ideology should guide their work, looked to him as a moral compass since he would often neglect the safety of others if he thought it was appropriate to do so. Because he knew Geto would tell him whether his action was appropriate or not, he frequently approached Geto for advice.

But, as we’ve said, Riko Amanai’s predicament changed everything, and Geto’s philosophy began progressively disintegrating. As time passed, Gojo and Geto began undertaking more and more missions alone, with Gojo developing into “the strongest” while Geto – in a cruel twist of irony – was increasingly succumbing to his trauma.

Ironically, Riko’s passing affected both Geto and Gojo, but Gojo changed for the better. As the horrifying memories of people cheering Riko’s murder tormented him more and more, he began to doubt his place in society. With each exorcised curse, he wondered for whom he was doing it and why he was even caring for the humans. This is also the first time he actually called people “monkeys,” which was his signature name for non-sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

At one point during his time, Geto also had a very heart-to-heart talk with Yuki. Yuki told him that she also wanted to see a world without curses, but when Geto proposed that killing all non-sorcerers would solve that problem, she did not agree with him, despite confirming that his conclusion was correct. She then asked him if he hated humans, and he said he did not know, to which Yuki told him that he would have to decide at one point. And that point happened quite soon.


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In a village outside of Tokyo, Geto conducted an exorcism himself. He once again saw how evil people could be when, after casting out the village’s curse, two village elders asked him to execute two helpless girls they had imprisoned out of pure enmity for them.

Despite his objections that he did not sense anything in them and that he had already exorcised the curse, they persisted in lying and demanding that Geto did something about them, which led to Geto breaking down. When he finally lost it, Geto summoned one of his curses to kill everyone in the village save for the two girls whose lives he had rescued. He later went back home and killed his parents as well.

All of this was well and properly documented in a report that Yaga read and then gave to Gojo, who did not believe it at first. The report concluded that Geto was a threat and that he needed to be executed, but Geto had already gone into hiding by the time the report was finished. Gojo would meet him later on in Shibuya, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill him due to their being friends in the past. Geto’s death sentence was lifted when Gojo killed him in Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

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