Jujutsu Kaisen: What Is the Time Vessel Association?

Jujutsu Kaisen: What Is the Time Vessel Association?

The second season of Jujutsu Kaisen has just started with Gojo’s Past Arc. The whole season and this small “flashback arc” promises to be highly entertaining, and we are looking forward to more episodes as they come. Now, we know that Toji Fushiguro, whom we have already written about here on Fiction Horizon, is going to be the principal villain in the series, but he is not the only villain, as two seemingly powerful groups are going to be present in the story as secondary villains. Both want to overthrow the modern jujutsu society, and they don’t care much about how they will do it. In this article, we will tell you about one of them, the Time Vessel Association, whose existence was foreshadowed in the first episode of Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen.

The Time Vessel Association is an organization of influential non-curse users in Jujutsu Kaisen, a Star Religious Group that worships Master Tengen as their supreme deity. Only two members have been revealed – Shigeru Sonoda and Shiu Kong – and they have a much longer tradition than Q. Their goal is to enable the resurrection of the immortal Master Tengen via the Star Plasma Vessel, who needs to merge with the immortal jujutsu sorcerer for him to come back to life. They were ultimately disbanded, although not completely eliminated.

As we have said, this article will focus on one of the two secondary villains from Gojo’s Past Arc, the organization known as the Time Vessel Association. We will bring you all the known information about this group and tell you its role, goals, members, and what happened to them in the series. Be careful, though, as we must inform you that this article will contain many spoilers from the manga, so you have to decide for yourselves how you want to approach it.

The Time Vessel Association gathered non-curse users, but it was a much more powerful entity than Q

As we have already said, the principal antagonist of the first part of Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen is going to be Toji Fushiguro, who will, despite his lack of jujutsu powers, be a very formidable and dangerous foe, even for the likes of Satoru Gojo, who is thought to be the most powerful character in the series. But, aside from Toji, two villainous organizations will also serve as the antagonists in the arc, and one of them is the Time Vessel Association.

Unlike Q, founded around 2006, the Time Vessel Association has a long history and has been around since the Nara period, which was in the 8th century! So, the Time Vessel Association has been around for more than one thousand years, and that is all because they worship the immortal jujutsu sorcerer Tengen, whose power, Immortality, allows her to liver forever.

And this is where the Star Plasma Vessel comes in, or, in this case, Riko Amanai. The whole idea started when Tengen started spreading Japanese Buddhism, preaching about concepts that would ultimately become the foundation for jujutsu sorcerers. But, the religion of the time did not agree with Tengen’s concept; thus, the Time Vessel Association was founded.


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The organization maintained its monotheistic ideals until modern times and has since 2006 become a wealthy religious organization. They are, interestingly enough, non-curse users but are highly knowledgeable about the jujutsu society, and due to their wealth and influence, they are an extremely powerful enemy.

They have been worshipping Tengen for millennia and call her their “Star.” Due to that fact, the Time Vessel Association is publically known as the Star Religious Group and is presented as a congregation of non-curse users that jujutsu sorcerers can’t target. Those who are part of the group are known as the Children of the Star.

So, how do these guys even fit in? Remember when Q tried to kill Riko Amanai in Episode 1? Well, Riko Amanai is the current Star Plasma Vessel, and she needs to merge with Master Tensen for the latter to come back to life again in a proper way. Since Q did not want that, they wanted to kill Riko, who Gojo and Geto ultimately saved, and the intervention also led to the disbandment of the Q organization.

But, if you’ve noticed, an older guy and a younger guy were observing the fight from a nearby building. The younger guy is, of course, Toji Fushiguro, who is going to be the main villain of this arc, while the older guy is Shiu Kong, a handler for the Time Vessel Association. Shiu Kong offered Toji a job, and after observing this battle, Toji ultimately accepted.

And that is how the Time Vessel Association was introduced into the series. We won’t be going into too many details about what will happen later in the series, but you should know that along with Toji, the Time Vessel Association will play a major role in this arc, as they are the ones who hired Toji, although… Toji is not the most reliable assassin, as you will see, not because he is like that, but because he has his own goals in mind, as you are about to see later in the series.


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The Time Vessel Association wanted to get to Riko, the Star Plasma Vessel, and revive Tengen, but they ultimately failed. And while we won’t reveal how they failed, we will tell you that the organization also disbanded in the end and ceased to exist due to what happened. But, some of the members survived and scattered around the world, although they won’t play any role in future events.

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