Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Is Satoru Gojo So Strong?


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In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, arguably the most popular character is the powerful Jujutsu sorcerer Satoru Gojo, who is so powerful that it doesn’t take a lot for him to defeat some of the strongest curses in the storyline. Because of his natural charisma and innate talent, fans were quickly drawn to him as it was clear that he is yet to fight a battle that was too much for him. Of course, there will come a time when an actual battle becomes too difficult for one of the most overpowered characters in the series. But why is Satoru Gojo so strong?

Satoru Gojo is so strong because he comes from a very distinguished bloodline. He is the first in the Gojo family to inherit Limitless and the Six Eyes in four centuries. As such, he has two of the strongest powers that a Jujutsu sorcerer could have, and that’s why he is so strong.

Gojo is one of the anime characters that continued the trend of shonen anime having overpowered characters that could easily turn the tide of a battle just by being there. In that regard, the fact that Gojo is so overpowered is also one of the things that make Jujutsu Kaisen so interesting, as there’s always this one character that could turn things around for the good guys in a second. Now, let’s look at why Satoru Gojo is so powerful. 

Gojo’s Innate Powers Explained

Even though the storyline of Jujutsu Kaisen revolves around Yuji Itadori and his quest to find and consume all of Sukuna’s (the King of Curses) fingers, we all know that the one character that fans all over the world are more excited to see in Satoru Gojo. Of course, there’s a good reason why Gojo is as popular as he is.

While Gojo may appear to be a person that seems to be too confident and somewhat happy-go-lucky, the one thing that is undeniable about him is his incredible power. That’s because Satoru Gojo already had an aura that made him seem too overpowered from the very first moment that he was introduced. Of course, we gradually saw in the storyline just how powerful Gojo is as he could do quick work of Jogo, a curse that had the power of at least eight of Sukuna’s fingers.

satoru goju purple

Gojo didn’t even put much effort into making quick work of a curse as powerful as Jogo. He also nearly killed Hanami, who is right around Jogo’s level, with one of his most powerful attacks, even though Yuji and Todo couldn’t defeat this curse with their combined strength. As such, Gojo is so strong that he makes quick work of enemies that the other characters can’t defeat. But why is Satoru Gojo so strong?

The fact that Gojo is strong stems from his bloodline. Like much other shonen anime, the innate potential and powers of the characters in Jujutsu Kaisen are determined by their bloodline and genetics. That’s because those who come from the most prestigious families with powerful Jujutsu sorcerers tend to produce the strongest sorcerers.

In Gojo’s case, he comes from the prestigious Gojo family, one of the three most powerful families, along with the Zenin and Kamo clans. The very reason why Yuta Okkotsu, who is also an overpowered character, is so strong is the fact that he is a distant relative of the Gojo clan.


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But Satoru Gojo is a special case even in his own family because he was the first in four centuries to be born with Limitless and Six Eyes. As such, he has two of the most powerful abilities that the Gojo clan has.

Limitless grants the user absolute control over space, which Gojo calls infinity. This allows him to slow down everything that comes near him as, at a fundamental level, there is an infinite space between two different objects. Satoru can control the space between those two objects, slowing time down to the smallest detail. That was what he did when Jogo attacked him, as he could stretch the infinity between Jogo’s attack and himself to make it appear that he was hit by the attack even though he wasn’t even touched.

Gojo could also use Limitless in many ways, such as using his cursed energy to create powerful attacks. Blue results from using negative energy to amplify Limitless and create a negative space that pulls everything toward it. Meanwhile, Red is the opposite of Blue because he creates an attack that repels everything within a certain space. And when he combines both, he can create Purple, which allows negative and positive energy to combine and create a singularity that can destroy anything in its path.

The fact that Gojo also possesses the Six Eyes allows him to use his eyes to reduce his cursed energy consumption from technique activation. As such, whenever he uses his most powerful techniques, Gojo’s energy consumption is reduced to the point that it appears as if he didn’t use any cursed energy at all. This gives him the ability to fight extended battles without even getting tired.

gojo eyes

It is also widely believed that Gojo’s Six Eyes allows him to perceive the world in minute detail. As such, he is said to be able to see small details, including mass, speed, and energy. That also explains why he can see the infinity between him and a certain object whenever he uses Limitless.

So, the fact that Satoru Gojo has two of the strongest bloodline techniques in his family is what makes him incredibly strong. He is the product of a genetic miracle. And that means he is unlike most other shonen characters who must work up to become the strongest characters.

Is Gojo the Strongest Sorcerer?

We’ve seen a lot of strong Jujutsu sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen. But there has never been anyone quite like Satoru Gojo, as he is undoubtedly the strongest sorcerer in the storyline as of this writing. No other character has come close to him, as only Sukuna may be strong enough to take him on as long as he has all his fingers.

Satoru Gojo claimed numerous times in the storyline that he is the strongest and that no one else is close to his power. Even the higher-ups of the Jujutsu sorcerer society fear him enough to allow him to do whatever he wants. He was the reason why both Yuji and Yuta were allowed to live. In Yuta’s case, Gojo threatened to kill all of the higher-ups of the Jujutsu sorcerer world if they were to kill the young boy and said that he could easily overthrow Jujutsu society if he wanted to. 


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Another bold claim Gojo made was that, at his full power, he could defeat Sukuna. Of course, we haven’t seen Sukuna at his strongest because we have yet to see what he can do when he has all his fingers. However, all of the curses in Jujutsu Kaisen are measured based on their strength regarding the number of Sukuna’s fingers.

In that regard, we aren’t sure if Satoru Gojo is strong enough to take on a character used as the measuring stick in Jujutsu society. Nevertheless, if there’s a sorcerer powerful enough to take the King of Curses on, it would be Satoru Gojo.

Is Gojo Overpowered?

In the world of shonen anime, it has almost always been the case for one character to be too overpowered that his appearance changes the tide of a battle. That is what Satoru Gojo is in Jujutsu Kaisen, as he is simply an overpowered character that tends to make things easier on the part of the good guys as long as he is around.

But while Gojo may be overpowered, the thing about him is that he isn’t too overpowered that everything comes too easily for the Jujutsu sorcerers. And that’s because the antagonists in Jujutsu Kaisen are creative enough to find ways to try to neutralize Gojo’s power.

During the Cursed Child arc, the enemies used a Jujutsu sorcerer, Miguel, who could disrupt Gojo’s infinity even though he was clearly weaker. Then, in the events of the Kyoto Goodwill Event arc, the bad guys used a barrier that prevented Gojo from interfering in Hanami’s attack on the students of both the Tokyo and the Kyoto branches.

So, in that regard, the enemies of Jujutsu Kaisen usually try to use creative ways to take Satoru Gojo out of the equation or, at the very least, buy enough time to do whatever needs to be done before he arrives to mess things up. That is why, despite how overpowered Gojo may be, he isn’t godlike because nothing works on him.

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