Jujutsu Kaisen: Here Is How Satoru Gojo Got His Scars!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Here Is How Satoru Gojo Got His Scars!

If you’ve actually been following the most recent manga chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen, you’ll know that the fight between Gojo and Sukuna is flaring but also coming to its end. Now, if you’ve been observant, you’ve probably noticed that there was a brief moment in Chapter 227 when Satoru Gojo’s whole body was covered in scars, which is quite uncharacteristic for him. Sure, Gojo managed to recover, but in this article, we are actually going to tell you how that even happened.

Satoru Gojo was covered in scars because he was attacked by Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine, whose second technique, Cleave, is used on those who have cursed energy. The technique cuts Sukuna’s opponents and usually is enough to kill them, but Gojo used the Falling Blossom Emotion secret art to counter Sukuna’s attacks and only ended up with a series of shallow cuts all over his body. In that aspect, it can be said that Gojo managed to avoid being killed by Sukuna thanks to the secret art. He would later use his Reverse Cursed Technique to properly heal himself and is now just the way he always is.

The rest of this article will tell you some details from the fight involving Sukuna and Gojo, as it is currently happening on the pages of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. We are going to reveal all the necessary details to you, as you will find out everything you need to know about the specific moment that happened in Chapter 227 of the manga that left some fans confused about Gojo’s appearance. Of course, this article is going to be filled with spoilers, so those of you who are not reading the manga will have to be very careful how you approach this text.

Gojo was attacked by Malevolent Shrine’s Cleave, but he used a secret art to deflect it, which left him temporarily scarred

We’re currently in one of the series’ most important events, as Gojo and Sukuna are finally facing each other to determine the strongest characters in the series. The fight is a bitter one, with the two of them openly defying all known rules of the jujutsu world in a fight that promises to be the best in the series and one of the best in the history of manga. As per the story, the battle might reach its conclusion relatively soon, as it seems to be heading into its final stage, but we have yet to see what surprises Akutami has in store for us, as the fight has already offered so many surprises.

But, we won’t be analyzing the whole fight in this article, as we have decided to focus on one specific moment in Chapter 227 of the manga. In that chapter, the two of them activated their Domains at the same time once again, but Sukuna figured out that if he touched Gojo, he would be unaffected by his Domain’s power, after which Gojo’s Domain crumbled, while Sukuna’s did not.

Sukuna then used his Malevolent Shrine’s attack, Cleave, to hit Gojo, but Gojo ended up with only some shallow cuts, which shocked everyone, as Atsuya explained how he actually managed to do it. But before we get to that part, let us first see what Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine does.


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The Malevolent Shrine is the Domain Expansion of Ryomen Sukuna. It is linked to his Innate Technique. To expand his Domain, Sukuna makes a sign by joining his two hands. The Malevolent Shrine resembles a perverted, demonic-looking Buddhist shrine; buffalo skulls encircle it and has horns on its roof, skulls hanging from each of the roof’s corners, and mouths projecting from either side.

Anything with cursed energy is affected by Sukuna’s slicing strikes inside the unstoppable area of the Domain thanks to the Cleave technique, while anything without it is affected by the spell Dismantle. And this is continued without a break until the Malevolent Shrine vanishes for one reason or another. Without lowering the barrier, Sukuna can grow his Domain. Additionally, it creates a Binding Vow to increase the range of unstoppable effects by allowing the adversary a chance to flee. In Shibuya, in particular, Sukuna had widened it to a circle of 200 meters in radius.

Gojo and Sukuna simultaneously activated their Domains more than once, and these Domains usually canceled each other out, so nothing happened. But, as we’ve said, in Chapter 227, Sukuna managed to counter Gojo’s Domain and actually attack him with his Cleave technique, which seemed to be destined to kill Gojo or defeat him at least. But then, seemingly, a miracle happened, as Gojo did suffer some damage, but it only consisted of a series of shallow cuts all over his body, and Gojo was not impressed by Sukuna’s attack in the end.

Initially, no one knew how Gojo was able to do it, but then Atsuya identified it as Falling Blossom Emotion, a secret art known only to the three great clans that are used as a countermeasure against Domains. So, what is it exactly, and how did it help Gojo?

As we’ve already stated, the three great families are the only ones who have access to the secret art known as Falling Blossom Emotion, which can be employed to successfully combat a Domain. The caster’s living space does not enlarge any farther than it would in the event of a Simple Domain during the activation of Falling Blossom Emotion. However, as soon as the opponent’s unstoppable onslaught starts, the user’s cursed energy instantly launches a counterattack to protect against it.

This method is ineffective against complex spells like Satoru Gojo’s Domain Expansion, but it works well against simple ones like Ryomen Sukuna’s Cleave. It also cannot be relocated in the same way that a Simple Domain can. When utilized outside of the Domain, the energy that envelops the user allows them to use the Falling Blossom Emotion to block any blows that come their way. This method can be used in a variety of fighting styles.

The Falling Blossom Emotion seems to not offer the same defense against physical attacks but is effective against sure-hit spells in a Domain. When confronted with strong Domains, the Falling Blossom Emotion can’t be dislocated as quickly, but the user still suffers consequences.


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So, as you can see, the explanation for Gojo’s state is quite simple. Being faced with Sukuna’s dangerous yet simple Cleave, he simply activated the Falling Blossom Emotion, which immediately countered Sukuna’s attack. Since Falling Blossom Emotion is not a completely safe way of avoiding damage, but it can turn a fatal attack into a non-fatal one, we can understand what it did to Gojo and why.

Cleave cuts the opponent, and while Gojo did not end the fight without taking any damage whatsoever, the usually fatal slices made by Cleave have been reduced to mere shallow cuts, which allowed Gojo to effectively continue the fight as if nothing had happened. On top of that, he simply recovered using his Reverse Cursed Technique, so he now looks as if he never had these cuts in the first place.

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