Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna’s Original Human Body Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna’s Original Human Body Explained!

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Sukuna is, alongside Gojo, one of the most famous characters from Jujutsu Kaisen. The “King of Curses” is considered to be the series’ most powerful villain, and his epic clash with Satoru Gojo will surely determine the fate of the series. This is why people are so interested in Sukuna and why this article was written as well, as we are going to reveal what Sukuna looked like originally in this article to you.

Sukuna was a jujutsu sorcerer from a thousand years ago when his appearance was immensely different than his current one. At this moment, Sukuna only takes the appearance of his host, in this case, Yuji or Megumi, which is slightly modified, but you can identify the host with relative ease. His original appearance is that of a powerful monster with four hands and two faces, as Gojo revealed, but it has only been described and seen like that. Whether he had another form, one that is more human, is unknown at this moment.

The rest of the article will be dedicated solely to Ryomen Sukuna and his appearance in Jujutsu Kaisen. Sukuna’s past is quite enigmatic, and since we’ve only seen him in his host bodies (Yuji’s and Megumi’s), it is natural that fans actually want to know what he looks like, which inspired this article. Ryomen Sukuna is an extremely important character, and his appearance is a topic that is certainly of interest to fans. Although the article will not be filled with spoilers, we have to warn you that some details might be revealed in that aspect, so be careful how you approach certain parts of the article.

Sukuna’s original appearance was not human, and it is unknown whether he had a human body or not

Sukuna, sometimes also called Ryomen Sukuna, is one of the series’ main villains. Often called the undisputable “King of Curses,” he is currently a powerful cursed spirit who was once a real human living during the golden era of jujutsu sorcery over a thousand years ago. Even though the sorcerers of the period made every effort to vanquish him, his mummified body remained. His 20 fingers were preserved in funeral wax and kept as relics throughout the ages.

In the present, Sukuna was introduced to the story through Yuji Itadori, who became his host after consuming his finger, but he was, for the most part, successful in actually controlling Sukuna and stopping him from fully taking control over his body. While he was in control of Yuji’s body, Yuji’s body would change and be a mix of Sukuna’s original body and Yuji’s body.

In Yuji Itadori’s example, Sukuna frequently wears his hair up. And when he takes over the body, all of his tattoos—apparently with some minor variations from the marks of his previous life—appear on the young boy’s body. Below his regular eyes, he also has a second set. Since Sukuna had four arms when he was alive, he loved open sleeves; thus, while he is in his area, he is more likely to wear a more feminine kimono. Black socks and sandals are worn with a white kimono that has dark blue edging.


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But, since Yuji Itadori was a genuine problem for Sukuna as he could not, despite all of his might, fight off Yuji’s willpower permanently, he was looking for another host and found a perfect example in Megumi Fushiguro. Not only was Megumi, due to his tragic past, much easier to break and control, but he also had a very specific set of powers the Sukuna wanted to exploit, which is why he, later in the story, left Itadori and took over Megumi’s body. Sukuna prefers to maintain her receptacle’s general appearance, so this can also be applied to Megumi’s case.

He still has a second set of eyes and the same body art that he had on Yuji when he was in control of her. He has switched to a more formal look, donning a black haori over a white yukata, a black high-neck top, white stockings and socks, and black sandals.

So, as you can see, Sukuna is quite complex to describe, especially since his appearance keeps changing his host. But this also tells us that this is not his real appearance, either of the two. So, what did Sukuna really look like? What is his true form? We don’t know much about that either, but Gojo has provided us with some info about that.

Gojo described Sukuna as a four-armed, two-faced demon, which was actually the best and most precise description of his former appearance. Based on our current images, he also seems to have had a second mouth below the belly. Currently, though, he resembles Megumi very much, albeit with higher, spikier hair and distinctive marks on his forehead, nose, cheeks, and chest.

Sukuna Chapter 117

The distinctive appearance has only been described and while we have seen it in the manga, the anime provided us with only a brief and unclear look at Sukuna. The left face seems more human (despite the two eyes), while the right side seems more like a curse that latched itself on Sukuna.


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Other parts of his body don’t seem to be affected by this, although he does look like a demon. But, yes, Sukuna was human, and what and how his transformation happened is still unknown, but our official data confirms that he was indeed human at one point before becoming the monster that he is.

We simply hope that Akutami is going to reveal more details abut Sukuna’s past in the upcoming chapters of the manga, so we’ll know more.

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