Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s Why Gojō Never Killed the Higher-Ups

Jujutsu Kaisen: Here's Why Gojō Never Killed the Higher-Ups?

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Satoru Gojō is not the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, but he is, by all standards, its strongest and most important persona. Basically overpowered, Satoru Gojō is able to defeat anyone he comes across, including – by his own assumption – the fully-powered Sukuna (although he has said that it would wear him down a little). Gojō deserves praise as he is one of the franchise’s best-written characters. But, despite all of that, Gojō is still a big mystery, and there are still a lot of details that are unknown when he is concerned. One of them concerns his relationship with the higher-ups of the Jujutsu society, and in this article, we will tell you why Gojō never killed the higher-ups in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Satoru Gojō is, by all accounts, capable of eliminating all the higher-ups in the Jujutsu society; even the higher-ups themselves have speculated that he could do it, which is why they fear him. But, Gojō is not a villain. He wouldn’t really eliminate anyone just for the sake of it, and if the higher-ups remain on the side of good, Gojō will not harm them, just as he did not harm his best friend, Getō, until he became a villain who threatened the stability of the world they’re living in.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the answer we’ve given you above, and it will provide you with more details about it; you’re going to find out the relationship between Satoru Gojō and the higher-ups and find out why he never killed them and whether he could do it at any point. We will give you all the details you need to know about the set of events related to Satoru Gojō’s position in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen and everything you’ll need to understand what actually happened to him in the series.

Satoru Gojō could kill the higher-ups, but he probably won’t

Satoru Gojō, the series’ most popular character, is often a topic of numerous debates and discussions. Most of them focus on his powers and abilities rather than his private life and personality, but this article actually has to do with both, if you ask us. Gojō has a very flamboyant personality that is not easy to like, but he is actually a very complex person. In his role as a teacher, he can be an authoritative figure, but he can also be casual, jovial, and humorous with his students and coworkers while remaining uninterested in them. He has a strong sense of self-assurance in his skills and standing as a strong sorcerer.

He was rather conceited when he was younger and frequently asked himself why he should aid humanity. However, the loss of Riko Amanai and Misato Kuroi and the treachery of his former best friend Suguru Getō led to his significant maturation. Despite his carefree and innocent demeanor, Satoru occasionally adopts a stern and unyielding demeanor. When fighting against curses and curse users, he becomes especially brutal.


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Suguru Getō claims that Satoru only employs his full power when no one is nearby, albeit he only does so because he finds them to be a bother. He, too, has no difficulty taking the lives of defenseless people if doing so will enable him to cast off the Curses.

Satoru killed a thousand enhanced humans in Shibuya while his heart did not tremble. Satoru, in contrast to Kento Nanami, can be incredibly callous and apathetic to the deaths of innocent people. Yet, he cares deeply about the lives of his pupils and other shamans, feeling bad when Itadori was on the verge of being slain by Sukuna. Despite his arrogance and power, Satoru is more human than he lets on.

All of this shows and indicates that Gojō is not really a bad guy and that while, in his youth, he had his doubts about people and humanity in general, he is definitely a good guy. He is more of an anti-hero than a classical hero, as the series portrayed him, but he is definitely a good guy and because of that, he respects the hierarchy of the Jujutsu society, despite being powerful enough to completely destroy it.

gojo 28

And Gojō really is the most powerful character in the series. Even his enemies have acknowledged that, so the only way to eliminate him was to seal him away, as they could not kill him.

Gojō’s cursed technique (Jujutsu) is known as the Infinite Curse Technique. It is an inherited technique among the members of the Gojo Clan. It has a series of forms and based on these forms, it rises in level, allowing the precise manipulation of space at the atomic level, giving multiple results and subsequent techniques within the general capacity.

With the manipulation of space as a basic level of the technique, it has three standard forms and one “non-standard” that goes beyond the limitless. He possesses a great level of physical strength, which allows him to stand out during close combat. However, he is the type that is usually dedicated to ranged attacks.

He can tear off limbs, exert force on others very easily, and with simple blows, he can throw his opponent several meters away. His strength allows him to face curses, even of a special degree, without much trouble, and with his powerful blows, he is capable of causing serious injuries to his opponents.

He was shown to be able to move faster than the eye could perceive, and in his greatest feat of speed, he traveled a great distance from a fight and was back on the battlefield before his opponent realized he was even gone.

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Added to this superhuman speed, her reflexes allow him to avoid situations that threaten her life and to be able to avoid them without requiring much effort. When he’s subjected to his outbursts of madness, his speed and reflexes are beyond logical. He becomes able to move through the space around him as if he were part of it.

So, based on everything we’ve written here, it is clear that Gojō can kill all the higher-ups in Jujutsu Kaisen. So, why does he not do it? Based on everything we’ve seen in the series, it would certainly make his life much easier. But, as you’d expect, the answer it quite simple – he is not a bad guy. Gojō is not a villain. He was less sympathetic towards humans when he was younger but has since learned the value of humanism and is on the side of humanity.

He is a good guy. He would still make the necessary sacrifices, regardless of how grave, to what is needed, but his moral compass is fixed, and Gojō wouldn’t simply kill people just for fun. So, is there any scenario in which Gojō actually does kill the higher-ups?

Well, theoretically, there is, but that would mean that the higher-ups have either become villains or have targeted Gojō personally, which wouldn’t really be bad. Some fans speculated that Gojō killing the higher-ups could be part of Sukuna’s plan, but based on what we’ve seen in the series and how the plot is evolving, this doesn’t seem to be like a likely scenario.


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Gojō will probably not kill the higher-ups by the time Jujutsu Kaisen ends. This doesn’t seem to be a likely scenario; the idea has been discussed throughout the plot, but based on how the plot is evolving, it doesn’t seem like Akutami will continue in that direction. Sure, he does hate Gojō and would possibly like to see him become a villain internally, but it would go against everything that has been written so far, which is why we think it is unlikely.

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